Gale Sayers, Brian Urlacher in war of words

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher ripped Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers on Wednesday as a player who doesn’t know how to win, while Sayers responded by saying Urlacher is on the downside of his career and that he doesn’t think much of the Bears’ prospects this season.

Asked about Sayers saying he wasn’t impressed with the Bears, Urlacher pointed out that the Bears never had a particularly impressive record during Sayers’ career.

“Let me ask you a question: ‘How many championships did Gale Sayers win?”’ Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune. “How many playoff games did he win when he played? None. None. None.”

Urlacher is blunt, but he is correct: It is true that the Bears never made the playoffs during Sayers’ career, which spanned from 1965 to 1971.

On the other hand, does the fact that Sayers’ Bears never made the playoffs invalidate Sayers’ opinions? Sayers is, after all, one of the greatest players in Bears history. Shouldn’t that accord him a little more respect from Urlacher?

Apparently Urlacher doesn’t think so.

“Does [Sayers] know how to win football games? Does he? No. How are you going to criticize someone else when you haven’t done it yourself? He’s one of our own, so that’s why it’s so frustrating,” Urlacher said.

When told of Urlacher’s comments, Sayers said that when he previously criticized the Bears, he was merely giving an honest answer to a question about what kind of team they’d have in 2010.

“When I am asked a question, I have to answer it,” Sayers said. “I don’t want anybody to think I am afraid to talk about the Bears. . . . Right now, the Bears are hurting. . . . And Urlacher, how old is he anyway [Urlacher will turn 32 on Tuesday]? He should know that himself, that he is on the downside of his career.”

Urlacher doesn’t like to hear that.

“Does it bother me?” Urlacher said. “There are enough people throwing daggers at us right now, why does one of our ex-players have to jump in? There are enough experts talking [crap] about us, so why does a Bear, an all-time great, have to jump in? I just don’t like that.”

If Urlacher doesn’t like Sayers talking [crap] about the Bears, he might be better off taking the high road, and not talking [crap] about Sayers.

90 responses to “Gale Sayers, Brian Urlacher in war of words

  1. That’s very rude.
    Brian Urlacher should slap Gale Sayers with one of his many many championship rings.

  2. Urlacher again shows his classlessness by disrespecting his elders. There is no reason to have hope for this generation, but I will pray to the baby Jesus nonetheless. The atheist youth of today are surely under the influence of the Devil with their homosexualty, drugs, and infidelity.

  3. Urlacher……there is NO WAY you can come out looking good here. Cut your losses and just walk away.

  4. Sayers is a legend, Urslacker is infamous, that’s the difference. Just another big mouth in the middle of the midway trying to make a living by riding the coat tails of past legends.

  5. I like Urlacher’s fire and have no problem with him sticking up for his team, but he really needs to take the high road here. He can’t win talking crap to Gale Sayers.
    Sounds like there is a lot of frustration in Chicago.

  6. Why can’t former players just shut up? I am not a bears fan at all but Urlacher is right. If Sayers has no respect for him than Urlacher doesnt have to respect him back.

  7. If Brian Urlacher were half the linebacker than Sayers was a running back, he might have room to talk. Sayers, much like Barry Sanders of the Lions and A. Petersen of the Vikings, was a top notch running back on a team that wasn’t built to win the big game. That’s hardly his fault.

  8. I wonder if Urlacher was dealing with a flare up of herpes that he got from paris hilton. Seems to be the only logical explanation.

  9. How many NFL Championship rings does Urlacher have?
    Shut your mouth and don’t disrespect a legend HOF player who played in an era when the game was really the game.
    Lets see what kind of injury Urlacher sustains this year.
    What was it last year, a LIMP wrist?

  10. have the bears won with urlacher much anyway??? i mean yea they had that super bowl run then lost to the Colts, but other than that theyve finished second or third behind the vikings and packers year after year…. what a bunch of retards. bears suck.

  11. what could the Bears get for Urlacher? Maybe a 5th or 6th rounder? Sayers is right, he is on down side of his career. This season comes down to the Mike Martz offense needing to out score other teams. Bet the over.

