Andre Johnson isn't happy with his contract

So I spent a chunk of my weekend poring through NFLPA contract data, looking for the most underpaid and overpaid players at each position for an article in the upcoming PFT magazine. 

When I looked at the Texans’ contracts, I wrote down Andre Johnson’s name as a candidate to make the underpaid list.  $5.8 million is a lot of cash, but it’s pretty reasonable for the best receiver in football.  (We’ll give him a slight edge over Larry Fitzgerald.)

It looks like Johnson and his agent (his uncle Andre Melton) agree with our underpaid assessment.  The Texans receiver skipped Houston’s OTA Monday because of displeasure with his contract, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle

Being underpaid and having grounds to get a new deal are not the same thing. AJ has a major problem.  He has five (5!) years left on a eight year, $60 million contract he signed in 2007. 

Johnson is a special player, and perhaps he’ll be afforded special consideration.  But the Texans have to feel very uncomfortable with this news.

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  1. I actually thought he was underpaid after researching contracts myself 7 1/2 weeks ago so i’d like to take credit for researching and knowing this fact first and that his agent actually agrees with ME.

  2. Why? Teams routinely get upset with contracts they sign and they just release a player or force him to restructure it. It’s a two way street, not a one way.

  3. These players are ridiculous. . . . 5.8 million isn’t enough, even after your bonus. Why, just because another guy equally as talented got a few million more.

  4. This guy deserves to be paid, never complains, works hard. He is for sure the best receiver in football.

  5. Hey Andre, don’t sign such a long term contract next time. OR force a trade to the ‘Skins and “we” will pay you. I’m sure I speak for other fans…love to have ya.

  6. That is absolutely discusting. What is the deal with these players? I can’t deny that he is an amazing receiver, and worth more, but why would you sign a 8 year contract if in two years you are going to regress from it? Just don’t get it.

  7. Seeing he is in his 3rd year of contract I feel he needs to honor the contract. But this guy is is Megatron South 5.9 million in the greater scheme of the NFL is well peanuts. When you consider Roy Williams makes 13 million for keeping his hands on butter popcorn you see the slight!

  8. He is one of the three best, and should be paid top WR money right there with Fitz, however, he signed a contract, and he should honor it.

  9. Maybe his uncle (I mean agent) should learn that you don’t sign an 8 year contract. Yeah he’s underpaid compared to other high profile receivers, but that’s the nature of the beast. There will always be someone new coming along to make more.

  10. Pay him whatever he wants!
    Please god don’t let Andre go! He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the Texans, so don’t be a cheapass, McNair! He’s the best WR in football, make him happy! Without him, our offense doesn’t create mismatches the way we need it to. Marshall and Fitzgerald make more and aren’t as good. figure it out.

  11. Pay the man! He’s one of the top 5 WR’s in the NFL. And to think the Lions took Charles Rogers over him…. Stupid Matt Millen

  12. On behalf of the American public who has suffered much during this most recent recession, and the past decades Lost Decade, we kindly ask you to “Suck it up”. (If asking kindly doesn’t work, we’ll hurl obscenities)

  13. AJ is just trying to get as much as he can while he can. Wouldn’t anybody in his position do it?

  14. the earliest you should be able to reneg a contract is with one year left.
    keep control of these over paid raytards

  15. Tell me something. Why don’t these playeres have it written into their contracts that they be at least NLT (no lower than the 10th best payed at their position). You can write anything into contracts can’t you? I believe Peyton has something like that written into his. A clause like that would keep you from looking like a baby.
    If you don’t want to be underpaid and you want market value when the market changes every year…DON’T SIGN A LONG TERM DEAL. Mark McGuire said this a few years back…maybe a lil more than a few. You signed a contract. I know the deal is one sided and your team can cut you at any moment but THAT part of it is what it is. He got a contract that averaged a little more than 7 million per.
    You want to keep up with the market? Sign a 3 year deal and renegotiate after two. That way you always keep up with the ever changing market. You signed that long term deal that looked good at the time for security. Now…three years later the market significantly changed and you have 5 years left on the deal. Nobody is renegotiating with you.
    This ain’t a Josh Cribbs situation. They didn’t sign you to a 8 year 14 million deal that now seems like 31st pick in the first round minumum wage. This is a deal that at the time was one of the tops in your position. And you signed it smiling. To renegotiate with you sets a bad president because you are not like Josh Cribbs. They didn’t sign you to a long-term lowball deal before you got hot. Then you got hot and outperformed your deal. No. You signed an 8 year deal, and, folks don’t renegotiate until maybe 1-2 years before a contract expires. So…stay thirsty, my friends.

  16. Ah.. Now we can stop the “Andre is superstar wr who never complains” – talk.

  17. Andre Johnson is a top 3 receiver. He should get paid like one. He’s pretty much the Texans offense. If a team signs you to a 5 year contract, and after 4 years they feel like ur not worth it, they cut ur ass, trade you or force you to restructure.
    The players have the exact same right to do the same damn thing. Sometimes, you just need to stick it to them. Especially if ur as good a player as Johnson.

  18. This is getting old.. While in Chris Johnson’s case I feel he’s extremely underpaid… However it seems where getting in to a situation where if a player has a break out season or a really good one at that they are all beginning to demand new contracts.. The league would be wise to brush this off as if they can’t hear these guys and make them play for what they signed for..

