The 49ers believe they have a new Alex Smith

A. Smith2.jpgWe keep hearing the same song out of San Francisco.  Alex Smith, finally in the same offensive system for a second straight year, is stepping up as a vocal leader.

Vernon Davis: “He’s talking. He’s vocal. He’s taking control and being that guy . . .  a guy who’s going to step up and take charge.”

Josh Morgan: “That’s what you like to see in your quarterback. You like to see him with that type of fire, take that type of leadership. I mean, he’s spitting the plays out, he’s explaining everything and it’s just like, ‘Wow. Thank you.’ I’m getting excited about it.”

Matt Maiocco, Comcast: “Alex Smith is doing a lot of teaching today. Never saw him do this in previous offseasons.”

Matt Barrows, Sacramento Bee: “Alex Smith essentially directing the offense this morning — much more vocal, demonstrative than I’ve ever seen him.”

Morgan: “It was like a whole new Alex. It was like, ‘Wow, where
did you come from?'”

Smith turned 26 last week.  Is he truly, finally turning into The Man? Can a player truly turn on the leadership skills or is this just another nice offseason story that doesn’t amount to much when defenders start coming after him?

The answer could decide the NFC West.

65 responses to “The 49ers believe they have a new Alex Smith

  1. Glad to see he’s turning into a more vocal player! Sad to see he’s still a sucky, sucky player!

  2. im pulling for him… in fact im pulling for him to slip to the 7th round of my fantasy draft and being a real real good sleeper pick

  3. its amazing how much things can improve when you arent learning a new offense again or coming off of an injury.
    the new nfc west champs, san francisco

  4. I played quarterback, albeit not anywhere near the NFL level(or major college). But if you are unsure of what everyone is supposed to be doing on every play because you are always in a new system it’s hard or impossible to be a vocal leader and “teach” everyone else what they are supposed to do. He seems like a good guy and works hard. The NFL needs more of those and less JeMarcus and Fat Alberts.

  5. Even with a dumpster fire of a division the SF Niners are going no where with Alex SMith. He has a knack to throw costly INT’s and get injured.
    Jimmy Clausen is SF’s great white buffalo

  6. I’ll believe it when I see him be a factor on the field, something he has never done before.
    However, I will say that NFL teams used to sit their Rookie QB’s for 4-5 years while they learned the game, something that cannot be done today due to the poor economics of drafting #1.
    Cap the rookie pay.

  7. Good things can come from confidence and also playing in the same offensive system for two years in a row.

  8. Not a niners fan, but maybe it’s because he will have more than 1 season with an offense.

  9. This Ewte has no chance! The 49ers have no quarterback, and therefore unless they can rush the ball for 300 yds a game they will be lucky to win 9 games even in there crappy division.

  10. Alex Smith and Dez Bryant are virtual locks for the HOF.
    It’s like Montana to Rice. Or Romo to Williams.

  11. If only Jason Campbell……ever had the same system for an extended period of time………………..He could have been the next Alex Smith

  12. Sitting in Oakland, Jason Campbell wonders what that would be like: to have the same offensive system with the same personnel for more than 1yr…
    I’m not a Redskins fan, but that dude never got a fair shake here in DC and I hope he plays well in Oakland.

  13. Thank God! …. because the talking stuff is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY important!
    Has he said “We’ll take the ball, and we’re going to score” yet?

  14. robert ethen says:
    May 18, 2010 2:45 PM
    Test him for banned substances.
    That’s what I was thinking–does anyone know if Alex Smith had a relationship with that HGH-peddling Canadian Doctor?

  15. Jimmy Clausen…right
    I thought san fran’s play calling was bad last year. Smith seems comfortable in the spread but they seem to go to it at the wrong time throughout the game when it is predictable, like playing from behind or 2nd and 3rd and long. They have a spread option QB and a run-oriented team, something doesn’t add up. Identity Crisis much? But I must say I am pulling for him.

  16. Alex Smith could sue the 49ers for what they (and Martz) have done to sabotage his career. He’ll be much more than serviceable for Singletary’s team. By most accounts he’s a good, smart guy who just needed a bit of helpful coaching.

  17. I just wish my Niners would understand what an “expectations game” is. I understand hyping him up should boost his confidence, but it can also set things up for quite the comedown should he fail again.

  18. I’m thrilled to read these things, but after 5 years, the only thing I care about is what happens on Sunday.
    If Smith carries this attitude and performs in the regular season, he might pan out after all.
    But until then, I’m skeptical of anything.

