Woody Johnson: Jets won't lower personal seat license prices

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson says he won’t even consider cutting the prices of personal seat licenses in the team’s new stadium, even as more than 10,000 of them remain unsold.

No, we’re not going to do that,” Johnson told the New York Post.

Personal seat licenses, which are fees that season ticket buyers must pay just to have the right to buy season tickets in certain sections of the stadium, can cost from $5,000 to $30,000 for club seats and from $4,000 to $20,000 for lower-bowl seats that aren’t in the club sections. A source told the Post that 17,000 PSLs remain unsold. Johnson said it wasn’t that many, but confirmed that it’s more than 10,000.

The Post raises the possibility that Jets games could be blacked out on local television, but that seems unlikely: If the team hasn’t sold all its PSLs by the start of the regular season, the club would presumably sell whatever seats remained as individual tickets, rather than face a local TV blackout.

But Johnson thinks PSL sales will work out just fine.

“[They are] fairly priced right now,” Johnson told the Post when asked about lowering the price. “[They’re] selling, and [they’re] selling right along our trendlines, so we’re good to go.”

44 responses to “Woody Johnson: Jets won't lower personal seat license prices

  1. Someone needs to explain to me how any PSL can be “fairly priced”. The whole system is a ripoff.
    “Hey, you know those season tickets your family has had for years? Yeah, well, we need more money. So, thanks for the business, but you either have to cough up another $10,000 or it’s back to the end of the line with the rest of the scum.”
    I can’t believe this crap is even legal. I hope those PSLs never get sold.

  2. Justy another reason why I choose to watch the games fromn the comfort of my living room couch instead

  3. “[They are] fairly priced right now since our goal is to rape the fans financially and shove the PSLs up their collective asses,” Johnson told the Post”
    Fixed his quote for him.

  4. PSLs are a joke. just another way for teams to rip off its fans. ask oakland how well they worked out. they did so wonderfully the scrapped the entire idea.

  5. $4000! I guess I wont be complaining about the cost of PSL’s here in Cincinnati. Mine were only like $800.

  6. DO PSL’s drive anyone else crazy? So I have to pay you for the right to pay you (for season tickets). What the F?

  7. LOL. The Jets already have their PSL’s priced considerably lower than the Giants, and the Giants still sold out, what, four or five months ago?
    2nd rate team. Always has been, always will be.
    So much for the “new” show in town! HAHA

  8. Haha. Try getting a suite in Dallas.
    $1mil a year, but you have to commit for 20yrs.

  9. Basically Woody, like our government, caters to the rich. A normal guy can’t afford $5,000 to $20,000 for a PSL. Lots of fans need to scrimp and save just to buy tickets, much less season tickets. Total ripoff…Hope you eat em Woody

  10. The REAL problem with PSLs is that they make you pay for two PRESEASON games. You shouldn’t be forced to buy ticket to preseason games. And on top of that… they make you pay FULL PRICE for the preseason games. Full price meaning… the same exact price as the regular season tickets cost.

  11. The Giants have not sold sold out yet. They have a little less than the Jets to sell, but they by all means have not sold out yet.

  12. Doesn’t Johnson realize how much meth a Jets fan would have to cook to afford a $30,000 PSL?

  13. Giants have sold more PSL’s because the idiots on the wait list still believe they are a good team. All the real diehard Giant fans I know wouldn’t or couldn’t pay for PSL’s and are watching from home. All those seats will be filled with rich doctor’s and their kids who actually think they are watching the world cup soccer.
    and let’s face it, nobody cares about the Giants anymore. 3 years removed from a super bowl may as well be 30 years, they are not a contender. And even less will care when they go 5-11 this year.

  14. @ Strick, agree 100% with your comment.
    But lets look at this another way to put it in perspective.
    If a family of four (a very wealthy one) bought a PSL for $5000 and paid the average price for a ticket for Jets games, $87 last year, it would only cost them $245 per person per game and that’s before transportation, food & beverage, souvenir and any other costs. That’s only about $1000-$1200 per game.
    What a deal.

