Darrelle Revis says he doesn't want $20 million per year

NFL_revis1_250.jpgWell, the Jets can rest a bit more easily tonight.  Cornerback Darrelle Revis doesn’t want $20 million per year.

I don’t know where the $20 million came from,” Revis said Thursday, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  (Congrats on the new job, Manish.)  “I never told
you guys that.  I’m sure it’s not going to be up in that area.  That’s
insane.  That’d be great.  Who wouldn’t want $20 million.  That’s a high
price.  We’re working it out right now.  I just want to make it as
positive as I can.  I don’t want it to get messy.  And just try to do it
the right way.”

Revis also explained that he doesn’t want to be seen as greedy.  “I don’t want to be looked at as that person,” Revis said.  “I don’t know
who said it.  It’s just false information.  I’m not that type of guy to
be saying stuff like that.  It’s insane with those types of numbers.”

Our guess?  A demand based on an average of $20 million per year was an opener, and given that Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is making a bit north of $15 million per year, it’s not an unreasonable starting point.

So Revis asks for $20 million and the Jets offer $14 million and they go back and forth until they settle on a number in the range of $17 million.

$17 million per year?  At least no one will believe Revis is greedy.

58 responses to “Darrelle Revis says he doesn't want $20 million per year

  1. $17 million per year? At least no one will believe Revis is greedy
    Why hate Florio? Are you jealous??

  2. the dude is being fair and reasonable. that’s how good business is done. but he is as good if not better than awesome-wah; best cb in the league

  3. $20 mil? C’mon, man! I ain’t no thief!
    $19.9 mil? I’m a team player!
    $19.8 mil? Errr.. don’t expect me at training camp!
    $19.7 mil? Whatever happened to respect?
    $19.6 mil? Who do you think I am? PACMAN JONES?
    $19.5 mil? Please! Trade me now!

  4. Hey i’m not saying he’s not good but that is ridiculous! He is not worth that much! he’s just the new cup of tea. A year ago nahmdi was the man before that champ bailey, he needs to produce at a high level for another year or two before he gets that type of money!

  5. Still not enough compared to the best SHUTDOWN CB in the NFL Nnamid Asomugha who plays shutdown yr in and yr out..
    Not a one yr wonder like Revis.
    Moss, S.Smith, Ocho Cinco, B.Marshall, Owens, Fitzgerald, B.Edwards.. etc. etc. .. to name a few.

  6. Revis is not better than Asomugha. Even if you think he is better, there is no way you can think he is 2 million per year better than him.
    Also, Asomugha is the only thing worth a s*** in Oakland, so he is over-paid like crazy.
    I’d consider giving Revis between 12-14 million per year. I wouldn’t blame the Jets for going to 15. I’d love to see them pay him 20 million per year though. (as a Patriots fan, it would wreck ALL chances to actually get under any potential 2011 salary cap without losing at least 1 major player)

  7. They don’t know it yet, down the road they will be wondering what happen to the goose that laid the golden egg, they are going to far out on the limb, with the great idea of a cap on rookies, we will see a lower cap on veterans with more money spread around the rest of the TEAM, all the owners need to do is work a secret deal to keep from doing these large pay out to just a few players, perhaps most of the veterans will wake up and smell the coffee and demand that the cap be spread around equally, if the big pay boys don’t like it, tell them to get a real job.The fans have paid way to much for what we get in return. Bill

  8. The Jets will overpay this guy….
    The guy will go in the tank….
    The Jets will finish 8-8…..

  9. This dude is money, and I love the fact that he has been known to introduce himself as “Revis Christ”

  10. He is the best football player in the NFL. But I hate the logic that his salary should be higher than another player who was overpaid. THat is the reason we need a cap–both team and rookie.

  11. Hahahah.. If Revis thinks that his decent 2008 season, and his pretty good 2009 season makes him worthy of 20 million hes smoking some good Trees. Try being a complete true shutdown down corner averaging 30 some attempts a year ( thATS 1.5 attempts per game!! insane) for the last three seasons… In 2006 when Qbs actually looked on his side he got 8 picks… C’mon D

  12. Our guess? A demand based on an average of $20 million per year was an opener, and given that Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is making a bit north of $15 million per year, it’s not an unreasonable starting point.

