Why Shawne Merriman is a tough sell

S. Merriman2.jpgAs Florio mentioned in PFT Daily Thursday, the Chargers have taken a negotiating stance likely to keep Shawne Merriman in San Diego.

They won’t trade him for less than a high draft pick, but they don’t want to give him a new contract.

That indicates they probably don’t really want to deal him.  They know the film and the numbers that are out there on Merriman.  And as Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes Friday, Merriman doesn’t have the value he did a few years ago.

“Not yet 26 years old, Shawne Merriman has become a faint shadow of the
dynamic force he was at 22,” Sullivan writes.

Merriman didn’t have a sack in his final seven starts last year.  He put up the same tackle numbers as rookie Larry English.  He has one forced fumble in his last 28 regular season starts.  He looks like a solid starter, but not a huge bonus guy.

Even if the Chargers find a trading partner for Merriman, he’s not going to get paid the dollars he wants until he produces like he used to before his knee surgery.

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  1. “Even if the Chargers did find a trading partner for Merriman, he’s not going to get paid the dollars he wants until he produces like he used to before his knee surgery.”
    And since he stopped taking steroids…

  2. I think your editor missed changing “before his knee surgery” to “when he was on steroids”.

  3. Ohhh knee surgery, so thats the cause of the falloff in production…
    Can’t wait to see Cushing dissappear next year too, knee surgery or not

  4. why is it that players who think they are better than they are always fire their agents?

  5. Like Cushing, his success was solely due to putting junk in his system. They’re siamese twins now and look for Cushing to have the same career path.

  6. Hes washed up, and probalby not worth a 6th round pick.
    Thats reality. Next time, dont use anabolic steroids cause they mess up your joints, espeically after your forced to stop taking them. Live and learn I guess, and just take hgh like the rest of the league you cheater
    Anabolic steroids= cheating
    HGH = not cheating

  7. Any of those guys can be a stud when they’re on roids….without them, he’s just a regular Joe–nothing special. Now show me your little dance Shawne!! what an idiot.

  8. Brian Cushing, meet Shawn Merriman. Once the juice stopped, Merriman became very mortal. Expect to see the same from Cushing. Whenever you see these superhuman rooks, eventually NFL testing will catch up to them. I suspect Clay Mathews production will drop as well in 2010 as the USC Juice Brigade throttles back to reality. About the only banned PED they can continue to use is HGH, which is not yet urine detectable.

  9. Between the knee injury and the lack of juice, this guy isn’t even close to the player he once was. Wonder how the chargers fans feel about him…

  10. That’s what NO steroids will do to you.
    Cushing will be is on the same path, he’ll be 26 and an average starter, just like Shawn.

  11. ‘before his knee surgery.’ my ass Rosenthal
    it should read ‘before he got caught using steroids’…
    call it like it is gentlemen…

  12. Why is there not a pre and post steriod suspension comparision of his numbers…I think it will be stunning and tell the story

  13. Even if the Chargers find a trading partner for Merriman, he’s not going to get paid the dollars he wants until he produces like he used to before his knee surgery. ( STEROID SUSPENSION )

  14. knee surgery, lmao, yeah thats it.
    He’s not the same player he was before he was busted for peds.
    Cushing is going to be the same way, not that he wont be a good player, but his best year is probably behind him

  15. Before his knee surgery?? I think you mean before he stopped using his butt cheeks as pin cushions!!

  16. He is a tough sell because he is a bad attitude, steroid using, woman beater, and a slightly above average LB.

  17. He’s just an average player without the juice. Makes me curious to see what happens to Cushing’s numbers next season

  18. “he’s not going to get paid the dollars he wants until he produces like he used to before his knee surgery”

    or before he gut busted for steroids.

  19. Before his knee surgery or before he got caught with steroids? His carear fell as fast as Cushing’s will.

  20. “..until he produces like he used to before his knee surgery.”
    Um…you mean the Steriods.

  21. Was this guy ever a good linebacker? He’s a one-trick pony. He sacks the QB sometimes. He’s a liability against the run and in coverage. All he can do is rush the passer and that inconsistently.
    I wouldn’t give anything higher than a 6th round pick for him and that only if I’m a 3-4 team in need of a pass rushing OLB.

  22. He should have had the knee surgery before he wasted an entire season when he played just one game. He made those decisions and he now has to live with those results.

  23. This article is an example of why Gregg “3g” Rosenthal is a tough sell.
    Response to this article: Duh.

  24. Hey Florio and Co
    If Cushing or Merriman want to take my screen name here on this site once they realize they’re nobody’s, tell their agent to get in touch with me. I will let it go to the highest bidder, a la a jersey #.

  25. As a Charger fan, I never defended Merriman taking steroids- and at the same time, I can point to ANY team in the NFL and find tons of steroid abuse. Just because they aren’t outed doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
    The system is as flawed as the atheletes. And the NFL woul never allow a “one strike and you’re out” type of punishment- because teams and the NFL invest WAY TOO MUCH $$$ in these guys.
    If there was a player cap, whereas an OLB was worth “x” amount as a ceiling, but could get bonused for wins and awards then you could do a “one strike and you’re out” type of deal because teams wouldn’t have to crap their pants because they just gave the roider a monster deal just 18 months ago.
    His performance HAS been hampered bu his injury… he should of had this surgery long before he did. He lost a whole season because he wasn’t honest about his injury, tried to play on it, and then lost 2008 and then was only a shell of himself in 2009 as he tried to play/rehab.
    So there are a lot of trust issues going on here as far as the Chargers are concerned. LT in his prime got his monter deal, Rivers ditto. Gates will be taken care of.
    I still think there is a GOOD shot that if Merriman has a great year, Merriman stays in SD and Shawn Phillips is the one shown the door.

