Former teammate disputes Dwayne Bowe's "importing" claim

On Wednesday, word emerged from Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe of a phenomenon known as “importing,” involving veteran players flying girls in and putting them up at the team hotel.

Now, one of Bowe’s former teammates in Kansas City has disputed Bowe’s account.

“The things he’s saying are not true,” former Chiefs defensive lineman Jimmy Wilkerson told the Kansas City Star.  “Security is so tight at the hotels.  They wouldn’t
allow your family members to come up to the rooms, let alone have girls
waiting in the rooms for you.  If they did that, it affects the Chiefs
owners, the organization and the coaches.  It makes it look like the
coaches let this kind of stuff go on and I know Coach [Herm] Edwards did
not do that.

“I don’t remember the San Diego trip specifically, but I can tell you
there were no girls up on our level. . . .

“I was a part of that ’07 team and it looks like everybody on that team
was a part of this,” Wilkerson said.  “He’s talking about
everybody on the team whether they’re married or they’re single.  I’ve
been married for about eight years.  That kind of makes me mad because
the married guys respect their wives but it makes us look bad.  Now we
have to answer to our families and to our wives and let them know we
didn’t do anything like that and there was nothing like that going on.”

For that very reason, it’s impossible to accept Wilkerson’s version at face value.  It’s in Wilkerson’s current interests to take the steam out of this situation, lest he spend the rest of the offseason in the crawlspace under his porch. 

In contrast, Bowe had no reason to spill the beans.  Thus, his version necessarily has greater credibility.

Still, we expect that more of the married members of the 2007 Chiefs will be backing up Wilkerson’s claims.  Unless they prefer sleeping on gravel and/or dirt.

41 responses to “Former teammate disputes Dwayne Bowe's "importing" claim

  1. The CowGirls’ White House …. the Vikings’ party boats …. the Chiefs’ San Diego bordello ….
    Now I’m starting to see why everybody wants to be an NFL’er. Even if you suck, you still get the super-hotties. No wonder most players never look motivated enough to try to win a title – because they AREN’T motivated

  2. Specifically Bowe said the girls were not on the players’ level, but a different level above. At least that’s how I remember it – if so, Wilkerson’s just beating a straw man.

  3. what’s the over/under on the number of times bowe gets jackup in training camp……….

  4. Wow what a bunch of jackoffs, they have to “import” women into San Diego? Where do these dip shits come from, San Diego and area has the cream of the crop.
    One must remember draft day as many of these yangers are called up, they could not get laid with a stick with many such as LT and others even while having a ton of money buying street walkers.
    Some guys have it and some guys don’t, and that is how we end up with Rapists like Big Ben. Import women into San Diego?, do not make me laugh.

  5. mr florio, when you’re in trouble with your wife you have to sleep under the house on dirt and/or gravel??? jeepers where do you live? the dirty bayou in a sagging 2 roomer?

  6. Well I cannot confirm Bowe’s version.
    But I know Wilkerson is full of chit, because I know players who have met with females on the road in their hotel room and I know females who have met players in their rooms. It definitely happens, is it as rampant as Bowe claims, I have no idea, but his version is much more likely than Wilkerson’s. Especially since he is defending all married players and I know more than couple that cheat on their wives (maybe if he should have some of the married guys). Hell, I even know a wife who knows her husband has groupies on the road and it is just accepted as a reality as long he doesn’t bring the drama home.

  7. I think one thing you need to take into consideration is that people of like minds hang together. It is possible that among Bowe’s circle of friends that they indeed had girls waiting. And since everyone he hung out with had girls waiting, he used the “we all had”. But in reality it was only a handful of guys. It is also possible that being a married man of high moral fiber, Jimmy went to his room and went to bed being completely unaware of the debauchery going on elsewhere with his teammates. Now as for this guys claim that the team would not allow anyone up, even family. A motivated young man can find ways around rules when it suits them. There are numerous ways to do this, whether it be sneaking them in the back door, bribing the security guy with money and/or peer pressure… Anyways good luck sleeping in the dog house…

  8. I expect any day now for other Chiefs teammates to chime in and say, “Absolutely, Bowe is right on. It’s amazing how gorgeous these girls were, and we didn’t have to arrange a thing, they just showed up! Really, I looked forward to road trips not because of the game, but because of the imports.”

  9. Wilkerson was really dumb. He should have said: “I don’t know anything about this, and whatever else was going on, I didn’t participate at all.” By denying that anything at all was happening for any member of the team and organization, Wilkerson is basically saying “I did it too but I’m going to deny it.” How could he speak for everyone else?

  10. had a friend in college who did an internship with the Panthers and from what he told me about the groupies everything Bowe said is true.

  11. Grandma Bowe sent a batch of homeopathic herbals to clear out his head and sinuses. But she mixed it WAAAY too strong.

  12. That’s the most backassward flippin’ logic I’ve ever heard of. So if someone defends themselves against an allegation because they’re not a dirtbag, that means they are, in fact, a cheater? It just makes no sense.
    How is this even a football story. You’re wasting time writing about this crap instead of the Darelle Revis contract issue, quotes about which I was hearing on satellite radio 12 hours before you posted on it. Way to prioritize, Florio. This is why I only check the site once a day and mainly just read the headlines, instead of checking three or four times a day like I used to. This is lame ass, sweet valley high, drama club nonsense.

  13. I saw Florio hitting on a stripper during his Super Bowl trip. And since I have no reason to spill the beans, it must be true.
    Seriously Florio, your logic is seriously baffling sometimes.

  14. I think it’s more likely that Bowe is the liar, (stupidly) thinking it makes him look cool, pimpish etc.
    Which pretty much puts him top of the idiot list. I think that’s more likely the truth.