  15. LOL! The Giants have 1500 “premium club seats” left. They sold out all of their normal PSL’s long ago, you know, those regular seats that the Jets still have upwards of 10,000 to sell.
    The Giants are, and always will be, the number one team in town.
    The Jets signing all of these losers like Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes reeks of desperation! “Please buy tickets! We’re good, we’re relevant!” You never hear John Mara or Tom Coughlin come out and say that stupid sh-t that Woody and Rex have been spewing all offseason. The Jets are an 8-8 team without that gift given to them by the Colts in the regular season. And what did the Colts do when it counted? They bitch slapped them back down to reality.
    What a joke.

  16. Uh oh…..Jets fans are going to need to come up with $10 grand in addition to the money for the season tickets?
    You guys really shouldn’t be commenting if you want to be able to do this. You should be hard at work. The bathrooms aren’t going to clean themselves.

  17. This is a great idea, I think I am going to try and use this and make a PLL (Personal Land License) where you have to pay the government to have the right to own and pay taxes on your land.
    -Barack Obama

  18. @Shuxion, you ever hear of property taxes? The practice goes back to the fourteenth century. Try not paying your property tax and see how long you’ll retain that right to own your land. (But nice uniformed knock on Obama!)
    Bringing the discussion back to PSLs, when I first heard of them (the Panthers I believe, were the first, right?) I was outraged.
    But then I pondered how an NFL stadium costs hundreds of millions of dollars to construct, and maybe that bill outght to be footed on the backs of tens of thousands of taxpayers resent spending money on something they see little value in. It’s not like schools, or police, or roads, where we all benefit equally.
    If PSLs can be looked at as a one-time use-tax on the limited number of people who benefit most from having a stadium (and from preventing their football team from moving) I can understand the logic of it. If it can reduce the debt load for the state that funded the stadium, better that it be levied on football fans than non-football fans.
    However, if PSLs are used as just another revenue source for owners — to offset their cost of buying the team or building training facilities or just accumulating wealth — then I say the owners can go F themselves.
    In the case of the Jets, I don’t know the details of how the stadium was paid for and where the PSL proceeds will go.
    I do know this. If enough people keep their money in their wallets out of protest, and if the owners have no greener pastures to move their teams to, then maybe PSLs will dry up, and ticket prices will come down, and we’ll stop seeing $100 million player contracts.
    But until we’re willing to risk losing all that, we’ll pay the piper, one way or another.

  19. Its the same with the Giants tickets too. I live in NJ, and I have been on the Giants season ticket list since the early 90’s. Could never get tickets. Now with the PSL’s, I can get my tickets, starting at $7,500 a seat on the Mez, and up to $20,000 below. All the seats in the upper bowl are sold.
    I just stick to scalping one game a year (early in the season when the weather is nice) and watching the game on my 60 inch HDTV. Beers are cheaper hear too, and the food is better.
    Jets and Giants are crazy for doing this to their fans.
    LT for President.

  20. A couple of things.
    1. Why do fans feel they have a right to purchase tickets? Granted, the Giants had season ticket holders who owned seats for 20 or more years – but many of those people also made money off of those seats. How? Did you ever see the number of Cowboy jerseys in the stadium when Dallas came to town? There were people who owned numerous seats, but never attended games because they sold them and made a profit.
    2. Season Ticket holders were not the reason the games were sold out. Those games would have been sold out if they were allowed on the open market.
    3. By owning a PSL, you now do have a right to those seats. Also – if you choose to, you can resell the seats if you want. The owners are within their rights to require PSL purchases
    4. However, using a free market approach, if the owners charge more than the market is willing to bear, you may have difficulty in selling those PSL’s. Look at the situation the Jets are now in. They do not have a winning tradition, but do have some loyal fans. I know many Jets fans who wanted season tickets, but refused to pay for a PSL. That is why 17,000 are still available.
    5. Fans who say they would rather watch from home better hope someone steps up and buys those PSL’s or they will be unable to do so. (You do not have a right to watch the games on TV either). It would be interesting to see the fans response if the games are unavailable on free tv.
    6. Ultimately, I think Woody will sell the individual seats on the open market on a week by week basis, if he is unable to sell out the PSL’s. However, if he were to announce that now, no one would by the PSL’s.
    Bottom line – Pro Football is a business. Owners take risks, and try to make a profit. They are allowed to make what ever decisions they want in order to maximize their profits. Fans on the other hand, are not obligated to pay for PSL’s or to buy tickets/attend games. If Fan’s do not believe in PSL’s or believe the product is overpriced, they will not buy. Giants fans have made the purchases (Over 80,000 sold) and unfortunately Jets fans believe their costs are not worth it.