  13. @Fonetik
    How in the hell did the Raiders and N.A. f— up everything for the rest of the corners in the NFL… N.A. shuts down a teams #1 passing threat week in, week out… No offense to Revis, but no way is he up on Aso’s level… If you’re the best at your position, then you should be paid accordingly…
    IF ANYTHING, Revis has a chance of f—ing things up for every other corner seeing that he’s going up against some of the best receivers this year… If he doesn’t perform as the best and is exposed, then expect a salary cap hazard in the next 2-3 years with free agent corners… His cap number being around $17 million a season should impact good corners (not great) by bumping them up a mil or two… To be honest, I don’t see him getting the attention Aso receives… If Revis is an island, then that makes Aso a lone planet out somewhere in the universe perhaps… Planet “Awesome” anyone…???
    Plain and simple, just a Raider Hater to think N.A. f—ed things up…

  14. It just basic economics – supply vs demand.
    What will the market bare?
    What is his value?
    Good for him, and especially the way he is willing to speak on the record about the process.

  15. Qbs don’t even throw the ball Nahmdis way the nfl keeps stats on it. He has the lowest number of passes thrown his way in the nfl.

  16. Not since Deion Sanders has there been such a dominant CB in the NFL.
    All hail Revis Island, it’s an expensive but well worth destination.

  17. Your title: “Darrelle Revis says he doesn’t want $20 million per year”
    Quote from Revis: “I’m sure it’s not going to be up in that area. That’s insane. That’d be great. Who wouldn’t want $20 million. ”
    He said who wouldn’t. Wouldn’t that imply he DOES want $20 million? …choose a better title…

  18. “ASOMUGHA #”
    agreed hes best corner in football,Revis is overrated from scheme yes hes a fine damn corner but still no Champ/aso

  19. Good. Revis is a team player (never doubted it) and after being exxplained that money was needed for Mangold, Harris, and Fergusion, he realized he needed to take a pay cut for the team.
    Mangold is as important as Mangold, Harris and Fergusion are elite.
    Revis will have his number retired as a Jet.

  20. Florio…
    that picture isnt that, Raiders WR Todd Watkins, and PITTS CB Ike Taylor??
    No reason to bring those two up, when your story is about Darrelle Revis, is there?

  21. God, I can’t wait until someone erases the word “hater” from the dicitionary. That has got to be one of the most over used words out there.
    We can thank the hip hop crowd.

  22. Jets just popped in a 30 second tape of Ted Ginn highlights in order to keep things in perspective.

  23. Darrelle Revis is THE best cornerback in the NFL. Anybody who wants to dispute that hasn’t seen him play. Who else in the NFL has kept Randy Moss, T.O, and Ocho Cinco to under 35 yards twice in the same season? Then he also shut down Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Steve Smith (CAR), Marques Colston, and Vincent Jackson, just to name a few. Asomugha is nice but when you look at Darrelle Revis, you’re looking at one of the greats to ever play the position. If he plays at this level for any number of years, hes a future HOF.

  24. Revis is gun shy when it comes to tackling…Wiffed 4x vs. the Colts. Even Deion never had that many misses of tackles in a game.
    $20 million for that.??
    When I hear the word shutdown corner…I think Mike Haynes, the most complete DB in NFL history.

  25. 1) No one passes to Aso because there’s a stiff lined up at the other corner.
    2) Champ is still a good starter, but not the same player he was a few years ago.
    3) Revis is worth whatever the Jets are crazy enough to give to him. He might be able to get an average of 17 large through a huge signing bonus and back end loading.

  26. I think people are forgetting he has only played 3 seasons and is one of the best already, he’ll only get better which is why he may be worth 20 million

  27. a defensive back making @ least $15 million a year!? WOW!!!!!!
    That is some serious money

  28. there are gonna be some unhappy players in jet land when revis gets his 17mil.
    how many free agents they have again at the end of the year?

  29. He may not be greedy, but he still has more zeroes at the end of his check than you and I.

  30. OVERRATED…..Marshall will own him just like Ginn did. That entire d is overrated…..and JT go F-yourself, you could never be a class act like your brother in law Zach, sorry to say.

  31. How is Revis a 1 year wonder? He has been shut down since he came into the league..
    He is handling the contract talks very well which is a relief considering athletes these days.
    And no disrespect to N.A. because he is great but any team that plays the Raiders runs right through them. Teams dont need to pass on them anymore

  32. How bout they pay him 10million and give the rest to rolle for covering his ass over the top!!!
    Come on man! Everyone knows Revis cant play man.

  33. I still dont think Revis is a top 3 CB. Sure he got all the over hype because he plays on a team with a coach who loves the Media attention. Not to mention Mark Sanchez stealing the heart of the ESPN media.
    Revis is good because of this, much like Cromartie was in SD. I wonder can Revis continue to this more than 1yr? I think so. He did get smoked by Tedd Ginn Jr.
    Top 3 – Asomugha, Woodson, Bailey are HOF.
    Revis is more in the sentence with the few yrs wonders in D.Hall, A. Samuel, Newman, and Clemens. Good but then forgotten.