  12. Seems to me the Bears are getting good press this off-season (much like the Cutler hoopla last off-season) rather than having “daggers thrown at them”. The “daggers” were justifiably thrown after the Bears sucked in 2009 season. Maybe he’s thinking of the daggers thrown at him from that custody fight with the loony stripper he knocked up.

  13. Sayers talking shit about this reminds me of Tarkington spewing off before last year. Don’t talk shit about your team, get behind them and help where you can. Sayers is nothing more than a past great NFL player. He needs to be a fan of the Bears and like all of us follow “his team” blindly.

  14. jesus you are just pissing people off.
    remember what happened last time you started walkin around running your mouth.

  15. I think it is unfortunate that former players think they have the right to say anything just because they were great. I keep hearing, Urlacher should take the high road… Why? Sayers should take the high road and not say stupid things about his team. Sayers was good so is Urlacher but they both have never won much….

  16. 2 suckass players from a suckass organization
    Jay Cutler? REALLY?! you gave up that for Jay-the-INT-machine-Cutler???
    and now you got Mike Martz?????
    If Urlacher got mad at Sayers, he’s going to really be mad this season when the same thing happens and everybody clowns on the Bears.
    Brian change your diaper

  17. Urlacher’s mediocre ass couldn’t catch Sayers now.
    Using Urlacher logic, is the Fridge the greatest running back in Bears history?
    Got a paper cut at OTA’s yesterday, done for the year.

  18. dont see any wrong i n what urlacher said,why is it ok for sayers to bash him[or just being honest like he said],but when urlacher points out solid facts that totally blow sayers’ out the water,urlacher is in the wrong,no way. I believe urlacher led a defense on a team that went to a superbowl,and sayers had never even made the playoffs,just keep your mouth shut,its that old saying,”you should throw stones if you live in a glass house”,i know i wouldnt take any advice from anybody without the proper authority

  19. ChargerDouche, What have the Chargers ever done except getting launched from the playoffs every single year. I think the Chargers are the most over-hyped, over-rated team of the last 4-5 years. And you play in a weak division. Slap yourself!

  20. Middle linebackers who get juked by Tom Brady in the open field should avoid drawing attention to themselves.

  21. Santini meets Sayers.
    Sayers sounds just like the jealous old coot he is — drooling envy & regret over money he never saw as a player.
    Even worse, Sayers seems to be drooling anytime and anywhere he’s asked about the Bears hoping, it seems, to embarass them until paid to either shutup or sing a different tune.
    Yeah, you know it. Sayers knows it. He, we can surely spell it.

    ESPN: [Sayers] said he would like to be playing today.
    “You know why? Because of the money,” he said. “I wouldn’t change my game. I probably would be just as good because I would be on AstroTurf. The money, that’s the key right now. Everybody is making so much. A person snapping the football is making a million dollars.”

  22. Urlacher might as well go and flip this old legend over in his wheel chair. As a final courtesy though make sure he has his depends on.
    I must admit the bragging is a bit much. We have only won the NFC North twice and the NFC Championship once. 2005 and 2006 seems like a long time ago.
    Instead of whining and calling names they should settle this like real men, in the toughman competion or MMA bout for charity. The Fridge can help to set it up. Ditkus can be the quest referee. Maybe get Ditka to cover the event…

  23. my bum is on the swedish SWEDISH….. mafia
    really a pastor with a name like that.

  24. Sayers is a Hall Of Famer! misstackleLacher was a good LB above average at 1 point, may have been one of the best in the league. But get’s hurt almost every year . Good for Gale, he’s saying it like it is. They will suck. & Urlacker is washed up.
    Urlacker won’t be a HOF’er. Gales one up on him with that.

  25. If he doesn’t already know, Urlacher will learn that you don’t talk that way to Billy Dee Williams and expect to get off lightly.

  26. This team is going 4-12…… there are NO LEADERS in that locker room. Brian is more concerned with firing back through the media than he is with playing football.