  21. Greedy effing owner. I’m a die-hard Jet fan, but to call these prices reasonable is ludicrous and insulting to true fans…just for the RIGHT to see 2 pre-season games and 8 regular season match-ups?!? Spend your money on a football-cave at home and call it a day. Bonuses include no Jersey traffic, overpriced beer or line for the bathroom. These two franchises are already sharing the costs of the new freaking stadium!

  22. Uhhhh, no they didn’t. They made it the previous four seasons in a row and won the Superbowl one of them, though.
    The Jets were a gift away from 8-8, when Peyton and the Colts laid down for them, and they’re thumping their chests like they did something. Fat Rex and Woody are proud of their 8-8 team? Wow, great. The definition of mediocrity.
    The Giants were 8-8 and disgusted with themselves, people lost their jobs.
    That’s the difference.

  23. God everytime I read about these PSL’s it makes me so happy to be a Colts fan. $5,000 to 20,000 WTF, who has that kind of money, what a rip off. Yes my tickets usually go up $20-$50 every other year but they are still not that much. I am 4 rows up on the upper deck 20 yd line and pay $690 a season. When I started getting them in 2002 they were $350 a season. They did just build a brand new $900 million dollar stadium and I have moved down 15 rows in the last 8 years so I can live with the increase. Plus since the stadium is located downtown there is plenty of cheap parking close to the stadium, I pay $10 bucks to park and tailgate 1 block from the stadium. Got a friend who lives in Detroit he pays $40 bucks to park at there stadium, WTF.
    Jets fans I like what your owner and coach are doing for your team, but those stadium prices are crazy. If your like me with a wife and kid to take care of I would just sit at home and watch it on TV.

  24. Was there ever any doubt that the Giants, not the Jets were going to get to open the new stadium? Hell no. Coinflip (yeah right)?
    I wish we could just get rid of these losers once and for all. The Jets tried to get their own stadium built, but came crawling back again. This PSL thing is just another example of why they’re inferior.
    Your New York Jets, ladies and gentlemen. Riding the Giants coattails since ’83!

  25. I attended my last” in stadium” game last year. The cost just doesn’t justify going for me anymore.
    That’s not a very original thought, and I am sure many others feel the same way, but as long as the tickets are sold, the owners don’t really care, now do they?
    Do they really care if a loyal 20yr season ticket holder buys it, or someone more wealthy who has the coin to pay for $30 hats and $60 sweatshirt at the venue so they can look like a “real” fan.
    If you consider yourself a “real” fan anymore you’re either fool or glutten for punishment.

  26. @cbrian
    Right On!!!!! Last year was it for me and my season tickets with the giants. With the psl’s and ticket prices, it was getting too expensive.
    Now I have directv.

  27. Its always fun to read these posts from the uninformed
    The Giants and the Jets paided to build the place so they are looking to cover the cost.
    Unlike the viqueens that are shaking down the taxpayers to build.
    Or the AZ goverment that put a surcharge on every rental car to cover the cost.
    PSL are the people who want to go pay for it not taxpayers or car renters
    I am not rich but bought two PSL seats and am proud to say I can go to every home game

  28. Ha, I even forgot that the Jets aren’t even charging PSL’s for the ENTIRE upper deck. The same seats that the Giants sold out quickly for $1000 PSL/seat.
    So lame.

  29. First, both NY teams suck.
    Second, it is good old fashioned economics known as pricing a product according to supply and demand. It is fair if people pay and tickets sell out. The Steelers sold them out with no problem and there is still a 20 year waiting list for season tickets. The Rooney’s realized the demand, priced the PSL fairly and there is no problem. I can sell my PSL for 20 times what I paid for it in 2000, but I won’t.
    90% of these team owners need to wake up. Let them choke on the stadium cost if they can’t manage a business!