  15. Dwayne Bowe needs to call Jamarcus so they can P.I.M.P. some groopies.
    Those LSU kids.

  16. “I don’t remember the San Diego trip specifically, but I can tell you there were no girls up on our level. . . .”
    No homo.

  17. I used to work in a hotel in San Diego where teams stayed. Our security never stopped anyone and a pro hoe can get passed any security guard. It would be very difficult to keep girls off of their floor anyway. All they would have to do is take the elevator to a different floor and then come down the stairs. If there was security in the stairwell, they’d be getting Clinton/Rothlisberger sex.

  18. Hey florio, after the last several months, you have become a complete TMZ type reporter. I clicked the first “headline” on the main page that I KNEW would be written by you…anything possibly controversial.
    Account cancelled, your site is just not legitimate.

  19. ever notice when a white athlete (aka Brian Cushing) starts spewing BS we are all thinking “shut up” but when black athletes start to spew crap we all think “keep talking”.
    in 15 years i now expect to hear about dwayne bowe being arrested for trying to have sex with 16 year old run away prostitutes……..

  20. on an interesting note that relates to absolutely nothing at all……….. i just woke up to eat a peanut butter sandwich
    its incredible how retarded athletes can be…….. with all that money, you think they would be happy to keep quiet.
    take a poll of any 1500 men and i am sure you will find many that cheat, this isnt related to just football players but now thanks for causing much harrassment at home for players who shouldnt be pigeon-holed.

  21. it could be fun to see where Florio continues to go with this…
    last month he tried to create a controversy with the Carolina Panthers & tonight he basically says its guilty until proven innocent for all 53 guys on that team…
    if more denials come in you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt

  22. Waiting, Commissioner. Does violating the Mann Act not offend your super-enhanced sense of morality?? Um, Florio, shouldn’t we ban all these players from HoF consideration? How are you going to tell Florio Jr. that professional football players might have engaged in … GASP! … illicit sex???
    Sorry for the sarcasm. I’m actually a nice lil Sunday School teacher. There is ZERO chance I’d ever play groupie to some athlete, musician, or actor. (And I’ve had offers.) Not my style. But you cannot legislate morality. Hall of Fame consideration should be about what happens on the FIELD. And Florio, stop passing judgment without evidence. Wilkerson may be telling the truth. A LOT of NFL guys play these reindeer games. But not ALL. Wilkerson may have slept alone in his bed. The guys setting this up would only include the players who wanted to be included.
    So … you guys harping about Roethlisberger must have gone back for seconds when they handed out stupid. Ben wasn’t by a long shot the first NFL player accused of rape, and with all this going on, he sure won’t be the last. Spare me the “twice” BS. Doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 42 when the evidence flat-out says it didn’t happen. In both Ben’s cases, it was Groupies Gone Wrong. He had 20-year-olds flocking to a college bar. The Chiefs were flying them to hotels (and what do you want to bet their girls were in the same age range as Ben’s college cuties? After all Tiki’s girl is only 24.) The Vikes cruise them around. Helloooo? It’s the NFL. It’s always been like this … or worse.
    Saw “North Dallas Forty” on TV years ago, but just bought the book at a used bookstore. Probably should send it to Goodell when I’m finished. You, too, Florio. It’s obvious the two of you just fell off the turnip truck. Either find a way to clean it ALL up … or shut up.

  23. Junior says:
    May 20, 2010 11:02 PM
    I saw Florio hitting on a stripper during his Super Bowl trip. And since I have no reason to spill the beans, it must be true.

    Seriously Florio, your logic is seriously baffling sometimes.

    I also saw Florio hitting on a stripper, so it must be FACT.

    Totally agree, I have only been reading this site for a couple of weeks and the rubbish he has come out with is incredible. He does seem to be anti vets, not young players he will have to talk with and grovel to for future articles.

  24. Oh lord what a scoop. Rich young athletes chaising tail. Can we talk about some football please, and leave this kind of crap for TMZ to cover.

  25. Florio was “hitting on that stripper” only because they both went for that $5 bill on the floor at the same time and she wouldn’t let go.

  26. I believe it–SD has some of the ugliest girls in the country.
    A bunch if Deserty, Leathery looking chicks…all the decent looking ones head to Tiajuana to strip or join the Donkey Show.

  27. “For that very reason, it’s impossible to accept Wilkerson’s version at face value.
    In contrast, Bowe had no reason to spill the beans. Thus, his version necessarily has greater credibility.”
    Yea- in the mind of a lawyer it is that clear. And when that lawyer is a blogger that started a popular muck raking website it is even more clear. Others would weigh the characters of the people involved- an Bowe has issues.

  28. @Reggie’sBush …
    “I don’t usually do this?” For a guy calling himself “Reggie’sBush” to claim he usually acts with more class kinda puts you in the same BS group with my “And I’ve had offers.” But you’re right. Stupid thing for me to say. It was true (not NFL players–other creepy celebs), but at the risk of getting my britches caught on my own pitchfork, I don’t usually do that 😉 It’s like female commenters who name themselves “hottie” and “high-classed lady.” I don’t need to toot my horn.
    Not Ben’s Capt. Save-A-Ho, either, though it seems that way. He’s a jackass, and if he were guilty, I’d want his counseling to be with Lorena Bobbitt. For me, it’s all about justice issues, and he shouldn’t be branded for something he didn’t do–which is what the evidence clearly shows. What can I say? I’m a lil crusader and not likely to STFU anytime soon. That’s the nice thing about PFT, you can always skip to the next post.

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