After Manning deal, Irsay hopes Colts have enough money left

Prior to the Super Bowl, Colts owner Jim Irsay said that he expected to re-do Peyton Manning’s contract this offseason and make his quarterback the highest-paid player in NFL history.

Irsay isn’t backing off those comments, but he does say he’s mindful of the importance of having enough money left over for the rest of the roster.

“You have to be careful with all of your signings to make sure you have enough money to spread around to all of the players,” Irsay said, per the Indianapolis Star. “You look at guys like Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon. These are guys you’re going to want to keep down the road. You’ve got to make sure you’re able to do that.”

Manning is one of 19 Colts whose current deals expire after the 2010 season. So it’s safe to say that several players in the Colts’ locker room will be watching closely to see how much money Irsay has to spread around to all of the players.

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  1. Generously, Peyton has offered to feed the rest of the team and house them in his garage.

  2. I would think Peyton is smart enough to realize that another Trophy or two would be enough to cement him as possibly the best of all time, and INCREASE his lifetime earnings potential…thus giving some up to those that can make that possible seems like a no brainer.

  3. Everone talks about why McNabb hasn’t gotten a new contract in D.C. yet. I think his agant is waiting for Brees and Manning to set new highs before getting a deal done. Not that McNabb would pass it, just raise the bar.

  4. Just give the great Manning all the money and let your other good players go. Then maybe Manning will get beat around and see his rating drop. Then maybe he won’t have to be the highest paid player in history. Its never enouph for these greed bags!

  5. Give him a five or six year extension now, but load about 30% of the money up front in this year. That way the Colts lock him up but keep future cap considerations under control.
    Can’t take that approach (up front cash guarantees) with everyone, but for big deal guys like Manning it makes sense (to me).

  6. they will give him a HUGE chunk this next season, and a much smaller amount over the next X number of years, that way they can spread more around, and still make good on their boast

  7. Dear Mr. Irsay,
    Pay Collie and Garcon before you re-do Manning’s deal. Without them he’d be nothing.
    Brandon Stokely

  8. I just don’t get Peyton Manning. He’s already made more money than he can ever spend in his lifetime, and yet he is still going to handicap his team and his future Super Bowl chances just for the apparent ego boost of being the highest paid player in the league. And he still will shill anything and everything for even more endorsement money.
    I understand, to an extent, that there’s an obligation to the player’s union to get max dollars to keep the salaries climbing, but really, he can’t take $15 million a year instead of $20 million to help keep a veteran player on the team or flexibility to sign a couple FAs?

  9. Let me preface my remarks by saying I have been a Colts fan for 45-plus years. With that being said, if Irsay is stupid enough to back up the Brinks truck for Peyton, I guess we Colts fans get what we deserve. I hold out hope that Manning will take a little “less” – “less” being a relative term when you are talking about $15 million or $20 million a year for a guy who approaches $30 million a year or more right now from football and endorsements – so the team will have enough to sign other key players. Let’s see how Peyton handles this.

  10. robert ethen says: May 18, 2010 1:08 PM
    Dude… WTF is it with you?
    Is this all you do all day? Hang around posting these stupid, unfunny one-liners to every single article that gets posted here? You seem to be the first post on most artcles, then you hang around and post 5 or 6 more juvenile replies before you move on to the next one, and you’re usually just talking to yourself.
    Are you feeling OK?

  11. On the bright side, if it doesn’t work out they have a really expensive shoe horn.

  12. Irsay is going to give Peyton a little more cash per year than what he’s earning now, but I expect there to be a huge increase in the amount of oats and carrots that they feed him [gotta keep that coat shiny]. I also heard that Peyton is going to funnel some of the proceeds he takes from his second job showing movies on his forehead at the local Indy theater–to help with the salaries of the other asshole Colts.

  13. If Peyton had taken a little less money they would have won the Super Bowl last year.
    True story.

  14. Manning should just take a 15m per yr contract rather than try to break the record books & get the Colts to spend on a replacement for Saturday

  15. This is business. You take care of your core player. In this case, Manning is that Core player. He’s gonna get paid big time…..Again. Manning could probably play the rest of his career for free and still have enough money to survive for many life times. But this again is business.

  16. No one in the history of the NFL has done less with more than Peyton Manning. Oh wait I forgot about Dan Marino. At least Manning got his Super Bowl ring. Oh and Brett Favre. lol.

  17. dabarber says:
    May 18, 2010 2:04 PM
    If Peyton had taken a little less money they would have won the Super Bowl last year.
    True story.
    I am sure you are joking, but I don’t think it’re realistic to expect that you can have one guy with a cap hit of 21 large (like his was last year) and expect to be a well balanced team. The Colts defense has been underrated and overcriticized for years and their O has been overpraised and undercriticized.