  30. No comment. Giants fans have said it all for me.
    New York/New Jersey means Giant football !!

  31. On top of PSL’s
    for those who didnt pay a PSL for upper bowl
    You get a bill to pay $250 for parking…and you cant park near the stadium…you can either shuttle…or park in a parking garage…either or…YOU CANT TAILGATE!!!!!!

  32. BTW – you do know that if the Jets do not sell out their non club seats, that the games are not allowed to be shown in the local market – whether on Regular TV or DirecTV.
    So forget going to a bar to see them either…..

  33. Former season ticket holder. I’ve been priced out after 15 years.
    I understand it’s a business and being in New York it’s a bigger business. But you cannot tell me that a PSL is worth it. They say you have the RIGHT to the seat for what? The Jets games only? If it’s a shared stadium, then who gets the rights to the seat when a concert is in town? The Giant fan or Jets fan? So this is why I did not and will not buy a PSL especially in a SHARED stadium.
    I will go to a game from time to time. I’ve never been to a game event when it was sold out and could not get a ticket. No SOLD OUT game/event is ever truly sold out. You will pay a price, but then again you may not. I’ve been to Jets games for $10.
    So, let the fat cats enjoy the game and pay the PSLs. Until they offer more than the rights to the games only, I will refuse to help pay for a stadium that’s shared.

  34. I am neither a Jets fan or a Giants fan, I am a Cowboys fan and they priced their PSL’s even higher. I will absolutely not pay that kind of money to attend a football game.
    At home, I have a giant HDTV. Most people nowadays do too. I have access to other games that I watch when its halftime or during a commercial. I have a nice comfortable couch, along with a girlfriend who is willing to bring me a beer. the beer costs me $7.99 for a 6 pack as opposed to $10 bucks for just one. I dont have to wait on line to use the bathroom, or go nuts trying to find a parking spot. I can order a pizza which costs me about $15 for a whole pie and not for just two slices. I can invite my friends to come over and make noise, or I can choose to be left alone and lay around in my pajamas all day. the list goes on and on. Now read that list, and then ask me why in the world I would pay thousands of dollars for a PSL on top of the ticket prices. Come on now
    P.S were in a recession!

  35. Strick says:
    Someone needs to explain to me how any PSL can be “fairly priced”. The whole system is a ripoff.
    Both teams split the cost to build the stadium and the difference between the Jets and the Giants is that the Jets exempted seats in the nose bleed section and put the costs on people who had better seats while the Giants put a PSL on everyone (There are also some subtle diffeences in pricing for some sections that make it cheaper for Jets fans).

  36. # ampats says: May 13, 2010 12:16 PM
    No comment. Giants fans have said it all for me.
    New York/New Jersey means Giant football !!
    This guys at least 50 years old.
    If that was you in your “golden years”, how long before you called Dr. Kevorkian?

  37. Soon the NFL will be a pay per view service so you will all know what it is like
    At least I will be doing it from my nice comfy seat in the club section.
    You can watch on TV but nothing compares to being in the stands
    Never was a season ticket holder always had to pay via stubhub or some other broker at least now the money goes to the team.
    After 2012 when the country gets back on its feet those PSL’s will be worth some major cash

  38. “Bigbluefan says:
    May 13, 2010 11:33 AM
    Its always fun to read these posts from the uninformed
    The Giants and the Jets paided to build the place so they are looking to cover the cost.
    Unlike the viqueens that are shaking down the taxpayers to build.
    Or the AZ goverment that put a surcharge on every rental car to cover the cost.
    PSL are the people who want to go pay for it not taxpayers or car renters
    I am not rich but bought two PSL seats and am proud to say I can go to every home game

    Joe Robbie built Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami with HIS own money. No money from taxpayers and the Dolphins never charged PSL to season ticket owners. Football teams make money hand over fist these days.
    Any team that requires PSL are shaking down their fan base and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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