Texans G.M. plans to meet with Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson’s hope for more money when he has five years left on his contract sounds like a Hail Mary, but Texans G.M. Rick Smith didn’t dismiss it out of hand Monday.

Smith told the Houston Chronicle that he plans to meet with Johnson soon and has been in contact with the four-time Pro Bowler.

We’ve got conflicting feelings on this story.

In one sense, Johnson just signed the contract in 2007.  His uncle is his agent, and this could be a cautionary tale for other players that want to mix business and family.

On the other hand, Johnson is a truly great player.  When a player is due $3 million in salary and he’s only worth $1.5 million, the player gets fired.  No one minds that.

Johnson, who is due $5.8 million, is worth more than that.  He’s everything the Texans look for in a player. 

It’s important to note Johnson hasn’t violated his contract by skipping OTAs, which are voluntary.  We don’t see any problem with Johnson asking for consideration without breaking any rules.

20 responses to “Texans G.M. plans to meet with Andre Johnson

  1. Texans will make him happy. This is a playoffs or bust year for that team and the coach. No need to kill your season before it even starts.

  2. As long as he doesn’t break any rules…
    Many people feel underpaid, even going to basic jobs. Don’t agree to something if you want to be paid more. An 8 year deal? If he didn’t do the math for how much he would be making, who’s fault is that?
    He is no doubt among the best but it’d be nice to see a little common sense go with the talent.

  3. I would like to see more players like Johnson get rewarded for not being a pain… or for disrupting the team for their personal gain. Too often, I think, the squeaky wheel gets the grease… and the stand up guys get paid less than some of the guys that don’t add as much value.
    He’s a beast – pay the man.

  4. andre johnson puts butts in the seats,but wait at least until his contract is half way up,this is crazy

  5. To Opie:
    A.J. will never be compared to T.O. and if you have to ask why then you don’t know A.J.
    AJ is a beast on the field but a choir boy off of it. I can say I’m pretty close to 100% sure this guy has given the Texans less problems since he has been in the NFL then most WRs give their team in their rookie year!! So I say do what you can to make it happen and keep him in Houston. At the same time AJ come to the OTAs and talk to the team.

  6. Do your job Rosenthal….. You said his deal was 8yr/60m, which averages 7.5 a year. You said he’s getting 5.8m this year.
    So, is the deal front or back loaded.
    If it’s back loaded, he’s should get a new deal.
    If he was handed 15m-20m upfront in ’07, he should probably shut up. No body forced him to sign a 8 year deal.

  7. Rosenthal wrote: ‘When a player is due $3 million in salary and he’s only worth $1.5 million, the player gets fired. No one minds that. Johnson, who is due $5.8 million, is worth more than that.’
    You seem to have conveniently overlooked the fact that Johnson has already banked $15 million in guaranteed money as a signing bonus. If he had suffered a career-ending training camp injury in 2007, the Texans would still have been on the hook for that money.
    It’s all very well saying ‘Johnson is worth more than $5.8 million’, but he signed that contract and the Texans paid him $15 million guaranteed. You can’t turn round three years later and complain about an annual salary when you were perfectly happy to take all that money upfront to sign the initial contract.

  8. He is a great player and he keeps his mouth shut unlike some of the other top wr’s. He is the best wr imo so if he wants the money he deserves he should get it and I think Smith thinks the same.

  9. What kind of signing bonus did he get when he signed the contract in 2007? That’s part of the deal here.
    You can’t just look at his payout this year without prorating the signing bonus.

  10. Calvin Johnson is the best reciever in the NFL and noone else is even close. He’ll put up unprecedented numbers this season to prove it.

  11. Andre did a dumb thing by letting his uncle negotiate his contract…and the owner has him by the short hairs in that regard. However…if he’s not the best WR in the league, he’s close…and how smart (or dumb) would an owner be to be inflexible on this? The guy is a solid citizen…a pro in every sense of the word…a locker room asset, etc. I’d probably want to keep a guy like that happy…but if you redo it for him, the door winds up being opened wide by others. The Texans…even though they are holding the cards on Johnson…are in a tough spot.

  12. Long term contracts are a fraud in the NFL anyways. Players do them so they can get a bigger upfront piece, Teams do them so they can spread the contract value out over a longer period. But the truth is everyone in the NFL is on a year-to-year contract and should have the right to renegotiate every season if they feel they deserve more money. If the deal was front loaded, Houston won’t give him another big upfront bonus, they’ll just up his year-to-year pay.
    You can’t take the high road in this type of situation and say, “Well he signed that deal and he should play it out” — in baseball, basketball, yes, those are guaranteed contracts and should be honored by the player because the teams must honor them. In the NFL you stop producing, you are on the street and the contract is erased — so players should have all rights to ask for a raise if they feel they deserve it.

  13. He deserves more but he should not have signed such a long term deal. when he signed it in 2007 he was not the best WR in the game, Moss, T.O, Fitzgerald were all considered better than him, 2 years later he IS the best and wants to get like it but has 5 years left on his contract.
    hopefully we can restructure it and get him more money sooner rather than later because he is the best player on our team and maybe even in the league.
    funny how much better AJ is when he finally got a QB… David Carr being so bad messed with a lot of careers.

  14. 60 million in 8 years for playing footbal and he’s not satisfied? The greed is insane.
    How many ferrari’s is enough.

  15. This guy is a freak of nature, and by FAR the best WR in the league.

  16. Tony Snow says:
    May 17, 2010 3:59 PM
    Uh, dont you have to win something first!?!? Like a playoff game!?!?
    not when you have put up the WR numbers he has since he came into the league.

  17. Houston should sign T.O. to go along w/ Johnson, that would be AWESOME and unstoppable

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