Bears sign rookie tackle Webb

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears have signed seventh-round pick J’Marcus Webb to a four-year contract.

Financial terms weren’t disclosed.  Webb becomes the second rookie drafted in April to sign a contract.  Texans sixth-round pick Trindon Holliday put pen to paper on a four-year deal late last week.
Webb appeared in 12 games (0 starts) for the Texas Longhorns as a true freshman in 2006.  He’d transfer to community college, and ultimately landed in the Division-II ranks at West Texas A&M.
Webb took over as the Buffaloes’ starting left tackle as a junior, protecting Rams 2009 sixth-round pick Keith Null’s blind side.  Last season, Webb was honored as an Associated Press third-team Little All-American, which awards players from Division II, Division III, and NAIA.
West Texas A&M uses a shotgun-heavy spread offense.  Also factoring in the relatively weak competition Webb has faced and his draft status, the 22-year-old may be headed for Chicago’s practice squad this season.

13 responses to “Bears sign rookie tackle Webb

  1. Last season, Webb was honored as an Associated Press third-team Little All-American, which awards players from Division II, Division III, and NAIA.
    Wow, what a vaguely insulting name for a small school award. Are Happy Meals and juice boxes served at the end-of-year awards banquet?

  2. Thank God! I wasn’t sure if we would hold out or not. This changes everything for the Bears.

  3. He’s a former four-star prospect with a lot of talent, but of course his toughest opponents faced were in his freshman season. If he gets some good coaching, he could really pay off in a big way, but I’m not sure Chicago has the staff.

  4. Bears have finally soildify their offensive line!!! They’re going to the Superbowl now.

  5. So if Flo is going to blog about every draft choice signing a contract, that would be about 240 posts, almost of all of which are not newsworthy.

  6. I don’t really see why this made PFT honestly. I’m even a Bears fan and I don’t give a crap so I really doubt anyone else would.

  7. Slow news day. Very slow. I hate the offseason so much. Wake me up in September, I’m gonna go drink myself into a coma.

  8. If we could pick up Smiley, we’d be set, don’t sleep on us this season, we could do some damage.
    Go Bears.

  9. @dustindmw
    I know it’s not BIG news, but if you seriously “don’t give a crap”, how do you call yourself a Bears fan?

  10. Why should I care about news regarding a player who will probably be relegated to the practice squad all year and probably cut outright before next season?
    He’s a Bear, but honestly, do you ever believe that this kid is ever gonna make the field? Doubt he would have xfered from a top college football program to division 2 if that was the case.
    You asked.

  11. Great, now the other JaMarcus should also sign as an offensive lineman. He’s certainly no QB.

  12. First, I care.
    Second, the guy broke Mike Tice’s tooth on the tackling sled, and now Tice will be coaching him (so, yes, the Bears “have the staff”).
    Third, he’s 6 foot 8 and 335 lbs.
    Fourth, Bears can use all the help on the o-line they can get.
    Finally, the Bears are ANNUALLY one of the first (if not the first) teams to get ALL their draft picks signed. They like to get out ahead of the market and lock up their players early–it’s a smart financial move. Also good for players, agents, and coaches.

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