  26. i dont know if you can put Merriman and Cushing in the same category. Merriman completely feel off . Cushing sill had a great season and with the off season going on now he can get to his right form by the time the season starts up all isnt lost with Cushing. but Merriman’s done

  27. Like everyone else has already said here: ‘roids.
    You don’t lose a step at 26, for Christ’s sake.

  28. Knee injuries take time to heal. Just because he is playing doesn’t mean he is back to form. Some people are ignorant on steriods. They don’t make you superman. The guy was a beast and will again be a force once he fully recovers. So, let me ask this all you people who say it’s steriods? What abouot Tom Brady? Kevin Curtis? They all performed poorly when they first return from an injury. Don’t get wrong I am no fan of Merriman the man, but I like Merriman the player. Based on what 80% of what you people wrote Brady was on steriods too.. Wow.

  29. It’s almost like a broken record the way the same responses keep coming up. Perhaps the later posters aren’t reading the earlier posts…

  30. Guess LT won’t be crying over anyone doing the Merriman dance any more. A classless player from a classless team.
    I always LMAO at the memory of Ellis Hobbs mocking the Merriman dance after the Pats beat them in a playoff game. LT crying his eyes out about the Pats being classless because of what Hobbs did, meanwhile the Pats had zero players arrested that year and the Chargers had 9 I believe arrested for everything from spousal abuse, dui and shipping components of street drugs to Texas.
    That and the fact that Merriman was busy being an asshat the week before the game out in clubs partying and getting fans to chant “kill Tom Brady” instead of studying his game plan and focusing on what might have won.
    Hopefully he’ll be out of the league soon and we’ll never have to hear about this classless a-hole again.

  31. This is why Florio’s spewing was so ludicrous. He’s worth more in SD as is, than he is leaving.
    It’s nice when y’all contradict each other.

  32. Merriman needed performance enhancing tumors, like my boy Cushing.
    Cushing rules.
    Go Texans.

  33. “before his knee surgery”
    Hahahahahahaah that is hilarious. Why can’t you call it for what it is? SINCE HE WAS CAUGHT USING STEROIDS!

  34. haha….everybody knows he ain’t sh*t without the juice.
    “You got the juice now Grandma”

  35. After serving his 4 game suspension, Merriman had 17 sacks in 12 games. In 2007 he had 12.5 sacks in 14 games. His knee was injured in week 14 of the 2007 season against the Titans. He lost the 2008 season to the injury and the knee wqas not a 100% for the 2009 season. Anyone that has had to recover from reconstructuve knee surgery knows it takes a lot of time to get to 100%.
    While I’m a Charger fan, I could care less if Merriman is on the team or not. I just can’t believe the stupidity of most of the comments I’m reading. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your distorted beliefs I guess.

  36. If the Broncos couldn’t get a 1st for Marshall, then the Bolts have no chance of getting a 1st for Merriman.
    So they intend to keep him.

  37. 2005 – 10 Games, 10 Sacks, 43 Tackles, 2 Forced Fumbles, 0 INT
    2006 – 12 Games, 17 Sacks, 49 Tackles, 4 Forced Fumbles, 1 INT
    2006 – October tested positive. Missed four game sin November. Had 8 Sacks in 5 games AFTER returning from the suspension.
    2007 – 15 games, 12.5 Sacks, 54 Tackles, 2 Forced Fumbles, 0 INT
    2007 – AFTER the suspension.
    2007 – December 9 – Titans ‘HIT’ and cheap shot Merriman’s knee resulting in torn ACL ligament.
    2008 & 2009 – 15 Games, 4 Sacks, 26 Tackles, 0 Forced Fumbles, 0 INT
    Clearly his decline was a result of the vicious cheap shot of the Titans and has little to do with anything else.
    But, it’s a lot easier to be a hateful lemming (My new band name) than to do the research. Luckily, I did. Now I fully expect all of the hating to stop immediately.
    Uh huh.

  38. People forget that it takes about 6 months for the appeals process to take into effect. That placed Merriman’s failed test in the middle of mini camp.
    He passed every test afterwards and WHEN THE SEASON came up he had 19 sacks in 13 games. He received the cheap shot by the Titans and was never the same. His 19 sack season has nothing to do with steroids.

  39. So lets play guess who and see what people think…who is this guy…
    undrafted rookie…
    2 yrs on practice squad…then released
    went to another NFL team, released
    Played NFL Europe
    5 years after joining the league he makes a probowl
    Oh and he’s only 6ft at linebacker, and clearly overly muscular…
    Oh and if you know where I am going with this one, history of anger management problems (charged with assault on his girlfriend…nice guy)
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the 2008 defensive player of the year…and interestingly never convicted of drugs despite a remarkably Barry Bonds type rise from nowhere and clearly questionable body type…James Harrison!
    I have never seen a more obvious case, and yet people seem to have that head in the sand, guilty until proven innocent mindset…really in this day and age…post Ben Johnson…wake up people…

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