Heart disease was the cause of Norman Hand's death

A coroner in South Carolina determined on Monday that heart disease was the cause of death for 10-year NFL veteran Norman Hand, who passed away last week.

Hand had a history of high blood pressure, which led to
hypertension, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

We didn’t know much about Hand before his death, but the outpouring of stories and remembrances over the last few days show that he touched a lot of people in a life filled with joy.

Hand was 37 years old when he passed away.  We send our condolences to his family.

20 responses to “Heart disease was the cause of Norman Hand's death

  1. “Hand had a history of high blood pressure, which led to hypertension”
    Hypertension IS High Blood Pressure

  2. 37! This poor guy never had this checked? no blood work by an NFL assigned physician? High blood pressure doesn’t just show up one day, his old man had it etc’……take your meds!

  3. I remember Norman when he played for the Hawks . How tragic to have passed away so young . God bless him and his loved ones …

  4. As I said before, football coaches fatten up some linemen to a dangerously unhealthy degree.
    It’s one of football’s tragedies that at some positions, guys are forced to damage their bodies, and jeopardize their long-term health, in order to have a career.
    I’d rather see you crusade about this, Florio, than devote thousands of words to a liar on PEDs.
    For this is NFL-sanctioned early death.

  5. a lot of pro football players especially linemen carry way more weight than is healthy over the long term. There is no good reason to be 300+ after they retire.

  6. only 37? Being that he was a former Seahawk, this is undoubtedly due to massive amounts of steroids.

  7. Thank you metoprolol tartrate.
    Thank you amlodipine.
    Thank you hydrochlorothiazide.
    Thank you simvastatin.
    Thank you Lisinopril.
    These and my other ‘friends’ in pill form don’t guarantee that I won’t drop dead of a stroke or heart attack tomorrow. But they help even the odds that I’ll at least get in my threescore and ten before I kick the bucket.
    If you’re hypertensive, take your damn meds, throw away your salt shaker, and watch your portions. Please.

  8. Salt, Fat, & Processed foods….ALL Processed foods= Heart Disease,Hypertention,Cancer, Stroke……We create our own misery….
    Organic Fruits, Veggies, Whole grains…NO animal fat at all…Fish, LEAN Meat only once or twice a week. Pleanty of clean water 64 ozs per day. Exersize 3 times a week for 1 hr. each time.
    And…All the sex you want…or in some cases all you can get *LOL*
    We also create our own Happiness

  9. Linemen definitely have it rough. You’re talking about guys who, from age 16 – 30 or more (depending on how long their career is) are told to eat two or three times the calories of “normal” men so they can maintain weight. Then, when they can’t play anymore, their source of physical exercise is cut off and they’re left on their own to adjust their eating habits.
    Best wishes to Norman Hand’s family. 37 is far too young.

  10. Heart Disease isn’t something that happens overnight. How did Hand get by so many team physicals without having something like that spotted. I always thought that NFL physicals took into account just about anything you can think of. I think a simple blood test would have pick up on his heart problem.
    Well, as a Giant fan I know he did a good job with the G-Men. He never minded, as some one wrote, “doing the dirty work’ of being a pile pusher. A good, solid, dependable and dedicated player who never complained about what the coaches wanted him to do, and never got in any off-field trouble.
    “Big Ben”, “Pacman” Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress and former Giant legend Lawrence Taylor to name just a few could have learned a thing or two about attitude and professionalism both on-and-off the field from someone like Norman Hand. This guy showed class so well that no one knew about it until he passed.
    God rest his soul. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

  11. Oh…..and not just “fat guys” die from heart disease Paleandpasty!…..You sound like a class act……..NOT!!!!

  12. Anything to make the show better.
    Florio gets his panties moistened over Big Ben, yet all these NFL guys are thrown into a goddamn meatgrinder that kills their bodies, they don’t make nearly enough cash to cover their entire life after football, and nary a peep.
    As it must be.
    We are seeing the movie Rollerball, the good one with James Caan, acted out.

  13. If a player choses to be a O-Lineman–then they chose to be huge. It’s not the NFL’s fault–it’s just the way it is. Imagine a 250 lb O-Lineman–the QB and RB’s would get punished.

  14. Hey Robster – Isn’t your name Chinese for lobster? and I never stated that fat guys only get heart disease, I was just pointing out the irony in a man who was well over 300 pounds died from hear disease. I guess I hit some type of nerve in your life. So I guess your the class act you attacks people on message boards because your a message board tough guy.
    Finally, using the word “not” went out of style about the same time you got your screen name from Rob Schneider. Robster was making copies, the Robinator making copies. Your a tool.

  15. The irony is……..He was 37 years old, a grown man, do you think he wanted or cared about nutritional advice from PFT commenters?…….I highly doubt it, millions of people live a unhealthy lifestyle, and millions die from it…….But all the PFT doctors here are sure as hell going to offer advice…..We got the take the meds advice, the proper diet advice, the checkup advice, do you really think any NFL or ex-NFL player is listening?………..

  16. heart disease and cancer end up killing almost every one of us,flip a coin one of these 2 will almost certainly claim your life

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