  27. SYPH Urlacher
    Swedish Mafia-
    Thanks for smacking down that elitist JIMS fellow who seems to think he’s got christianity all figured out. I’m not sure how interested Jesus is in saving souls of those who condemn people (who just happen to be gods own creation) whose way of lives they don’t agree with. Jesus hung out with and loved prostitutes and poor people and never once mentioned drugs or homosexuality. He did like wine which has alcohol which is a drug. In fact he seemed to spend a lot of his time telling people not to judge others and worry about their own sins instead.

  28. I hope this means when Urlacher is done, he’s STFU and not make any comments…hopefully he’ll just go away.

  29. Sayers could probably juke Urlacher out of his shoes at this very moment.
    Urlacher needs to know his role and shut his mouth.

  30. Sayers is lucky that he was the best player on a bad team, in an era with very few stars and less teams. An injury cut his career short, a career spanning all of 6 years. Urlacher is entering his 10th season, I think.
    I think Sayers is the only hall-of-famer with a 6 year career.
    Shouldn’t his sense of entitlement have dried up by now? I’m with Urlacher on this one.
    Respect your elders? How about don’t be disrespectful to the youths too? [Urlacher’s 32 yrs old and shouldn’t be talked about as a youth, although Sayers talks to him as one]
    Shut up, Gale.
    Urlacher could catch you and whip your butt.

  31. so basicly what your saying is that everybody has the right to say whatever they want about any player and thier team and they have to take it without saying anything back?maybe that’s how you do things but as a big bears fan he’s right and I hope he does not do the I was misquoted thing tom. and everything is fine pc crap. hey I remember sayers playing and he was a great player when he wasn’t hurt which as I recall was most of the time and urlacher was right about those teams they sucked!and as for urlacher the player he will be just fine if he is helathy and it’s not his fault if lovie smith won’t make any changes to a defense other coaches have figured out how to beat.

  32. That’s right Brian. Let that fire burn. If you want to prove Sayers wrong then go and play out of your mind this season. Bear down Chicago.

  33. The Bears need beaten like an old rug…. wait a second… they are… never mind.

  34. Daboys0822 says:
    I think it is unfortunate that former players think they have the right to say anything just because they were great.

  35. Urlacher is so overhyped its ridiculous. He wasn’t even on the field for most of last season. Why does he think ANYONE cares about his opinions? He’s nobody.
    It’s obscene that he thinks he can talk smack to one of the greatest RBs to ever play the game. All-time, how many Bears were better players than Sayers? Urlacher isn’t even in the same hemisphere.

  36. Truth hurts ain’t it Urlacher, Urlacher thinks he is still good, but the whole world knows he is an injury prone has been LB. Play a full season, improve the team and then the big boys might give you a seat at the table. Either than that STFU

  37. gotta throw in my 2 cents…being a bears fan. In my honest opinion Gale Sayers was the greatest RB to ever carry the ball. That statement can/will start many an arguement.
    Gale is right, the Bears are an organization that needs to show improvement….NOW. There are many questions they need to answer this year or butts are on the line. On the other hand
    Urlacher is right, they have won more championships with him than with Sayers, it isn’t belittling Sayers skill or his heart. The Bears were fairly miserable in the 60s other than Sayers. Whether they have anymore championships in line I guess we’ll see.
    One thing though, all of the posters who are attacking Urlacher about being hurt need to check themselves. Urlacher has played for 11 seasons and has only missed 7 games in 2004 and last season.
    Sayers whom I idolized as a kid only played 7 seasons guys. He blew his knee out in his 3rd season! Only played the whole 14 game season 1 time after that, and only played 2 games per season the 2 following it! The guy only had 3 seasons he didn’t miss a game. So who is often hurt of the 2?

  38. Urlacher needs to be smarter than that. Sayers is a legend who was just being honest. He has no responsibility to be a Bears cheerleader. Urlacher should have taken the high road. There’s no way he’s not going to look bad.

