Raiders pick up Loper for offensive line

Former Tennessee Titan draft pick Daniel Loper signed with the Raiders Friday evening in a move aimed towards bolstering the team’s depth.

Loper was a fifth-round pick by the Titans in 2005 and remained with them until playing eight games in Detroit last year.

He’s got a fighting chance to make the Raiders roster because they don’t have a lot of reserve guards behind starters Robert Gallery and Cooper Carlisle.

15 responses to “Raiders pick up Loper for offensive line

  1. Another great move that indicates that Al is letting Tom make decisions. We havent had this since Gruden and the results speak for themselves. WE WIN THE WEST THIS YEAR!! mark my words 😉

  2. well looper let me ask you now, no point of wasting time what size is your finger? just wana know what superbowl ring size u need.
    Hey Raider haters get over it! the raiders are the best team in the nfl! I hope king davis pulls his pants down and moons the nfl during our superbowl celebration

  3. @madstork…..pass the shit you’re smoking….seriously. You dump Jabustus and you’re winning the AFC WEST???? Maybe if the cryptkeeper finally dies…you got a shot. But I doubt it. You still suck ass. Way to keep positive though!!!

  4. raidersteve, we are much better. best team in the nfl is really pushing it! we can state such a case if we win a superbowl, or hell even beat the freaking superchargers. just glad I am not a bronco fan!

  5. so let me get this straight… all the Raider fans are getting excited over a player that was cut at the end of year by the Detriot Lions?
    I know in recent years the Lions haven’t been able to properly evaluate talent in recent years but I think they did the right thing by cutting him.
    Besides just adding depth on the o-line, which they desperately needed to do, I don’t think he’s going to make a huge impact on the team.
    Then again, everyone is undefeated at the start of the new year.

  6. @pdxbolt4life…you are another SuperChoker loser who thinks his opinion actually matters.

  7. No, 49erFanLivingInDallas, we Raider fans are getting excited because it seems the team is finally moving in the right direction. Some are getting a little too excited though. Most of us are level headed enough to know that the light at the end of the tunnel is still a ways off. That being said, there is no reason to think the Raiders can’t improve this season. Second in the AFC West is not out of the question. Of course that’s not saying much considering the Chiefs are still rebuilding and the Broncos regressing.

  8. He’s solid as a backup, but he’s just not very good when he is asked to be a starter. He got cut from the Lions over Manny Ramirez ( not the baseball player). Ramirez and Loper are both REALLY bad in pass protection, but they are both alright at run blocking. Ramirez is just stronger and better at it, that’s why we kept him over Loper.

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