Chiefs quiet so far regarding Dwayne Bowe's comments

D.Bowe.jpgChiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe raised plenty of eyebrows today when he told ESPN The Magazine about a specific type of “importing” in which Art Vandelay never specialized. 

Per Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, the team has not yet addressed the situation.  Teicher points out that word of Bowe’s words came after coach Todd Haley had been exported from the media room.

“Dwayne Bowe is moving into the critical stage of his young career,”
Haley recently said, according to Teicher.  “You have to make a jump if you want to be talked
about with certain receivers.”

Earlier today, Bowe struggled at practice, dropping some passes and slipping and falling after catching others. 

He could be having an even more difficult afternoon and evening.  The only good news is that enough Chiefs have left since Bowe’s rookie year, during which the “importing” occurred, to allow any remaining players who were involved in the practice to plausibly use the “it wasn’t me” defense to their wives and/or girlfriends.

Either way, Bowe’s indiscretion could cost him in various ways.

26 responses to “Chiefs quiet so far regarding Dwayne Bowe's comments

  1. Tough day for Bowe. For some reason every pass seemed to stretch him out fully, and there was always a defender coming hard the other way.

  2. The worst part about what he said was he threw his teamates under the bus. It’s one thing to say something about yourself, but all those other guys(many of whom are probably married) may have a bone to pick…

  3. What’s wrong with “importing”? It’s a great way to relieve some stress before an away game!

  4. before too long Bowe is going to be catching wobbly passes out from his bud JaBustus in the AFL…………..

  5. Better to be thought of as an idiot rather than open your fat mouth and remove all doubt. Way to go D. Bowe. He wasn’t even asked a question pertaining to the “importing” of girls to the team hotel. Loose lips sink ships and his ship to stardom is sinking quickly!

  6. “Mr Haley, Mr Haley, we’re reading over at PFT that Dwayne Bowe let out A RATHER LARGE RAT today……..what are your comments?”.

  7. he dont need to say anything,and who cares what athletes are bangin what hoes,like the whole tiger woods thing,so what who cares,nerdy media dudes just jealous they dont get no buns

  8. Well certainly, there should be no indiscretion about a group of rich NFL players violating federal law when it’s just all-in-fun pleasures to lessen the rigors of the road.
    Question is…. did the girls have an agreement for sexual encounters with the yet unnamed procurement
    I think Bowe is a slacker and a complete dumbass but in week 4 of that year 2007, the Chiefs beat SD 30-18. Bowe had 8 receptions for 164 yds and a TD.
    Didn’t seem too distracted.

  9. Why would the team say anything? The only people who need to respond are the veteran players Bowe ratted out.
    Yes, we’re all looking at you, Tony Gonzalez.

  10. Suspend the entire roster for 6 games. It’s only fair right? Accusations = suspension in today’s NFL.

  11. So, let me get this straight. Wealthy men like to have random, no strings attached sex with hot chicks? Groundbreaking stuff.

  12. Bowe had a tough practice. At one point the coaches could be heard yelling at him to “get your feet out of your mouth…”.

  13. Bowe is an idiot. Sure, they do what they do on the road; there’s no question rich athletes do that. But, I’m sure there is an unspoken rule between teammates that you don’t ever talk about it.
    He just alienated himself as a guy they can trust off the field. I’m sure he will get a few ass rippings for running his big-toothed mouth. He’s not even that good, so maybe the Chiefs will ship him and his butterfingers out of KC.

  14. Irish:
    You’re a genius! Well said!
    Are you the next NAACP presidential successor?
    Is so, you’re an upgrade!

  15. Suddenly the Facebook pages of female herpes support group members are getting inquiries from older football players asking if they are interested in meeting a younger mouthy football player.

  16. He already lost his starting spot and then this happens, in OTAs he dropped almost every pass thrown his way(typical).

  17. @sullijo
    Are you really that stupid? This is profootballtalk, not barbie doll talk. Go eff yourself hater.

  18. Are people really shocked at this?
    I know people that play for MLB teams that know this is basically…common

  19. Florio check your pants and see if u still have balls
    he said no homo so people wouldn’t think he was homo, in todays world u never kno who is homo
    shit who would’ve thought Doogie Houser was gay, that show he had was one of my favorites growin up

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