Agent claims Cushing underwent a "battery" of medical tests

On Friday, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing defended his position that he never took hCG (a steroids chaser) by claiming that he feared that he had an elevated hCG level due to the presence of one or more tumors in his body.  He claimed that he spent the rest of the year fearful that it could be not only his last year in football, but also the last year of his life.

Whether and to what extent Cushing underwent testing to detect or rule out cancer wasn’t developed at the press conference, possibly due to the time restriction the Texans placed on the Q&A session and possibly due to the fact that the assembled reporters were blindsided by the eyebrow-raising claim.

Since then, Cushing’s agent has told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle that Cushing underwent a “battery of tests” in November, and that he has undergone further testing in Houston, San Diego, and Denver.

“He was tested for a variety of things that were recommended by his [personal] doctor,” agent Tom Condon said.  “My understanding is they’re going to
do it again.  They’re going to take him from head to toe and repeat

Condon didn’t specifically say that Cushing was tested for cancer.  McClain reports, citing an unnamed person close to Cushing, that he tested negative for testicular cancer.  It could be that the tests primarily were aimed at determining how Cushing could be producing enough hCG to result in a positive test, in order to keep it from happening again.  (And it reportedly hasn’t happened again.) 

To the extent that Cushing was being extensively tested in order to ensure that he doesn’t have cancer, the fact that close friends and teammates had no clue that he feared having this disease makes the situation even more confusing.

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  1. Stories like this – and pretty much everything I encounter – remind me that Belichick cheated.
    How dare he videotape playcalling from the sideline.
    That gives him an unfair advantage over teams that videotape playcalling from the stands.

  2. There are a couple things that can cause high estrogen levels in men.
    1. after effect of anabolic steroid use.
    2.Male menopause.
    3. diet may also effect estrogen levels i.e. -maybe he eats a lot of soy protein and grapefruit. Both are known to cause high levels of estrogen in men.
    Any of these things may be the reason he was taking HCG. of course he said he wasn’t taking it and that was the mistake, I would have went with Male menopause, he could have got the sympathy vote from women and married men.

  3. Something that no one seems to have thought of is. Maybe he’s telling the truth? He’s not very smart and he’s getting bad advice if that’s the case, but did anyone really think he was?

  4. I personally wouldn’t rush off and tell my coworkers that I have concerns about having testicular cancer. The only people that do things like that are the ones who are looking for sympathy and attention.
    Frankly I don’t think I would tell friends or family absent confirmation of same. Why needlessly worry those that care about you?

  5. Stillerz says:
    May 14, 2010 11:48 AM
    Maybe the dude is telling the truth… just saying

  6. fantasy football sentinel,
    You dont know what youre talking about. Please be quiet now, thanks.

  7. Shame this didn’t come up sooner. He could have just used the I’m pregnant excuse. That woul dhave baught him a few month of dodging the fact he used steroids.
    I wonder if he could try he took it by mistake. He meant to use HGH which they don’t test for and the dealer gave him the wrong bottle.
    That would be like getting a hooker and finding out she is only 16 after the fact….

  8. and there’s still the fact that hcg levels would remain at detectable levels if he was at risk of cancer… and u know…. not as a steroid “chaser”

  9. I think he said those things on Thursday.
    As it sits, Cushing is paying the full price of being a drug cheat, whether he did it or not. You seem to be on a mission to have him “confess”. Will prostrating himself before the public change anything? Nothing except apparently to give you and a horde of other pitchfork and torch bearers some vicarious pleasure.
    Even if he is guilty, confessing won’t change anything. It won’t change public perception of him, it won’t reduce the penalty he is about to pay, it won’t discourage any other player from using performance enhancers in the future. It won’t stop the estimated 75% of current NFL players who cheat in some fashion or other. Nor will it make you any taller, smarter, or better looking. Get off your hobby horse.

  10. Ah, playing the sympathy card. Cushing and his agent, Tom Condon, win this year’s worst spin job award.
    Remember folks, we were also told that Elin Nordegren heroically saved Tiger Woods by smashing the (rear) window to pull him out of his SUV after he “accidentally” hit a tree.

  11. Oh please Florio this isn’t confusing at all! Cushing got busted, used a bogus excuse and now his agent is covering for him. So lame and predictable it’s pathetic.

  12. Florio, don’t you do any research yourself? Is your commentarty limited to what other people have already written? All you really do is repeat the spin from others. Where is the value add? Where is the original reporting? Why don’t you track down Cushing’s doctor(s) or interview the Texans medical staff/trainers? Where is some first hand information?

