Some think Kurt Warner could come back

NFL_warner_250.jpgFormer Rams, Giants, and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, who likely has done enough in his final two seasons to cement a spot in the Hall of Fame, has made it clear that he won’t be doing the back-and-forth Brett Favre thing.  Now that Kurt is retired, he’s retired.

There’s no reason to not believe that.  But we’ve recently picked up on some rumblings suggesting that it’s not out of the question that Warner could return for another season. 

Some believe Warner assumed he’d automatically get a job covering the NFL on one of the networks.  To date, he hasn’t.  And, by now, the assignments for 2011 are largely firmed up.

So if Warner won’t have a TV gig in 2010, the thinking is that he could be lured back to the gridiron.

And the Cardinals, who are saddled with Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson, could be interested in bringing him back.

The key word in all of this is “could.”  At this point, it’s way too early to believe that Warner would decide not to not play football.  But unless and until he lands a job in television, it’s a possibility that needs to at least be considered.

That said, he still could find something in television for the NFL season.  Earlier today, Warner announced on his Twitter page that he’ll be working the Iowa Barnstormers and Arizona Rattlers game for NFL Network on Friday, May 21.  So just as Warner parlayed his football performance in the AFL into NFL stardom, maybe he’ll be able to do the same thing from a broadcasting perspective.

With or without someone’s knee getting blown out in the preseason.

42 responses to “Some think Kurt Warner could come back

  1. Not going to happen. He just wants to hang out and stay out of the spotlight now. Not everyone is Brett Favre, Florio. You’re just a walking conspiracy theory.

  2. He heard about his wife, I mean Dockett posing in the shower and that has him interested. He just wants to “sack” some more groceries.

  3. Why would it matter at this point if the assignments for 2011 are firmed up? Don’t we have to get through 2010 first and then hope there is a 2011?

  4. Why would he ?
    He has a great career ahead announcing the Iowa Barnstormers games on NFLN.

  5. PS,
    Its exciting watching the NBA Draft live from Secaucus,NJ just up the road from the Newark Jets new stadium.

  6. oh flo there you go again…just like a little girl, trying to start something…do you moonlight for tmz?

  7. Some think you can turn lead into gold.
    I realize it’s the slow season but are we reporting every thought that comes out of peoples head now?

  8. Nooo! don’t do it Kurt! Unretireing is a worse offense then going buckwild in a bar bathroom with an unwilling female to some here.

  9. I don’t think he deserves a HoF slot. He should have beat the Steelers in the SB. Then we could have had two destiny teams win in a row instead of just one.

  10. Why does noodle arm Matt Leinart keep getting chances. This guy doesn’t have an NFL arm. I’m just shocked that a guy like Jason Cambell gets thrown under the bus, yet Leinart has a longer string. My opinion he’ll NEVER be a legit NFL QB

  11. You noticed he was going to color commentate the Barnstormers game this friday off of his Twitter. So convenient that you missed his dozens of jokes about coming back, talking about how much he loves his retired life. He also flat out said he’s done several times. This guy has never been a Brett Favre, no reason to doubt him.
    I don’t mind most of your stuff, but this is ridiculous Mike.

  12. Unlike “that other guy” I actually believe Kurt Warner when he says he is done for good. He’s built up a reputation for being honest, so I choose to believe him.

  13. if he came back the rest of that division would crap themselves,if he came back he would catapult the cards up to the top of the favorites to win the nfc,i hope he does,it was fun watching the cards the past few seasons

  14. Warner isn’t thrilled with that AFL gig. He is having a hellish time learning Morse Code to send the play by play back to headquarters.

  15. Grasping at straws. This ‘since he did/didn’t, therefore he might’ formula allows for a couple hundred words, but nothing significant to report.

  16. Why does Warner need a job in TV ? I doubt he’s yet squandered all of the many millions he made in the NFL. He can never work another day in his life and be perfectly happy.
    Missing the spotlight might get him back playing, but I doubt very much it has anything to do with working in television or not.

  17. Kurt Warner is not coming back, but I would welcome it. Tim Tebow has taken his role as Christian QB that atheists love to bash.

  18. In other news, Dan Marino is considering a return, as is Roger Staubach, Sonny Jurgenson and the late Bobby Layne.

  19. HarrisonHits,
    tune in Friday night NFLN. He’s announcing the Barnstormers game.

  20. bring his ass back so the 49ers could punish him one more time and put him out his misery

  21. He’s not coming back to the NFL. I’d bet money on it. He’s broadcasting the Barnstormers game because the Iowa Barnstormers are retiring his Barnstormer jersey that night. Nothing else to see, move along.

  22. With Warner back and an improved defense, Arizona would be a Super Bowl contender.
    With Leinart, the Cardinals will struggle to make the playoffs.
    All those good receivers go to waste if there is no one to get them the ball.
    The Jets would have won it all last year if they had Warner, and they are likely to fall short again with Sanchez starting. It will be interesting to see whether Rex Ryan can keep his job if Sanchez has the traditional sophomore slump that occurs when defenses have an offseason to study a rookie qb.

  23. Please take forever to decide. We need to occupy ourselves with somebody other than that moron who plays QB for MN.

  24. robert ethen says: May 18, 2010 8:40 PM
    Warner isn’t thrilled with that AFL gig. He is having a hellish time learning Morse Code to send the play by play back to headquarters.
    That’s funny right there……

  25. We Redskins fans wish THAT old QB would come to Washington, instead of the one that did……

  26. Out of football in the middle of your career will kill his HOF bid. it’s a nice story, but no dice.

  27. SonsCompass says:
    May 18, 2010 8:42 PM
    Kurt Warner is not coming back, but I would welcome it. Tim Tebow has taken his role as Christian QB that atheists love to bash.
    Oh please, Kurt Warner was nowhere near as high and mighty, and certainly nowhere near as annoying as Jesus Tebow.

  28. He needs to divorce his crazy wife.
    Shave a mohawk like his kid or grow a mullet.
    Get plenty of tattoos and piercings.
    And then come back with the Raiders!

  29. And some people think their wifes look sexy in a G-sting. That doesn’t make it so.

  30. No, FumbleNuts, by week 3 Anderson will be throwing bombs to the opposing defense. It’s what he’s really good at.

  31. BBeer-
    Neither Kurt nor Brenda ever want to be anywhere except in front of the camera. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but please don’t spin your yarn here. Warner is a total gloss-hound.

  32. HOF.
    Remember, it’s not the “Hall of Statistics”, or the “Hall of Favorite Player of fat-ass sportswriters Anywhere”, it’s the Hall of Fame.
    Memo to Kurt: consider this only when they win 8 games. You’re good for a playoff run but not a whole season.

  33. you write an article saying he may come back because he cant find work on tv and end it with a paragraph about a job he just got on tv.

  34. How does Warner not get a job, when guys like Marshall Faulk and Key Johnson and Irvin all have gigs? This guy is worth investing in.

  35. Why would he come back? They lost in the playoffs last year and this year they would be without Boldin and Urban at WR, and they lost Dansby and Rolle from their already struggling defense.
    Here is an ideal (actually just something I would like to see) situation if he did decide to come back. Sign a 1 year deal with the Jets to backup injury prone Sanchez. Kurt could mentor him, and if Sanchez did get injured, he could step in and have Cotchery, Edwards, and Holmes to throw to, not to mention have the NFL’s best defense!

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