  18. If one is thinking rationally about the cap- A team could pay Manning the going rate for a starting QB of 10 million a year, and then also add the salary that a normal team would give to their star receiver maybe 7-8 million a year more.
    Manning makes the receivers great- there is no reason to pay any receiver decent money on the colts because they literally can bring in a 7th round draft pick and manning makes them look like marvin harrison in his prime.
    And I also understand the choke argument- i think the problem is that Manning shoulders waaaaay too much responsibility for play calls. Manning is pretty predictable on the plays that he calls, and other teams can easily scout his tendancies during a ballgame. He needs to have a creative playcaller that he trusts call the game more often to confuse the defense a bit more. The irony is that if Manning listened more to a dynamic offensive coordinator he probably would have 3-4 rings by now

  19. dabarber says: If Peyton had taken a little less money they would have won the Super Bowl last year.
    True story.
    I say: If Marvin Harrison didn’t murder someone the Colts would have won the Super Bowl. Why? Baskett was on this team because Marvin “retired”, but we know it was all about the PR hit from hitting a suspected murder. If Harrison was on the team Austin Collie or Pierre Garcon, would have fielded that onside halftime kick better than Baskett.

  20. This article and these comments are irresponsible. Why do the best players at their positions command the best salaries at their positions? You don’t ever really think about that. Beyond self-serving interests, it’s an obligation to the NFLPA.
    Do you honestly believe the NFLPA would let Manning sign for 5 years/$75 million? 4 years/$50 million? Think about it. Their whole pay structure, every player in the NFL’s salary, is structured by measuring contracts against each other. Thus, in their models, the Mannings and Bradys of this league need to have the biggest contracts so that players of comparable skill can be measured against them. The NFLPA *needs* Manning to set the contract bar, for contract negotiation purposes. Then, when Brees’ contract is up, or Schaub’s, etc., they can be measured against that precedent. Same way Julius Peppers’ deal was measured against Dwight Freeney’s.
    I know it’s easy for PFT to just throw around their blind Manning slights and the masses of PFT to not consider any of the ramifications of these stories beyond the headlines, but the fact of the matter is, it’s not a personal effort when it comes to contract negotiation. It’s a collective effort. If Manning played for a ridiculously low cap number, it would screw up all future negotiations. Can you imagine Brees’ contract coming to an end in this scenario where Manning re-negotiates for $50 million? Of course he’ll say his market value is more than that, but teams will hold that (arguably, could have probably selected a better player for this) “Manning only makes $50M, you are not a better player than Manning [again arguable], therefore in spite of your market value, you should make less than $50M.”
    If you all don’t realize this is the way business works in the NFL, and that extends to PFT writers, then you just can’t see this game beyond a surface level.

  21. Are all you people calling him greedy forgetting one simple fact? He’s putting people into those seats and getting his owner a crapload of $$$. You think JaCracus Russell was doing that for the Raiders when he made $40 mill off of them?
    Manning made Irsay his money, now IRsay is paying back the favor.

  22. /
    They are gonna trade him for 2 first round picks from Denver + a later conditional pick & the rights to Tebow’s and McDaniels’ man child….
    of course McDaniels catches

  23. @Reptar
    I appreciate that you looked at the issue from another point of view but you are overstating the importance of the NFLPA when signing contracts. I agree with you that the NFLPA would want Manning to sign the biggest contract possible but its not like they have any real power over him if he is willing to take a pay cut. What are they going to do? Kick one of the better players in the league out of the union? Of course it would be better for the rest of the league’s players if Manning signed a huge deal, but I don’t think he cares that much about them, especially compared to how much he wants to win. If the choice is take a pay cut and be a better team, or make more money for the sole purpose of helping out the players in the league which do you think Manning (or any other player) would choose?
    Like I said. I appreciate the way you looked at the problem, I just feel you are highly overstating the influence of the NLFPA on contract issues.

  24. in other breaking news, the sky is blue, scarlett johannson is hot, and Florio likes West Virginia.
    is this really even soemthing new and not common sense?
    gimme a story that says, team to pay QB all their money and have none left over for any other players.

  25. @forever19 – personally as an original colts fan who grew up with Johnny U, Mackey, Moore, etc… I find it hard to believe that you could cheer for the horseshoe. Show your colors…. Either you are from Baltimore and your heart was broken when they left or you’re not a Baltimorean in which case we don’t count you as a real fan of the Baltimore Colts.
    Go all you Baltimore Colts……..

  26. @Reptar:
    I follow your line of reasoning, but I have to disagree. First of all the NFLPA doesn’t have the power to void a player’s contract because it is too low. Secondly, forget for a moment that this is an uncapped year and let’s assume next year we go back to a salary cap (and floor) similar to what the NFL had though 2009. For every dollar a high priced player like Manning does not make, that is that much more money that is available for his teammates. Until the last year or two most every team spent pretty much right up to the cap every year; after the next CBA is worked out I would expect that to be the norm again. Even without a cap teams still have budgets; every dollar (or million dollars) that a team’s highest paid player makes leaves the same amount unavailable for mid-roster guys.

  27. Just offer him a deal that barely makes him the highest paid player and move on
    I doubt Peyton wants to make SO MUCH that he cripples the rest of the team

  28. I think it’s funny how everyone is jumping all over Manning for being greedy. It’s all been Irsay saying he wants to pay Peyton a ton of money. Manning has time and again renegotiated his contracts so that the team had more money to work with to sign other players. Is that the sign of a greedy player? Nope.

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