  13. maybe Lloyd Braun can get him an appointment with the same doctor the Mayor of Houston uses.

  14. The problem with this site is that it is monitored rather than allowing real time posting. Why does FOX and ESPN allow realtime posting but this site does not? Your monitors run wayyyy behind the posts…

  15. @# acal83 says: May 14, 2010 12:11 PM
    fantasy football sentinel,
    You dont know what youre talking about. Please be quiet now, thanks.
    Relax guy it was sarcasm, of course Cushing did steroids you would have to be a fool to think otherwise.
    A tumor? hahahahaha

  16. I don’t doubt he was worried he might have a tumor. With all the roids he’s been shouting since being a teenager, he probably remembers what happened to Lyle Alzado.

  17. Enough with this garbage claim by this idiot, or his agent, already. If you know science at all, and human physiology at all, you know that thee is no way for the body to elevate levels of hCG in a male to positive test levels. Anybody that thinks otherwise is simply wrong. Even the levels a woman has in her body during pregnancy are lower than what is required to give a positive test result. You see, in order to say definitively a person was taking hCG, the levels have to be higher than a specific level, not simply detectable. This means higher, in most cases 1000’s to millions of ppm higher than normal. Men shouldn’t have any detectable levels, aside from some of the mentioned reasons, but still not high enough to conclude a positive test result.
    And, none of this science should matter anyways. Before the public found out what he tested positive for, Cushing said he had taken something but thought he’d win the appeal because he had no idea it was on the banned substance list. Then, as soon as it was leaked that the positive test was for hCG, he backtracked and said he never took anything, and that this all must be part of normal, or abnormal, biological functions. That in itself should be proof enough that nothing this man says is true, for all you seeming to want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  18. When you have tumors and cancer in your family the way Cush talks about it is a joke The whole family falls apart and you are so upset you can’t even think right People would know something was wrong

  19. A. “After getting the letter in October from the independent doctor in Ohio that he had tested positive, Cushing had five days to file his appeal. Cushing, his family and agent Tom Condon were the only ones who knew he had tested positive and had appealed.”
    1. Who is that doctor?
    B. Condon said Thursday that Cushing underwent his first “battery of tests” in November. Condon said Cushing has subsequently undergone more tests in Houston, San Diego and Denver.
    “He was tested for a variety of things that were recommended by his (personal) doctor,” Condon said. “My understanding is they’re going to do it again. They’re going to take him from head to toe and repeat everything.”
    “A person close to Cushing said he underwent tests that turned up negative for testicular cancer. ”
    2. Are the Texans aware of these tests? Have these tests been reviewed by the Texans medical staff? If so, why did the coach and GM have no comment after Cushing claimed he feared a tumor? Would the Texans themselves not be concerned of the possiblity of a tumor when they were notified of a positive hCG test?
    C. “When everything first came out, I was completely unfamiliar with hCG,” he said. “I was told that the only way it can get into your body, and, obviously, everyone having their different opinions, was that it was either through injection or through a tumor. ”
    3. The most controversial use of hCG as a drug is as a masking agent for steroids. It enhances production of testosterone in the body during or after a cycle of steroid use. The substance often is injected but is also available in a nasal spray and in a topical cream.
    The problem with most of the Cushing controversy is that his agent, Tom Condon, has been orchestrating a constant spin to try and keep the facts obscured. The media has not been aggressive in tracking down the facts behind the latest claims Condon releases. I hope they track down the facts behind these claimed medical tests in November and afterwards.

  20. If her were white would Florio be writing so many entries on Cushing…?
    Oh yeah, right he IS white. But next time a knucklehead does something let the race baiting begin.

  21. eh, i think it’s more spin doctoring.
    has anyone seen the photo comparison flying around the internet of cushing off-season compared to in-season? it’s like two different people. not hard to assume this is the case.
    in other news, have we ever seen a player cause so much controversy by saying so little? I don’t remember Brian coming out and saying a whole lot on this matter – seems like his “publicists” and agent are handling all the talking. 🙄

  22. so… we are supposed to believe an unnamed anonymous source… but we can’t believe it when an actual person gives a possible explanation for something?

  23. if the tumor/cancer story was true, why didn’t we hear about it when the allegations first came out?
    sounds like they just thought of it

  24. Well, you DO NOT TAKE HCG to combat high estrogen levels, especially the limited amount of estrogen produced from soybeans, ha hahaahha…… would use nolvadex or aromasin…….they should test him for THAT…..or do a gas chromatography test for specific substances and end this nonsense all together………my guess is winstrol or non esterized test like suspension, quickly out of body in hours.

