PFT Daily: Andre Johnson shouldn't be complaining

A lot of players aren’t happy about their contracts.  One such player is Texans receiver Andre Johnson.

Does Johnson have a legitimate beef, like Chris Johnson? 

For more, we give you today’s edition of PFT Daily.


18 responses to “PFT Daily: Andre Johnson shouldn't be complaining

  1. andre johnson shouldnt be complaining..
    Mike Florio shouldnt be reporting

  2. No, he does not have a legitimate beef. No one made him sign his 8 year 60 mil contract, but he did. Texans were smart to offer him that at the time they did. Too bad bud, you agreed to those 8 years

  3. Florio, you don’t know shit about football. Period.
    Players should receive compensation commensurate with their achievements and contributions. Andre Johnson probably has never complained once in his life. He’s renegotiating, idiot.

  4. I’m not happy either. I want a billion dollars or I’ll stop reading this site.
    WRs are like little kids – never satisfied and always wanting more. And for what? 5 touches a game? Get real!

  5. These football players are like 5 year olds. If you give them a christmas present early they play with it, forget about it and are disappointed when they get less on christmas day.

  6. Stop this foolishness right now. Pay this man and keep it moving. Top 5 WR in the league. You can rank him higher if you like. Blue collar guy, never even celebrates on a TD. Great team player, too bad he can’t carry a team himself, the Texans would be at least in the second round of the playoffs by now (speculation up for debate). Seriously, a base salary of 5 mil, and fitzgerald is making ten. Moss is making 9 a year and wayne restructured to get more money in the long run (Which may be the best option for Andre). I will say this, sometimes I agree that you keep your contract sometimes I don’t. Like I always say (and this is in no a comparison to accolades by these athletes) but Brett was given an 80 million dollar contract and had like 3 years left on his when he signed. Peyton is going to get more money than anyone ever. And right now he is only the best regular season QB of all time, just surpassing Dan Marino. Pay both of the Johnsons dammit or send them to Oakland, lol. Raiders Bitches. (We might actually be ok to watch this year HAHAHa

  7. What you would expect from a lawyer. Florio now pretend you’re representing Andre. What does your PFT Daily say now?

  8. Shut up and play the lucrative contract you signed two years ago that has payed you on average 13 million a year already.
    When you have one, two years at most left on the contract, you can start asking for a new one.
    Maybe he shouldn’t have signed an 8 year deal, getting incedible financial security with it, if he didn’t intent to play it out in years where he’s no longer paid like a top WR.
    Try signing a 2 or 3 year deal next time.

  9. So yesterday’s PFT Daily was about how Johnson was legitimately underpaid, and today’s PFT Daily is about how he shouldn’t be complaining.
    Can we expect tomorrow’s to be about how Cushing deserves the DROY award?

  10. This isn’t ESPN. This is a commentary blog. You get opinions here. You want straight sports new? You know where to find it.
    Oh wait, this is a Skins fan. He wouldn’t know this.

  11. hey florio…weren’t you saying over the last couple days he does have a legitimate argument to being underpaid? i’m confused

  12. what the hell is a manofaiki?
    is that hawaiian for “dumbass”? because you have gotten that down.

  13. hopefully deion wont have to call him “pay the man” this year….i know its hard to do but restructure his contract rick smith!!! he is the best in the league and cb’s that go against him will tell you the same.

  14. A couple of things:
    1. After further investigation, Johnson DID NOT sign an 8=year 60 mil contract, it was a 6-year extension with 2 years left on his rookie deal.
    2. Despite the fact that they were both the 3rd pick of the draft one year apart and signed 6-year rookie contracts, Fitzgerald’s agent negotiated a much better deal and by his 5th year, they negotiated a 4-year extension and by his 5th year, Andre went on it on his own (a foolish decision) and added 6 more years to his rookie deal. The team knew that they had the upper hand when they made the deal AND they knew that it would come back to bite them but they still did it. They also know that they won’t honor the contract in the later years and by the 5th year, they’re going to ask him to take a cut and then drop him when he doesn’t.

  15. It’s rediculous the way players get labled “selfish” when they actually earn larger pay scales and don’t receive. You never hear how owners in football are selfish. Of the 4 major American sports, the NFL is the highest revenue one of all them. Yet the players make significantly lower amounts for higher risk performance. The NFL makes more money then the MLB and NBA combined, yet you constantly hear about $20 mil per year athletes in those 2 sports. With that being said, someone who signs a contract for $5 mil per year without being forced to due so indirectly from a rookie pay scale, should play for his money.

  16. Man there couldn’t be a more boring person to listen to in the world than Florio… He’s right, but MAN is he boring to listen to talking…

  17. 8 year 60 million for AJ and Fitz who isn’t as good got 4 year 40 million. I would be upset as well. The NFL chews you up and spits you out. Get more money AJ.

  18. I’m not the dumbass complaining about football reports mixed with commentary on a blog.
    That dumbass would be you, Big Mike.

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