  19. One more thing: the same offense 2 years in a row is a big deal, but the thing that really set him up for success this year will be the OLine. That’s been a problem for just about a decade. Excited to see ADavis and Iupati step up this year.

  20. Alex Smith is like Campbell..too many people coaching him each year..a new system to learn each time. I hope he can rise above it all and do well..

  21. Like another reader said, it’s difficult to step up, progress, and lead a team when you yourself are busy learning a new offense. He’s been doing that crap every year in the league…people need to back off him and give him a break, this is also the first year where he enters a season with established weapons surrounding him. Alex Smith essentially was drafted onto an expansion team, that’s exactly how bad their roster was at the time.

  22. Haters keep on hating. He hasn’t done anything much yet, you’re right. Mark my words though this is going to be a different offense this year. The O-Line will be better and the system is the same. I wont bother to read the comments to follow this since half of you don’t even follow the 49ers, so you wouldn’t know that Smith had better QB rating, total TD’s, and Yards Per Game than 12 other starting QB’s in 2009.

  23. @oa316ts
    I agree. He has a lot of talent and now is back to a new offense with, lets be honest, not a lot of talent around him. He will have Louis Murphy who had showed signs of a being able to become a good WR. And thats pretty much it. I was hope he would go to Pittsburg instead of Byron Leftwich and at some point get a Super Bowl ring.

  24. It really all goes back to what Urban Meyer said before Alex was drafted: he is NON-FUNCTIONAL until he learns the system. NON-FUNCTIONAL.
    Not to mention, he has had the definition of a horrible team around him. The OL has been consistently piss-poor, the receivers have been mediocre (at BEST), and until 2009, the defense couldn’t get off the field.

  25. Levito says:
    May 18, 2010 3:11 PM
    “Can a player truly turn on the leadership skills”
    Yes. See Manning, Eli.
    you really trying to say that slack jawed yokel is a leader?

  26. Levito says:
    May 18, 2010 3:11 PM
    “Can a player truly turn on the leadership skills”
    Yes. See Manning, Eli.
    Funniest post of the day

  27. “oa316ts says:
    May 18, 2010 3:01 PM
    Sitting in Oakland, Jason Campbell wonders what that would be like: to have the same offensive system with the same personnel for more than 1yr…
    I’m not a Redskins fan, but that dude never got a fair shake here in DC and I hope he plays well in Oakland. ”
    Not strictly true. He got two years under Al Saunders, he just wasn’t the Starter at the Beginning of Saunder tenure.
    He got two years under Jim Zorn, who was brought into DC largely on the basis that he was highly respected as a QB coach.
    At one point last year NFL Films made video recoding Zorn and Campbell’s conversations between plays. Quite a lot of fans seemed to think the amount of communication was a positive thing (it was still early in the season). All I could think about was that on a crucial goal line play Zorn had to tell Campbell to encourage the rest of the players.
    I am a Redskins fan, and I think Campbell didn’t get a fair shake of it, largely down to the appalling neglect of the offensive line but Campbell wasn’t exactly blameless.
    Nice bloke, but not a leader. Plus he had a really unfortunate face. It just seemed to settle into the sort of expression you sometimes see on the faces of victims of terrible disasters. A glazed, thousand mile stare that suggested his mind had retreated to a place of safety.
    As for Smith, it’s a good sign to see him taking charge but unless that comes with a side-order of not passing the ball to the defense it will be of limited help.

  28. And Ted Ginn’s going to be a special player.
    Special ‘teams’ player that is.
    Alex Smith will be a water boy at mid season

  29. It sounds like 9ers fans are counting their chickens before they hatch. With the new expectations, if Smith doesn’t get them into the playoffs this year, is he done in SF?

  30. What a joke! same lame excuses and hype year after year for this BUST! He took a pay cut 2 years ago to keep from getting cut. He couldnt beat out Shaun Hill as the starting QB last year. Then got handed the joob cause Hill was so terrible. THE GUY IS A BUST! And hes got another #1 overall bust right behind him on the depth chart. (David Carr) Even with no QB they should win the div. because its the worst div in the NFL.

  31. same headline the raiders said about j-russ, funny thing was is he did show up under 260

  32. Good D and No O….that’s San Fran.
    Should have taken Dez Bryant…then I’d have been scared…..taking Mike Iupati….no big deal.
    Seriously…in the draft when you could have taken Dez I was praying that you wouldn’t….if you had I was ready to hand over the crown…because there’d been no way to cover Dez and Crabtree.

