NFL Films "optimistic" NFL Matchup show will continue

We have some encouraging news for all the people that have responded to our post this morning about the possible demise of the long-running NFL Matchup show.

“We are having ongoing conversations with ESPN,” an NFL Films spokesperson tells PFT.  “We are optimistic that the show will continue.”

SI’s Peter King wrote that the NFL is no longer looking for sponsors for the show, so it’s up to ESPN to save it.  King wrote ESPN would own and operate the show if it took the challenge.

Giants VP of communications Pat Hanlon put the show’s importance in perspective on Twitter Monday, calling it the best football show on television.  “It’s about the game,” he wrote.

Another NFL Films property, Inside the NFL, was in trouble in 2008 when HBO decided not to renew the show.  But the program landed on Showtime.

Hopefully the story of NFL Matchup has a similarly happy ending.

24 responses to “NFL Films "optimistic" NFL Matchup show will continue

  1. Hpefully they save the show and put it in a REAL timeslot where people can actually watch it.

  2. If ESPN picks it up, won’t it be just another hour of their dopey-looped “coverage”?

  3. It is sad that a show like NFL Matchup might not make it, even though, as the Giants VP said, it is the best football show on tv.
    Plus it comes on at like 6:00am or maybe even earlier.
    I’d rather what that show than some crap like SportsNation or Around the Horn.

  4. I love this show, its a show for former players, or current players, who actually pay attention to the game. I just wish I didnt have to stay up til 1:ooam to watch, but it is by far my favorite show. Its also a show that can teach alot as well, my friend who is a high school coach uses alot of Jaws breakdowns to show to his players, so to me this has to stay on the air!!!

  5. The NFL will continue to prosper in spite of themselves. It seems like the people running the NFL are not football people but instead are inept media morons.

  6. Sounds like a cool show… why is this the first I’m hearing of it? Oh yeah, because it airs at 3 am.

  7. I would like to see this show expanded to 1 hr and made a replacement for “NFL Today” or whatever they call that turd that Trey Wingo hosts.

  8. That sucks that it may be gone. I love that show. It seems the NFL is fostering the less “serious” (more casual) fans with what they are emphasizing lately and this is a result.

  9. Best NFL-related show ever.
    It honestly would do fine in a real time-slot, I think there are more people interested in football strategy than ESPN may think.
    Unlike 95% of ESPN’s NFL programming, it actually contains non-cliché analysis and with coaches’ film you actually get a sense of how teams gameplan and the like.
    Whether you enjoy that or just like Jaws and his hilarious way of speaking, it’s worth watching.

  10. Most of ESPN is junk nowdays, the were once a Great network, Now they just want to be TMZ. I would rather watch the NFL network.

  11. Doesn’t matter… was a great show, but NFLN has the same kind of thing…

  12. You want the show with Merril Hoge saying “Randy Moss played his best game without touching the football” when he dogged it against the Panthers????
    Let’s just watch ‘Playbook’ on NFL Network.
    Mike Mayock, Brian Billick, Solomon Wilcots, and Brian Baldinger make IT IS SO MUCH BETTER than NFL Matchup!!!!

  13. Can’t there be even one segment worth being kept on even without a sponsor? Something the fans really enjoy and is always informative? The
    “NFL Matchup Show” is certainly worth keeping on sponsor or no. It’s a great show! I never pay any attention to the sponsor or the commercials anyway. Who cares if, for example, there is a new multi-bladed razor out on the market now? Gee! If my shave got any closer now I’d be losing the top layer of my skin off my face.
    If ESPN doesn’t want this great piece of football programing then I hope it lands somewhere else but keeps the same format.

  14. The biggest problem I have with this show is the timeslot. Not the lateness of the hour, but the fact that it seemed to get bumped to a later start time 2 or 3 weeks out of every month!
    I understand that ESPN is a “live” network with games that are broadcast with no certain time when the event will end, but NFL MATCHUP seemed to always end up sandwiched between College football games.
    ESPN should do these things to help save the show:
    1. Show NFL MATCHUP on ESPN 2 and give it at least 1 PERMANENT time slot every weekend.
    2. Have more realistic time slots for football games. They presently alot 3 hours per game. How many games EVER end in 3 hours? Give all games a 4 hour time slot (and that goes for Baseball, Basketball etc). If it ends early, just fill it out with Sportscenter, wrap up shows etc. This way all the shows like NFL MATCHUP wouldn’t get bumped all that often.
    3. Show NFL MATCHUP multiple times on multiple ESPN networks so folks can have a better chance of finding it.

  15. Tinbender:
    Couldn’t agree with your comment more. The NFL powers that be are not concerned with the fan or, I sometimes believe, even with the game itself. To those in charge it comes down to what things like this always seem to come down to:
    I’m sure no one here is surprised by that.

  16. I wish I had NFL Network, I’d definitely check out the “Playbook” show, sounds very similar to “Matchup”. The worst thing that could happen to Matchup is if they put it on during pregame coverage and let Chris Berman host it.
    Why is that guy still on tv again? His act was funny for a few years, but it stopped being funny a long time ago.

  17. keep that show!!! DUMP Football Night in America, now that show sucks!!!

  18. Get rid of Sports reporters and put this there on Sunday mornings. That show is a snoozefest.
    I love it when Jaws breaks down the film.

  19. JoeStemme has a couple of good options for NFL Matchup, which I applaud. Let me add a few more to your ideas:
    1. Have NFL Matchup on 8 or 9 AM CDT on ESPN. Seriously, the only thing on at this point is a repeat of what happened in NCAA Football the previous day. Usually, there are Sportscenter repeats that happen in this timeslot. As for OTL, move it to ESPN2 instead of NFL Matchup. The quality of this show should have it placed in the line-up on the flagship station of the network.
    2. Feature NFL Matchup full episodes on and create an archive for them. That’s easy enough. Plenty of internet videos already at their website already. This is an easy way for ESPN to hedge some competition against and NFLN.
    3. If ESPN doesn’t want it, give it to NBC? They have NOTHING going on until SNF starts. Let them have an 1-hour show before during all of the pre-game shows. Maybe this will be a catalyst for everyone to step their game up (assuming that NBC doesn’t ruin the program).

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