Woody Johnson promises no blackouts

On the same day the New York Post suggested the Jets could face blackouts in 2010 because their personal seat licenses aren’t selling, owner Woody Johnson promised that “the biggest show in town” would be seen on New York televisions throughout the Fall.

“They’re not going to be blacked out,” Johnson told Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com. 

More than 10,000 PSLs remain available, but Johnson isn’t worried.

“If we’re not sold out, we will not have blackout games,” Johnson said.  He also said he wouldn’t get around the blackout rule by selling the season ticket seats game-by-game.

The Jets haven’t been blacked out since 1977, but the panic in New York over the possibility may have spurred fans to shell out some bucks.

“We’re having one of our best sales days in a long while today,” Johnson

Maybe that was the idea all along.

15 responses to “Woody Johnson promises no blackouts

  1. What these teams do to their hardcore fans is worse then whatever Ben Roethlisberger did to that chick in the bathroom.

    Hate to break it to you Woody when the Jets have their 7-9 season this year and are out of the playoffs by the end of November you will be blacked out.

  3. Jets were a FLUKE last year & when they have no one that will lay down so thay can make the playoffs there will be blackouts!!! This team will be lucky to get 8-8, back to 3rd place!!! J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!! GO FINS!!!

  4. Woody’s a johnson, no doubt. LOL. But you Miami and New England fans are tools. The Jets are going to send you to the brothels of Shanghai and you know there’s nothing you can do about it other than scrape yourself with an STD.

  5. @NYMETS..I get a woody everytime i hear BILL BELICHECK’S name and you,being a mets fan shouldn’t talk,most of NEW YORK is just 1 big STD.

  6. Dorkfans shouldn’t be talking crap because there are more people at Chuck E Cheese on Sundays than a Dolphins game.

  7. I agree with “FIN.” Everybody is so high on the Jets and it is all BS!
    Write it down….The Jets will not make the playoffs next year.
    Sanchez will level out and show how average he really is.
    If ever there was an overrated team, it is the 2010 Jets!

  8. jets wont get as far as last year, all they did this year was sign a bunch of old farts

  9. The greedy NFL and the PSL theft is finally catching up with them. This is a rough economy to be demanding such $$$ for the rights to buy a freaken ticket. I am LMFAO that this is happening to the jets. They have put such a rediculous amount of pressure on themselves this year for a team that really wasn’t as good as their record indicated since they backed into the playoffs against not 1 but 2 teams that laid down at the end of the season so they didn’t get any starters hurt. Had they lost to either (had they played their starters) they were out of the playoffs. Even their coach said they were out with three weeks to go. I can’t wait for that fool firemen Ed to start his j-e-t-s chant greeted by the sounds of crickets from the empty psl seats!

  10. I fully expect every no talent hack to make a comment about how poor the Jets fanbase is when the owner has to eat tickets to get his “sellout” official. The economy is tough and the owner isn’t required to help, but at least give a reach around.

  11. Until the Fans say this is enough, the owners will continue to try to squeeze every nickel and dime out of us.
    Soon some restaurants are going to start charging PSLs for the right to be able to eat there.

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