Andre Johnson "didn't feel right" sitting at home

Texans receiver Andre Johnson isn’t used to missing practices, even if they are voluntary.

I didn’t feel right being at home,” Johnson said on Thursday after returning to the team. “I never miss OTAs.
I’ve always been here, so I came in. I’m man enough to say that it was [out of character]. I’m disappointed about it. I
talked to everybody upstairs. There are no grudges and I
don’t have any grudges toward them. We’re just going to move on.”

Johnson understands he doesn’t have a lot of leverage with five years left on his contract. He even sought out Texans owner Bob McNair to explain things and say he loved being a Texan.

“You can’t win against the organization,” Johnson said.  “When you’re under contract,
they can hold you to it. It’s up to them to re-do it, give you an
extension or whatever. They really don’t have to do anything. But I’m
past all that now.”
It sounds like G.M. Rick Smith will meet with Johnson’s agent, but it’s unclear if the receiver has any chance for a pay increase.  Either way, he’s not going anywhere.

“I plan on being a Texan until the day I retire,” Johnson said.

26 responses to “Andre Johnson "didn't feel right" sitting at home

  1. True class act–take note Chris Johnson you scumbag scrub…By the way AJ had 1500+ yard seasons twice in a row, lets see if CJ can even reach 1500 this year…

  2. maybe you should fire your agent dumbass instead of blaming the organization. these guys can catch balls but cant put 2 thoughts together when it comes to finances

  3. Good man, class act.
    He’s willing to suck up wanting more money to do the right thing and practice..

  4. these guys can catch balls but cant put 2 thoughts together when it comes to finances
    That’s what she said.

  5. I think his agent must have talking to him.
    “Yeah SURE the team redid your contract and gave you a huge jump in money just 2 season ago. So WHAT? You’ve already outplayed the new contract they re-did for you. ‘Ask’ them to redo it again.”
    He got a long term contract for that security he said he wanted. I’m glad he came to his senses and likely stopped listening to the people who were whispering in his ear.

  6. There is a big difference between CJs situation and AJs situation. CJ has definitely outplayed his contract. He has a record year last year, and he’s making around 500,000 this year.

  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH Class Act??? He cried like a little girl because he only makes what $8 million a season (when you split out his signing bonus). Boo F#&KING WHO!!! I bet there’s plenty of people in the US (9.5% Unemployed) who love to have a job where they get to play a sport instead of working the concession stands for $7.50 an hour. Hey I’m glad Andrea decided to quit being a Douchebag and realize he has a pretty good thing going in Houston…but he’s still a cry baby…

  8. A class act all the way. Even if he means absolutely none of this, you never trash your team to the media. I hope he gets a raise but I also hope he gets rid of his agent. No way should any elite player since a 7 or 8 year deal like that. The Texans must have been smiling ear to ear when he signed that one

  9. There is a big difference between CJs situation and AJs situation. CJ has definitely outplayed his contract. He has a record year last year, and he’s making around 500,000 this year.
    Agree with this, CJ’s contract is MUCH lower than AJ’s, and his contract is based upon the draft order, not based on his ability to produce at the next level. Andre negotiated his deal, so he really doesn’t have much to complain about. He’s near the top of the league in pay, not to his level, but not far off

  10. You guys are crackheadz..
    Chris Johnson deserves a pay raise. Anyone saying differ is a crazy.
    AJ is under contract for 5 years. He hasn’t a say in this. Plus, its his own fault for letting his uncle be his agent. Dumba**!!

  11. 1st, true class act, very impressed. I was very suprised when I first read about the holdout.
    2nd, in regards to contracts, how about Adrian Peterson? Only one of 3 players to run for 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns for each of their 1st 3 seasons in the league. AKA, best start for a running back in history. Not once has he ever said a word about his contract. Granted 7th pick in the draft money is big money, he never once complained.
    Fumbles lately, I know. But. Also productivity like a mother F.

  12. Chris Johnson deserves a new contract. For him to go out there and put up another year like he did last year – while risking a career ending/altering injury all the while – for $500,000 is a joke.
    The owner and GM should have already sat down with him and worked this out.

  13. So at what point during the season does his agent start stiring the pot again because after this season he’ll “Only” have four years left on the contract he SIGNED.

  14. I just learned a lot of respect for Andre Johnson. Honestly, I’ve always thought he was the best WR in the game currently. It’s good to know he’s a good guy too.

  15. how do some of you dumbasses compare chris johnson to andre johnson regarding salary? it shouldn’t even be a part of a conversation. a player, at a certain position, at a certain age, drafted at a certain round, gets paid x amount of dollars. andre johnson will get another contract after the one you speak about; chris johnson’s next contract will likely be the last….4 years with a rb; 10 years with a wr…wtf is so difficult when understanding durability and the value of a position?

  16. Class act. Enough said.
    Oh, and for this Chris Johnson nonsense, what happened to all of you who held the position that ‘a signed contract is a signed contract?’
    CJ has had one good year. One. Andre has been one of the best WRs in the game year-in year-out. There is no comparison.

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