Jerry Rice's golf dream dies

Jerry Rice said last month that he was serious about trying to compete as a professional golfer, even saying after a rocky debut that it reminded him of his NFL debut.

But now Rice says he’s done trying to play as a pro.

Rice was disqualified from the Nationwide Tour event Friday because his caddie used a scope to check yardages, which Rice referred to as a rookie mistake. Even aside from that issue, Rice wasn’t playing well, shooting a 92 on Thursday — the highest score ever at the tournament. So Rice has decided not to pursue the dream of being a pro golfer.

At least he’s got this summer’s enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to look forward to.

41 responses to “Jerry Rice's golf dream dies

  1. It was a silly thing to pursue. Just have fun in the celeb golf matches and relish in your accomplishment of being the best WR ever.

  2. Running in a straight line isnt the same as golf, but props to him for giving it a shot.

  3. The man has done more than any other.
    He is an Icon, a legend, an example, an inspiration, a work horse in prep for the season.
    He is simply the “Cut In Stone” game plan for any W.R. that should have the opportunity to step on the field…. That is called the NFL.
    PLUS… He can kick the ass out of 99% of all of us on PFT if we lined up with him on the first tee of any track in the country.
    He is a legend, not only in his own mind, and shower. But in all of our minds and showers as well.
    I respect this fella like very few I respect.

  4. a 92?! hahahahahahahaha
    clearly, his greatness was limited to football. and Joe Montana and Steve Young had quite a lot to do with that.
    a 92. hilarious. it’s not that hard to break 90. at least not when i play the local par 3…

  5. What happened to persistent? What about perseverence?
    Did he score the first time he played? Every time he played? Between his stint with the Broncos, the Dancing With the Stars and this golf thing, retirement isn’t working out all that well for Mr. Rice.
    Might I suggest becoming a Civil War buff?

  6. FLYBOY said. “Jerry Rice is a dildo.”
    Wow. I admit I have never thought of that before.
    Such staggering intellectual insight.
    FLYBOY really must know a lot about dildos.

  7. “He is a legend, not only in his own mind, and shower. But in all of our minds and showers as well.”
    Hmm… I prefer to think about Jennifer Connolly
    in my shower, but, that’s just me…
    Not that there’s anything wrong with thinking about Jerry Rice in the shower if you like that type of thing…

  8. Yeah, I shoot 67 every time I tee it up. I just never know which hole I’ll be on when it happens.
    Gotta give him props for trying.
    The rest of us can just sit here and type.

  9. Good decision not to pursue a career in pro golf.
    a 92? Hell he could have shot a 67, that is if he quit after the 13th hole.

  10. Tiger’s Asian? I guess that explains hitting three different stationary objects with a brand new Escalade while trying to get out of your own driveway.

  11. The greatest wide receiver ever failed at hitting a small ball into a small hole? Say it ain’t so!
    Golf isn’t a sport anyways, more of an excuse to escape the wifey and drink than anything.

  12. at least he tried even though if he was not Jerry Rice he never would have sniffed an invite to play to begin with.
    Why is he not coaching?

  13. Never liked Jerry Rice or any other 49er, but why criticize him for giving it a go? Hey, if he enjoys driving fast and Nascar wants to give him a ride, GO FOR IT, JERRY.

  14. Damn….. this dude just keeps setting records. First football and now golf(92)! When is he gonna let the rest of us have some lime light?

  15. Not that theres anything wrong with that Vegas Chris? I dunno dude, how bout we skip the political correctness..If you’re thinking of Jerry
    Rice in the shower then you’re just a creepy homo.

  16. in my worst days (PA) I can shoot in the 90’s
    on my best days (Florida) I can shoot in the 80’s… jerry you suck

  17. LMFAO to the tigers asian comment and then the comment right after about him hitting shit and asians blowin at driving………..also would like to add an lol to RIP jerry rice……and shout out to the dude that said running in a straight line is not the same as golf……thats some good sh!t….thanks guys

    Wow. I think that was the classiest post I’ve ever read by a Raider fan, not even joking.

  19. But no one, absolutely no one, can hide in a whorehouse bathroom better than Star80.
    –Mt. View Vice Detective.

  20. They should give a sponsor exemption to that Little Chocolatier. He’s got a great short game.

  21. I love that guy, no matter what.
    I remember reading in his book that would try pro golf after he retired from football; I did do an eyeroll. But you have to keep in mind Rice is ultracompetitive. It’s what made him such a great wide receiver, and it is also probably driving him crazy right now since he has nothing in which he can compete.

  22. Best “skinny post” route runner ever….inflating his numbers in the West Coast system…one dimensional. Can anybody name a play where he out jumped and caught a pass in traffic…like L. Swann, R. Moss , C Carter or L. Fitzgerald????

  23. @ FLYBOY
    A dildo ehh?
    So it is safe to say that you will be having a Hall of Fame career in football and then trying to take up another sport?
    Didn’t think so.

  24. Oh, you must be from Sicily my soul brotha.
    ItalianArmyGuy says:
    May 14, 2010 11:49 PM
    Me and Jerry Rice have a lot in common…

  25. It was funny at first but is now embarrassing
    Just quit trying and stick to retirement, Jerry

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