  34. If Revis and Asomugha are the best corners in football why was CORNERBACK Charles Woodson the defensive player of the year?
    They can both kiss Woodson’s ass…..

  35. @ CornFlorio: so you finally get around to touching on a topic that has been in the “media” for a week, nice. Then you take the side of Revis exactly quoting him…..?!?
    If it’d been another player, you would have just used the quote, “it be nice to make $20million.”
    Revis is just trying to play the good cop routine for the media. He, and his agent, want him to make $20million. And to act like you “know” how negotiations take place is a farce! It’s not a lawsuit settlement that you were accoustomed to negotiating.
    More likely that his agent says, “we want more than that guy in Oakland and we want it for 5 years.” They then negotiate off the sum amount and figure how they can use a roster bonus, signing bonus and easily attained performance bonuses to arrive at an amount that is close to that.
    In the end, he wants $20million/year. For you not to be more skeptical is in direct conflict with most everything you post…..

  36. if you dont think revis is an elite corner, then you either havent seen him play or know nothing about football. period.
    most of you dolts just have no idea how important he was for the jets defense last year. most of the time revis was left to covering the opposing team’s number one receiver by himself. because of this the jets were free to double the #2 weapon or blitz without leaving anyone uncovered.
    the Jets D allowed EIGHT pass touchdowns last season! EIGHT! and the biggest reason for that was revis.

  37. All of you donkeys that are knocking Revis don’t know what you’re talking about. He completely takes away the opposition’s best WR and that side of the field. He’s the MVP of the Jets and vital to their defensive scheme. Revis Christ deserves every red cent. Dolphins fans are queer. Go paint your nails orange and teal, pansies.

  38. @smithopher and supporters
    Yes Revis stopped Moss twice this season.. But to say that he stopped Ochocinco TWICE.. is pretty Laughable.. since Ochocinco is not even in his division.. Buffalo had no Passing game and T.o is like 50. I WILL tell you somebody that has has shut down ALL of the receivers you mentioned above for the last 4 years.. Nnamdi Asomugha.. you can also add Brandon Marshall to that list.. We are gonna see how good Revis is this year when he covers Marshall Twice… Revis is good but he has to do it for a couple more years to be on Aso21 level or on C. Woodsons Level.. Or younger C. Bailey level.. Till then top 5
    1. Nnamdi Asomugha
    2. Charles Woodson
    3. Darrelle Revis
    4. Tracy Porter
    5. Antoine Winfield

  39. When people say Nnamdi Asomugha is the best Corner in the League we base it on a criteria of the following.
    1. Man Coverage Skills
    2. Zone Coverage Skills
    3. Tackling ( Run Support)
    4. Speed
    5. Footwork
    NA21 gets a 5/5 easily.. Some people mentioned above about Revis Suspect tackling in the AFC TITLE GAME.. That alone makes Aso21 a better corner than Revis.. Cause Aso21 is a freaking tackling beast.. You TUBE SOME OF HIS HITS…

  40. @bboyfiasco
    the jets played the bengals twice last season. the first was week 17 and the second was the divisional round of the playoffs.
    moreoever, revis shut down moss twice, TO twice, Ocho twice, andre johnson, steve smieth, marques colston, reggie wayne, and roddy white.
    also, woodson is overrated. he does everything well except cover receivers. revis could blitz and get sacks, but that would be like asking albert pujols to bunt. it’s just stupid. you use the best cover corner in the NFL to, well, COVER.
    revis has been a stud since his rookie year. in his first three years in the league he has already been to two pro bowls and made first team all pro. the notion that he has to do longer in order to be on someone else’s level is asinine. randy moss was a beast from day 1 as were players like ed reed, demarcus ware etc…

  41. It was probably a number leaked by one side
    He will get a record deal but he won’t be touching $20 unless he moves to QB


  43. @ Kris Jenkins
    ..All good valid points.. I agree Revis is a Stud.. Im just Saying he needs to Keep it up for atleast 1 more yr.. Its Easy for us bloggers to sit here and say whos the best.. but what do we know.. If you ask the Pros what would they say… i know andre johnson.. brandon marshall.. steve smith.. ochocinco have all commented in interviews they feel NA21 is the toughest to face.. Not Revis

  44. There is no denying that the kid has talent. Do it again this year and you’ll get your payday.

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