  33. Hope he does well (obviously, because I’m a fan). He’s had a tough road and virtually no consistency/o-line during his 5 years… We’ll see what he can do from here on out with stability and a knowledge depth of the playbook he never had.

  34. GBfanForever — Yes, if the Niners don’t make the playoffs(barring catastrophic injuries), Alex will be gone…and Sing may join him as well. Jed York wants to get back in the playoffs, and a second disappointing year may not save Singletary.

  35. GBfan – Yes, you’d better believe it. No way he sticks around if he’s even mediocre this year. This is the last year of his contract so there’s no long term commitment. We are trying not to count those chickens but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  36. and as 49er fans, we’re going to hear all about how horrible he is and how he has small hands and how he’s a bust and blah blah blah. And AFTER he has an awesome outstanding year this year and takes his team to the playoffs, maybe hopefully winning a game in the postseason, do you think that will quiet down the haters?
    Then they’ll all say that “he’s only done it one year, he can’t keep it up” or “now that DC’s have to scheme for him, he’ll fall flat on his butt” or “the o-line caught lightning in a bottle, they can’t keep it up”
    Negative Nancy’s.
    I hope Alex plays well and starts his chapter of the great book titled
    “Best of the Best. The story of one of the greatest positions in all of sports: QB for the San Fransico 49ers.”

  37. Yes, he has arrived. You can tell because the “Alex Smith” link goes to Cleveland Browns tight end Alex Smith.

  38. AZ Red Bird – I’m sure you’d rather we threw the ball against you; Frank had a field day last time we played… 167 yards on the ground withOUT Iupati and a functional RT. Good luck this year without half of your team and a good QB.

  39. I love how they make excusses for Alex Smith but Russell had the same issues. It is hard to throw from your back and last time I check you can’t hit the QB in practice. Maybe Sing… should drop his pants again. I’m just saying I bet that would have motivated Garcia and maybe it will work for Alex
    @Levito – Did you really just compair Eli and Alex Smith you must have some good smoke!!

  40. Can’t find a better way to describe who could possibly be the future QB of the team? (Nate Davis)

  41. Man, I know raiderrob is not talking about first overall quarterback busts… I actually thought to my self, “did rob comment on this post like he does with all 49ers posts?…nah, he couldn’t possibly be THAT dumb”.
    You can call Smith a bust…but atleast he isn’t the biggest bust of all time!
    Keep posting crack me up : )

  42. Yeah, nothing like bringing in David Carr to light a fire under a guy. Their plan must be working brilliantly.

  43. @raidertg. WOW seriously? Russel is just plain LAZY do you get that? It can’t be coached, and you can’t blame the system for that

  44. @Youngtorice – And this will be Smith 6 year and he still is a low quality back up. So where does that leave the Whiners. Let me save you the time and answer that question so you don’t hurt yourself. They will be lossing in week 6

  45. Yeah sure buddy. Russel by far was not the only problem for the raiders. They will lose in week 6 and still finish dead last of the afc west. COUNT ON IT!

  46. I think that a person or player CAN just ‘turn on’ leadership abilities if they were there in the first place, but dormant because they didn’t understand things themselves. You can’t have Stevie Wonder being a leader in a drivers test. But, if you give him sight and teach him how to drive and he understands how to drive he can lead the next class. That’s what is going on. It is hard to be a leader when you don’t know what is going on.
    As a US Navy vet, I know about being placed in a position of leadership and not fully understanding what is going on and how difficult that can be. Funny, the 49’ers had this guy the whole time, five years already, and all he needed was to have a system long enough for him to understand it so that he could be the man they drafted him to be. Amazing.

  47. Even if he is all of this, he really won’t be much of an NFL QB
    He just isn’t THAT talented

  48. …Every single(tary) time… Anything is posted about Smith, I have posted, and 2day will be no different. All those that don’t believe, start. All that do, continue. He is the future of the 49ers, he will not be the next Montana or Young, because he will be Alex Smith. He’ll go down as one of our best QBs we have ever had. And I am glad that I have followed him since he came into the league, where he was fed to the dogs… I’m not going to get into any stats because has that all… and all should know better once they see what he can do on Monday Night’s & other televised games. Just watch and learn… F*ck all the haters. Alex Smith for life.

  49. @j4m3z
    “He’ll go down as one of our best QBs we have ever had”
    You mean better than Jim Druckenmiller?

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