Another knee surgery for Kellen Winslow

We noted yesterday that Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Kellen Winslow was absent from OTAs, and now we know why: reports that Winslow is recovering from knee surgery.

The 26-year-old Winslow is believed to have had five knee surgeries since 2005, when he missed the entire season because of a serious knee injury suffered in a motorcycle accident. Those surgeries include a reconstructive surgery after he tore his ACL in the motorcycle crash and microfracture surgery in 2007.

According to the report, Winslow’s most recent knee surgery was a minor arthroscopic procedure, likely to clean out scar tissue from previous surgeries.
Tampa Bay head coach Raheem Morris didn’t sound concerned about Winslow’s status.

“Those guys will be here,” Morris said when asked about Winslow and running back Derrick Ward. “Obviously it is voluntary. Ward and Winslow have been around a little bit in the offseason program. We’ve seen them around. They are both working out through injuries – former injuries – getting healthy. I got a feeling you’ll see those guys shortly.”

Winslow led the Bucs in catches (77), yards (884) and touchdowns (five) in 2009.

12 responses to “Another knee surgery for Kellen Winslow

  1. It’s a good thing the Browns traded him to the Bucs. The guy is talented, but has trouble staying healthy and is a primadona at times. He is now the Bucs headache….good riddance.

  2. So I guess the Browns Couldn’t have used 77 catches for 900 yds from the TE spot huh..Um Right…Boy what a real headache he was for us lol Whatever makes you feel better dude

  3. Does he think about that accident everyday of his life? How could you not feel like the biggest ass. You buy the fastest motorcycle in the world, crash it cause you don’t have any experience and then you almost end your football career but youdon’t but you will never be the same player.
    How good would he have been witout the accident?

  4. “How good would he have been witout the accident?”
    Almost as good as he thinks he is.

  5. “tamparays2010 says:
    May 18, 2010 9:25 AM
    So I guess the Browns Couldn’t have used 77 catches for 900 yds from the TE spot huh..Um Right…Boy what a real headache he was for us lol Whatever makes you feel better dude”
    Yes, we can all see how those 77 catches for 900 yards put TB over the top last year. Winslow was TB’s missing link. The soldier is right where he needs to be.

  6. Yes because clearly a good performance on a bad team is indicative of said player being worthless. Using your bastardized logic, what’s the win/loss threshold for determining whether a player is worth having?

  7. I love how Bucs fans throw out last years’ stats like they’re some amazing feat. They might have set the record for your franchise, but stastically, Winslow didn’t even finish in the top-5 at his position.
    This guy’s got mayyybe 4-5 years left before he’s gonna require a cane. Winslow will be out of the league by the time the Bucs are any kind of a threat.
    TERRIBLE contract from the Bucs and I agree with the other guys from a Browns perspective…
    Good Riddance!

  8. Browns fan, you really want to talk about won/loss record and teams being bad? Really? the Bucs have had a Decade of dominance on D down here and got a superbowl out of one of those yrs so…start talking when your team is known for something other than John Elway driving 98 yrds in your house

  9. Seriously,
    CLEVELAND IS A $HIT HOLE WITH TERRIBLE SPORTS TEAMS…..I’m sure you guys won’t miss LeBron when he leaves either…lol…what a joke OHIO SPORTS ARE!!!
    By the way, I just got home from the Rays beating the Indians 6-2…
    Tampa Bay: Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, #1 Team in MLB, Beautiful Beaches and Beautiful Women…
    Cleveland: ….

  10. Well, given last season he had to play for 3 different qb’s, -all of them played terrible if you ask me-, i have to say those are amazing stats even if that doesn’t mean he was a top 5 Te.

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