Ted Ginn starts in San Francisco like he left off in Miami

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, Dolphins fans.

Ted Ginn opened some eyes at San Francisco’s OTAs on Monday with his “gazelle-like” speed.  And then he caused some head-shaking with a series of drops.

“You’ve got to shake it off,” Ginn told Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News.  “You’ve got to treat it like a [defensive back] when he gets scored on.
You can’t tank. They’re going to happen and you just can’t have that

Ginn should only be a No. 3 or No. 4 receiver in San Francisco, but the 49ers are hoping he can upgrade their punt return position. He dropped a punt too.

We feel for Ginn because he seems to have the right attitude and is a hard worker.  But he must know the long leash he was given in Miami will be much shorter in San Francisco, should these drops carry over into the regular season.

69 responses to “Ted Ginn starts in San Francisco like he left off in Miami

  1. As a Dolphins fan, I must say that this news of him dropping passes is shocking. Absolutely shocking…
    Now when he gets in games and runs out of bounds at the 15 yard line on kickoff returns the circle will be complete.

  2. I hate to root against an individual, but as a Dolphins fan I can’t help but take some satisfaction when I read this.

  3. Phone calls for a response from Ginn were unsuccessful, as he continuously dropped the phone.

  4. Unfortunate that this kid cannot get it together with his hands, seems like a nice enough guy.

  5. Lol, Thanks again Cam Cameron. Assclown.
    At least we got a 5th for this guy. He’s a good kid, but can’t fricken even catch a cold in a blizzard.

  6. “You’ve got to shake it off”, Ted Ginn told reporters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, after his dropped passes cost that CFL team another game.

  7. I wish Cleveland would have been smart, brought him home, and converted him back to a DB. Don’t have to worry about the drops as much in that category.

  8. Hope the 9ers cut Ginn. Not cause I dont like the guy, but because he’d look a lot better in Chargers powder blue. I’m sure the boys in SD could get this guys problems sorted out, and imagine him and Rivers on the deep ball… (if he could catch it that is)

  9. I was coaching an AAU basketball game when my buddy came behind the bench and whispered to me that my Dolphins used their top ten pick on Ted Ginn.
    I had to call a timeout to sit down before I fell over and croaked right there on the court.
    SF, he’s all yours now. I’ve officially let go.

  10. Remember when San Fran’s were happy about this trade? Get ready to cry when he starts costing you games with his drops in the endzone.

  11. What do you expect? When he was in college his hero was Braylon “hands of stone” Edwards!
    Between the two of them they couldn’t catch a cold, bus or taxi given three tries, let alone a football!

  12. Ted Ginn should give half of his salary to Devin Hester, the only reason this cat was drafted so high was the 2005/2006 Hester hangover.

  13. Gotta feel sorry for Ginn. I am a Dolphin fan and this poor guy had the deck stacked against him from day 1! He didn’t ask to be drafted so high up and he always carried himself with class with all the scrutiny during his time with the team. I will always give him the benefit of the doubt simply because of his 2 td returns to beat the loudmouth jets.

  14. @ bigbadburnsy
    No one looks good in powder blue. Those got to be the gayest jerseys in the NFL! It fits with your gay theme song. Super Chargers! LMFAO!

  15. I loved the pick of Ted Ginn for the Dolphins #9 of the first round. I’m sure the rest of the fans from the other fellow AFC East teams did as well !!! … LOL!

  16. Ginn’s a good guy and as a Dolphin fan I hope he succeeds but if he can’t stay consistent catching the ball by now I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. I still think the 49ers got a good deal in the trade but they shouldn’t expect much from him in the WR dept. Just let him do what he does best and leave him at KR/PR.

  17. Did he pull up Lame in the National Championship game against Florida after returning a kick off to the house. Then everyone in the stadium took turns sacking Troy Smith.

  18. Fast forward to September 26th, 2010.
    Ted Robinson:
    Smith throws downfield. Ginn has some separation at the Chiefs 25. And through his hands….
    Gary Plummer:
    Ohhh! Oh no he didn’t.
    Ted Robinson:
    Dropped! Gary, it looked like it bounced right off of his hands. Ginn had six if he could have held on. Now 4th and 6 and the Niners will be punting again…..

  19. It’s not Ginn’s fault the Dolphins drafted him way too high. I’m an Ohio State fan and I was shocked they took him at No. 9 overall, I saw him as a late 1st rounder. Blame your old FO Fish fans, though at least they were smart enough not to take Quinn.

  20. Ironically, the one thing he had going for him the first 1.5 seasons in Miami were his hands. He flashed some solid mitts to start his career.
    I’m not sure what happened, but midway thru 2008 was when the drops started.

  21. Jeez. 9th overall pick. I think this was the year before Parcells took over. This got to be the reason they brought Tuna in. You know Big Bill had to have the axe in hand as he walked through the door with one eye on Ginn.

  22. I was coaching an AAU basketball game when my buddy came behind the bench and whispered to me that my Dolphins drafted Randall “Thrill” Hill, errr, I mean Ted Ginn Jr.
    I had to call a timeout and sit down because I almost croaked on the court.
    I’m happy they got a 5th round pick for him, and I’ve officially let it go.
    Unfortunately, I have a familiar pit in my gut regarding Pat White. Most accounts “credit” Jeff Ireland overruling Big Bill on this one.
    I’d gladly take a 5th again.

  23. He didnt have the “dropsies” at Ohio St…..It must be the pressure that started this and now it is in his head.

  24. maybe they can make a move for troy williamson and they can have the all track-star recieving tandem… with balls bouncing off helmets everywhere.