  19. i agree with jsbeck,now he just signed a 60 mill 8 year deal and back then that was alot,now that more wrs are making more than him he wants to whine,sorry,maybe you shouldnt sign a contract and then want to get out less than half way through it,i think any contract should not be able to be renegd until one year left,that would solve alot of this mess

  20. “AJ is just trying to get as much as he can while he can. Wouldn’t anybody in his position do it?”
    This isnt his rookie contract, he wants an extension after his extension. And in 2 years he’ll want another extension if he gets this one.
    Don’t hire you’re family member next time, get a real agent, who actually knows what he’s doing.

  21. AJ is a beast on the field but a choir boy off of it. I can say I’m pretty close to 100% sure this guy has given the Texans less problems since he has been in the NFL then most WRs give their team in their rookie year!! So I say do what you can to make it happen and keep him in Houston. At the same time AJ come to the OTAs and talk to the team.

  22. What was his signing bonus? Or as Florio likes to remind people, his advance compensation? If players want to maximize their worth, they need to go with 1-year contracts and accept the risk of injury.

  23. Noone made him sign the contract in 2007. He took the money now he needs to STFU and play and not let the greed factor override everything else.
    So tired of these greedy, overpaid pricks whining about how badly treated they are. Johnson should go spend a week at a regular job and see how he likes that before he complains about making almost 6 mil in one year the scumbag.

  24. Contracts is sports are all trash. I say go year by year for all contracts. If you have a bad year, you don’t get paid the next. If you have a good year, try out the teams and get what you get. One Year Contracts are the way to go.
    Owners can cut a guy and there are stipulations in contracts that allow owners to not pay people.
    Players are always complaining because yesterdays dollar is not the same as todays dollar.

  25. This is always going to be a problem as long as contracts are not guaranteed. If the owners can cut a player after they “underperform” a player is going to want a new contract after they think they’ve overperformed. But I think AJ’s hands are tied here, with as many years are remaining on his contract. Unless they Titans really want to go out of there way to try and keep him happy.

  26. The Texans DID make him a generous offer and he signed the contract. So, what’s he bitching about now? Agreed with other rationale posters who said that he should have hired a real agent.

  27. AJ has been a consistently top 3 receiver for years and has been an angel off the field. He’s also the face of the team to any self-respecting football fan. The team can dig in its heels if it wants, but, as long as he isn’t looking to renegotiate a market style contract right now (where’d be get paid 7 digits easy) the team should give a little. It’s in everyone’s interests.

  28. People like you, Florio and Gregg, are whats wrong with sports… 5.8 Mil is underpayed? What in the hell? I’d give my left leg to get payed 5.8 Mil a year… Way to perpetuate an incredibly over-inflated pay scheme guys.

  29. Since little is guaranteed, I get why players want to be paid when they can…and in Andre’s case….he deserves top dollar.
    He has a bit of an attitude that shines through during big interview pieces so the Texans would be better served paying him rather than dragging this out as he WILL make it a public, bitter battle

  30. The problem is he signed too long of an extension. A football player should never be signing a deal for that many years. Teams can cut a player at any team for lousy performance, and he set himself up to get locked into a situation where he may one day outplay deal, which he did.
    I dont really blame him for being unhappy but I think the finger pointing should start with his agent for negotiating a deal that long

  31. “That’s what you get for hiring your uncle to be your agent.”
    I hear Master P is available. That guy’s a helluva negotiator. Just ask Ricky.

  32. The big problem is that a short term deal doesn’t always yield big money and most teams won’t fork over the big bucks unless they can get the guy under contract for 5 or more years. Then they have the balls to tell the guy “Now, be sure that this is what you want because we won’t renegotiate it” and yet, they make it clear that he won’t get as much money if he signs for fewer years. THEN when a guy does complain, they take the high road BUT when he underperforms or they need cap space and he won’t renegotiate his deal, they cut him and yet, the media and fans will call for HIM to honor his contract but they don’t say the same thing about the team.

  33. Pay the man…”Rick”
    Houston’s GM didn’t want to pay Dunta, neither would I for that matter, but he better pay the “Beast” named Andre
    This guy is THE best WR in the none!!!

  34. “Andre Johnson is a top 3 receiver. He should get paid like one.”
    That’s nice, Homer, but why did he sign the contract if it was so bad? I don’t remember anyone holding a gun to his head. He was the #3 overall pick so he made a mint on his rookie contract. It’s not like he was an UFA and had to take what they offered.
    Then, he signs an extension after several seasons of being an All Pro and Pro Bowler. Excuse me if I don’t have any sympathy for him wanting a new contract. Maybe he shouldn’t have had Uncle Joe representing him at the table.
    The Texans don’t have much to worry about. He’ll be almost 35 when this contract expires. What is their motivation to re-do an already decent contract (for the player) when he’ll be at or near retirement age when the contract is up.
    “He is Top 1…No one is better….”
    Get real. Top 5 maybe but not the best.

  35. Johnson is the fool who signed an 8 year contract, which is largely unheard of for multiple reasons — players doesn’t want to lose out on inflating salaries and teams don’t want to risk something happening to the player well before it expires. It’s a huge risk for both sides.
    Right now, the Texans are getting the better end of the deal and AJ is going to cope.

  36. Calling an NFL contract a contract is like calling socialized health insurance insurance. MISNOMER PEOPLE… THEY’RE NOT REAL CONTRACTS

  37. he wanted an 8 year contract to protect him long term now he wants big $ long term. you can’t have both. He has no leverage for a few more years. my advice – don’t sign 8 year deals

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