  25. The word from guys I know here in North Jersey (Cushing attended Bergen Catholic in Oradell) is that Cushing was a notorious steroids user throughout high school. I had heard these stories before he was even drafted. This came as no surprise to anyone. My one friend says he even sold Cushing steroids. I didn’t know who Brian Cushing was at the time so I paid no mind. Now it seems particularly relevant.
    I can understand his defenders not trusting in unanimous sources in a comment section, but this info was widely known for years in North Jersey HS football circles for a long time. When there’s billowing smoke……..

  26. Cushing should use Bill Belichick as his advisor for handling cheating. There was SpyGate, the Rodney Harrison suspension for HGH, and the Nick Kaczur bust for 202 OxiContin tabs,and all those other aged vets that played like 23 year olds in their mid to late 30s. *rolls eyes*. BB seemed to survive it all without seeming like a complete liar. Oh wait…

  27. Way to go, Florio! And all the other smug reporters out there who speculate rather than report.
    How do you know he has close friend and teammates? Even if he does, he’s a guy, and a lot of guys like to keep things private.
    You’re just trying to backtrack. I wonder if you’ll issue an apology if his story turns out to be true. I’m guessing no.

  28. Well said robert ethen.
    It is the same people who are demanding that Tiger tell them the intimate details of what happened the night of the crash. Athletes owe you nothing. We love tearing down our icons in this country and to satisfy that lust people in the media only care about the next athlete to screw up so they can jump on their corpse and pick it clean like vultures & hyenas. Why would you expect athletes to be honest about anything when so many media types will put anything they say in the worst light possible.
    While I think it is likely that Cushing took PEDs, there are no facts to back it up (hCG is not a PED in-and-of-itself) only circumstantial evidence. And the sad part is that the possibility (however remote) that Cushing is telling the truth is simply not being presented as even remotely possible.
    I hope to Christ that I don’t have people like Florio to deal with if I am ever falsely accused of a crime.

  29. maybe they are close friends and family for a reason,and that would be not to run and tell a self appointed know it all like yourself details that maybe he did not want to make public. if you don’t consider yourself a real journalist then why do you hide behind “scources” when you make your allegations?why aren’t you man enough to ask them questions face to face at a press conference like “real” journalists do?

  30. Dear Tom Condon,
    Congratulations, your spin doctor BS story has worked. There are at least a few people on this site who have spoken up and believed your just-thought-of-it story: benrapistberger, Robert ethan, GregO.

  31. @CapsLockKey ,
    I know Alzado’s story was the perfect backdrop to rail against steroids at the time, but people from Los Angeles, die hard Raider fans, and those in the bodybuilding community know what killed Alzado, and it sure wasn’t steroids. Have you ever asked yourself why other steroid abusers and users haven’t shown up in the same state as Alzado at the end? Let’s just say Lyle had some very risky behavior that put him at risk for medical problems that compromised his immune system even more than the steroid use. Al Davis will never talk about it, but just think Magic Johnson.

  32. Cushing had his chance to appeal, and quite clearly, that was defeated. Now he is just hoping a few of you armchair docs will buy his line of bullshit and therefore continue to buy his jersey.

  33. The last jersey I bought was Don Beebe’s. Roid man is just another reason why I’ll never buy another player’s jersey. Too many would be heroes turn out to be slime balls and cheaters. Why further enrich them?

  34. I was on probation a couple of years ago and had to get drug tested frequently. I smoked pot at the time so every time I took a drug test I had to come up with a way to beat it. So I would drink a gallon of water before each test. If you do that the drug wont show up in your system but you will still fail the test for a deluded sample. How they determine this is by the creatinine count in your system. When you drink alot of water the creatinine level goes down.
    So they consistently failed me but I used the same excuse Cushing did I said there was something wrong with my body. I found out the only way to have a low creatine level was to have problems with you kidneys. So I did what Cushing did and had a battery of tests. I went to 2 specialist to check my kidneys. Now there was nothing wrong with them but they couldnt prove that they werent the reason I was failing my tests. So I brought those results to my p.o. and because they were inconclusive they couldnt violate me.
    Cushing is just trying to do the same thing as I did. He’s just hoping he can find something in his system that can cause doubt. The only thing is hes trying to get over on a private organization I did it to the government. The government has rules to follow in this regard the NFL doesnt have to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Its easy for me to see what he was trying to do by getting these tests. But just like I was guilty he is guilty too.

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