  25. Maybe he should take his comment about treating it like a defensive back a step further, and become one.

  26. why the hell not stick him in the defensive backfield? if he’s got the speed but not the hands, that seems like a natural position for him.

  27. He will get you the fastest 8 yards on a third and 9, before you runs out of bounds to avoid getting hit! He still may be a nice guy though.

  28. I wonder if the Ginn family was present, since the 49’ers traded for them as well.
    Cam Cameron you are a douche bag in the biggest way possible.

  29. Ginn reminds me of Clifford Franklin from The Replacements.
    “The football’s like a one-man cold to Clifford Franklin. Clifford Franklin’s the only man catchin’ it, Clifford Franklin’s the only man comin’ down wid it. “

  30. Maybe his father could catch some balls for him.
    Or possibly rotate the field so he has a harder time running out of bounds. Can’t wait to see him on TV dropping passes.

  31. Some of you guys crack me up…Alvin Harper? Dwayne Bowe? Both those guys can/could catch!

  32. he is just liket he 9ers always talk about a good start but later dissaper like the snuggie blanks.

  33. The DB thing isn’t really that big of a reach. When he was recruited to The Ohio State he came in as a QB/DB and was converted to a WR at OSU. The only problem I see is, he doesn’t want to get hit, what makes anyone think he would actually hit someone else.

  34. When the Ravens beat Miami, it seemed like the Ravens were doing it for Cameron, like some form of retribution. BUT HE WAS THE ONE THAT EFFED SO MUCH UP. Plus it was the Ravens that gave up the one win for Miami the other year. What was there to rally for anyways?
    Plus, Ted Ginn would be unstoppable…if someone told him the end zone was the out of bounds. The dude hates contact, which is weird since he *can* be good at returns.

  35. Raider B says:
    May 18, 2010 12:49 PM
    @ bigbadburnsy
    No one looks good in powder blue. Those got to be the gayest jerseys in the NFL! It fits with your gay theme song. Super Chargers! LMFAO!
    Excuse me sir but I believe the North Carolina Tar Heels look damn good in powder blue. Just be glad your spewing that garbage on the west coast. If you were here you’d be stoned to death for sports blasphemy.

  36. robert ethen says:
    May 18, 2010 1:07 PM
    Ted Ginn Jr. has “gazelle like” hands and really good speed.
    I actually laughed out loud at that one. Nice job sir.

  37. Ginn can’t catch a cold UNLESS he’s playing against the Jets. Then apparently he can have, potentially, the two most memorable games of his career.

  38. Only thing I care about is his hands on kickoffs/punts.
    If he is slippery with those, he won’t have a role here by mid-season. We have a couple other young guys chomping at the bit to take over this kind of work.
    As Singletary says, we are NOT a charity!

  39. Poor Ted. If he had been drafted somewhere out of the 1st round where he was projected to go we probably wouldn’t be making such a big deal of all this. On the other hand he wouldn’t have been given so many opportunities to fail if he wasn’t a 1st round pick.
    Once again the genius that is CaMORON is truly amazing.
    Thanks for beating the JETS last year Ted, good luck in SanFran.

  40. This is what I don’t understand. You have a guy who has speed, but can’t catch consistently AND is afraid of contact. When he catches a ball he either falls down in the fetal position or run out of bounds really fast.
    How can you have this guy return punts? People are running at you full speed, you have to be able to judge whether to field the punt or call for a fair catch. That is just a disaster waiting to happen.

  41. when is someone going to try to convert this guy to a defensive back i know he wants to be a wr but his speed would be a great asset if he could make the switch

  42. @ Bite-me-Florio,
    technically the Tar Heels are LIGHT BLUE. Just be glad your spewing that garbage on the east coast cuz u will more than just stoned to death. Trust.

  43. Jerry Rice dropped lots of passes when he first started with the Niners and he turned out alright. All he has to do is stretch the field to open up Crabtree and Davis anyways. The Niners aren’t counting on him to be a number one guy and he is a great 5th round pick just for PR and KR. We got a bargain and it will payoff big dividends by the end of the season. So each your heart out Fins when you watch the hilites on monday.

  44. He will get you the fastest 8 yards on a third and 9, before you runs out of bounds to avoid getting hit! He still may be a nice guy though.
    Embarrassing, I meant he runs out of bounds.

  45. To all the Dolphins fans . . .
    The Dolphins got Ginn:
    to be the premiere WR with the 9th OVERALL pick.
    The 49ers got Ginn:
    to be a KR/PR and maybe a 3rd/4th receiver for a 5th round pick.
    Do the math.

  46. Ginn is NOT a good punt returner. Kickoffs he can do. Punts, not a chance.
    However, SF got him for a 5th round pick to be the #3 or 4 WR and stretch the field. In Miami he had a ridiculous amount of pressure as the #9 overall pick by the Mastermind, Cam Cameron. Using this logic, he should succeed in SF :
    35 catches, 300 or so yards, with 3-4 TDs for the 49ers = success. Same numbers for the Dolphins = Massive failure

  47. robert ethen says:
    May 18, 2010 1:07 PM
    Ted Ginn Jr. has “gazelle like” hands and really good speed.
    Now that’s flippin hilarious!

  48. He didn’t seem to have trouble catching his pay check in Miami, perhaps SF should not pay him until he start catching a football. Bill p.s. he would be better playing baseball, less chance of getting hit. Wait, he could be hit by the ball, there’s the ball problem again.

  49. Disappointed to hear this
    Players have gone on to improve their hands in the NFL and I thought Ginn would do that with a new enivorment and coaches
    If he can’t over-come this, his speed is rather irrelevant

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