Texans sign Trindon Holliday

hermanjohnson_400.jpgWhen the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Orleans Saints encountered unwanted off-field situations earlier this offseason, they did their best to turn the page by signing a player or two to a contract.

Coincidentally, the Texans have done the same thing, one day after Brian Cushing’s shibacle of a press conference.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that sixth-round kick returner Trindon Holliday has signed a four-year contract worth $1.886 million.  The deal likely includes minimum base salaries and a signing bonus based on his draft slot.

Holliday, whom McClain says also will be used as a receiver, is the first NFL draft pick in 2010 to sign a contract.  The five-foot, five-inch Holliday was one of the fastest members of the incoming class of former college football players.

Most teams wait until July to sign players, primarily since there’s little or no cash flow in the offseason — and since virtually every rookie will work without a contract at minicamps and Organized Team Activities.

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  1. Darren Sproles has only got about 20 pounds and and inch in height on this guy and he’s done pretty darn well.
    I think he can succeed, may need a year or two in the weight room to gain some muscle weight, but he has that kind of speed that you can’t teach. Should be an immediate asset on teams at the very least.

  2. @ Charisma – I’m guessing you’re only talking in football. Don’t be a hater. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Either way, he’s faster and richer than you’ll ever be!

  3. There may be no cash flow, there are things like lines of credit, which ANY bank would give to a team with a predictable future cash flow stream. I’ve just never understood why it takes so long to start negotiating with players. Get it done and get them in. Players hold out because, seemingly, they wait until the last minute to even start talking(and I don’t mean late round picks).

  4. Have to admire a guy his size succeeding in a big man’s sport. He is someone even Jay Glazer would look up to.

  5. He will be a HUGE weapon. He may not have run all that well at the combine, but officially clocked at 10.00 in the 100M dash in outdoor track. the 10-15 snaps he is going to get on the field will drive opposing teams crazy. Holliday has stupid speed. A steal in the 6th round.

  6. ooooooor they signed him because they drafted him,dont think trindon holliday signing is gonna take away from cushing headlines[well at least florio will stay firmly on top of cushing story until every angle is beat to death]

  7. @jcasey- Of course only football. And I will continue to say no one will ever succeed at that height and weight until someone does. I hope they put a red shirt on him during practice otherwise he may not ever make a year in the weight room.
    He may be faster and currently wealthier, but I’m taller. So nana nana boo boo!

  8. Re: “Most teams wait until July to sign players”
    The Texans signed their first draft pick of 2009 on June 8. Relax, it’s not a total Texans PR conspiracy.

  9. Charisma says:
    May 14, 2010 6:04 PM
    Will never succeed at that size. No one has, no one will.
    Maybe he can work out with Cushing over the next few offseasons. Won’t help with the height, but maybe he too can pack on 60 lbs of muscle with the right diet, supplements and workout routine.

  10. We just need him to be good at kick return, being short might make him hard to find behind the blockers.
    Oh yeah, Barry Sanders was 5 ft 8″. They got to be able to catch you to tackle you.

  11. IStateYourName says:
    May 14, 2010 6:47 PM
    Wow, if he is only 5’5″ that Number 8 looks about 3 feet tall.
    LOL, of course one poster must have no sense of humor.
    As for his size, Mack Herron (5-5, 170, 1970s) and Gerald McNeil (5-7, 145, 1980s) played in the NFL, albeit in a different era, so don’t sell Holliday short.

  12. Does anyone remember Noland “super gnat” Smith from 1967-1969? Played for the “chefs”. He was 5’5″ and 154 pounds. He drove coverage teams nuts for two years.
    Yeah this guy doesn’t have a chance..

  13. @Charisma 1. You’ve already been contradicted, with Darren Sproles being a success.
    2. Guys dont need to be small in the return game and in the slot where this guy will play, he wont be a starter but he will be an explosive player with his speed, ive watched this guy at LSU he burned past most college players.

  14. He has a chance to stick with the Texans. He has crazy football speed and played against very good coverage teams in the SEC. He can be a returner and a good fill in at RB for 3-5 plays a game. The only thing that will hurt him is that he is probably too small to be of any use on the kick coverage teams. He will have to prove he can be a useful gunner on the coverage team at his size. If he can do that he will make the roster.

  15. he won’t need size in “his game” the best thing about his 4.38 speed is that it is virtually instantaneous.. the guy is full blast in 2 strides.. he may lead the nfl in average return yards.. he’ll be past the 35 just about on every kick-off cause he gets up the field so quick, no gunner can touch him..

  16. His teammate demonstrates how difficult it is to get an arm around the little bugger.

  17. five-foot, five-inch?
    They might have a really hard time trying to catch this guy.
    But when they do………KABLAM!

  18. Whoops I saw the picture and misread the “Texans sign Trindon Holliday” and the next post “Titans hire Rushton Webster” as Texans sign Webster. He’s small enough

  19. For the naysayers about Holliday’s size. The top seven for 2009 KR yardage include:
    Stefan Logan (Steelers) 5-6 – 55 returns (26.7 ave)
    Darren Sproles (Chargers) 5-6 – 54 returns (24.1 ave)
    LaRod Stephens-Howling (Cardinals) 5-7 – 52 returns (24.2 ave)
    I don’t see any reason why Holliday cannot succeed as a KR in the NFL just because he’s only 5-5. As a KR, he’s an exciting prospect. The big question mark is whether or not he can be productive on offense as well.

  20. His height is not an issue, his weight is. When he does pack on a couple pounds, he can say bye-bye to that speed that got him drafted. I say just stay where your at, and stick to special niche type positions.

  21. People are always caught up in the “Height”…don’t let it fool you… it’s all about HEART!

  22. I wonder if tacklers are allowed to put him under their arm and carry him backwards for a loss?
    Coachs will say, “When you pick him up make sure you wrap both hands around him so no one knocks him loose while you’re carrying him towards his end zone.”.

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