Will Allen willing to move to free safety

Dolphins defensive back Will Allen has vowed to be in the starting lineup when the 2010 season begins.

To make good on that promise, he’s willing to move to a new position.  Youngsters Vontae Davis and Sean Smith could have the inside track at the position Allen plays, and that he prompted talk that he could move to free safety.
I just like playing football, man,” Allen said Sunday night regarding whether he’d make the shift, per Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “Whatever it is, I like playing football, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”
Allen also said that his surgically-repaired ACL is healed.
“I think I’m right where I need to be,” Allen said.  “I’ll be ready to go when the time comes.  I’m going to try and do a little bit.  We’ll see what happens. . . .  I feel good.  You can line up against me right now.  We’ll see what happens.”
The answer to that question depends on who the “you” is.

17 responses to “Will Allen willing to move to free safety

  1. Who’s Allen Willing and somebody hit the “will'” button right away.
    Let’s tighten this sh*t up, PFT!!!

  2. Of course he is willing to move he just wants to keep his roster spot because there isn’t a big market for 31 year old cornerbacks with hands of stone coming off a torn ACL.

  3. Good bc thats where he’s gonna have to play Smith and Davis are going to be a ridiculously good tandem and Allen’s place is going to have to be elsewhere. not to mention the fact the Fins have absolutely no one ready to play, Reshad Jones will definitely not be able to play despite him saying his goal is to start

  4. its good to hear this from an athlete every now and again instead of bitchin and moaning that they don’t wanna play that position Albert *Cough* Fat Ass *cough* Hainsworth *cough*…

  5. Dude should go to the Albert Haynesworth School of Whining so he can learn how to be a true professional.

  6. I highly doubt this happens. Will Allen will be the Nickle corner. I don’t think Sporano wants to go into the season relying on Jason Allen as the #3 CB.
    Plus we have 3 young guys competing for the FS job, there is no reason to to throw a 31 year old who has never played the position before into the mix

  7. If you don’t know who Will Allen, the cornerback for the Miami Dolphins, is, then you shouldn’t be on this site talking to people about football. You should be getting out your Crayola’s out and coloring.

  8. @Tim, you mean the same Will Allen who when I click on his name lists him playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers? Enjoy naptime, dummy.

  9. “If you don’t know who Will Allen, the cornerback for the Miami Dolphins, is, then you shouldn’t be on this site talking to people about football.”
    So Nick, go ahead, entertain us with you’re enlightening excuse on what does you clicking on PFT’s link has to do with the above quote? Just the fact that you clicked on it, to find out who this guy is, tells me you belong on the short bus.

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