  39. Urlacher is a douchebag.
    Sayers might not have won a Superbowl, but he’s a franchise legend, even a NFL legend. Urlacher is a guy who peaked long ago and was nowhere near the level of dominance at his position that Sayers was.
    Respect your elders, Brian. Also, a knee-jerk reaction pointing to Sayers’ career is a poor deflection from the truth that was in Sayer’s original comment.
    Childish, at best.

  40. “Let me ask you a question: ‘How many times did Sayers hook up with Paris Hilton while his wife and newborn were home?”’ “How many paternity suits has he been involved in? None. None. None.”

  41. The Bears were not a good team when Sayers played. Yet Sayers’ accomplishments, when healthy, were magical!!! Urlacker isnt half the player Sayers was!

  42. Sayers was always was a little prickly so his comments shouldn’t surprise anyone. But Urlacher reacted like a chump, not a champ. When you’ve been losing, you take criticism in stride and prove people wrong. Butt beret.

  43. @mooninlambeau
    “have the bears won with urlacher much anyway??? i mean yea they had that super bowl run then lost to the Colts, but other than that theyve finished second or third behind the vikings and packers year after year….”
    How about winning the division three times, a SB appearance, and four winning seasons?
    You’re just another know-nothing-about-football fan that infests this site.

  44. “When I am asked a question, I have to answer it,” Sayers said. “I don’t want anybody to think I am afraid to talk about the Bears. . . ”
    I can’t remember the last time Sayers said something nice about the Bears.
    Even in the midst of Devin Hester’s insanity-shortened run as a kick returner, in the interview I heard at the time, Sayers only begrudgingly admitted Hester was *good*, let alone better than him.
    Urlacher’s an idiot, but IMO Sayers is bitter and hates to admit the team continued to exist without him.

  45. every morning, usually after my second cup of coffee, i have a ritual and after that ritual is complete, i look down and what do i see??
    brian urlacher, thats who

  46. Urlacher is a hyped up player who cant get off any typle of block…..where was he in the superbowl against the colts? oh yea, out of position all game.
    What a joke
    Urlacher is a punk ass bitch and id slap him if was here and show him what a bitch he really is
    Dick Butkus

  47. Speaking of winning, don’t Sayers and Urlacher have exactly the same number of Super Bowl titles, which is coincidentally the same number I have. Urlacher has no room to speak, especially when questioning one of the game’s greats.

  48. Just so we are clear the game is much better today. If you good today ud be good in any era. Football is the one sport that has progressed. Baseball has degressed, but not football.

  49. Sayers is just a bitter old retired player, cause he couldn’t “cash-in” on players’ inflated salaries. That’s where the problem lies. I’m so glad I paid for a Payton jersey instead of someone who has nothing but criticism for his former team.

  50. Gale Sayers is the greatest RB to have played the game….. What dream are you living? Ever heard of Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Eric Dickerson? What about Eric Rhett? These are all RB higher on the alltime rushing list than Mr. Toot My Own Horn Sayers. Sayers played 6 years and only 2 of them were fascinating his rookie and sophmore years. Why is he in the hall of fame again? Oh because he had 6 TD’s in one game and 22 TD in a season. That was his rookie year. What else did he do? A one year wonder in the HOF.
    Urlacher has every reason to go off on this cat. And to those that think Urlacher would not have hurt Sayers had they played at the same time…..take a look at those SLOW ass LB’s that were chasing Sayers.
    And before anyone starts the ” but he got hurt” whine”. So did Rhett, Westbrook, Benson, Suhey, Jones, and a host of other RB’s that are higher on the alltime rushing list and have just as many TD’s as Sayers yet they are not in the HOF.
    Sayers STFU !!!!!!!!!!

  51. Talking smack about Gale Sawyers?? Brian should youtube some of Gales best clips. Dude was unreal.

  52. This is a Chicago area issue. Why raise it here? Just more evidence that anyone who buys a PFT magazine is wasting their money. PFT is banking on you posters being as foolish with your money as you are with your opinions.

  53. Gale Sayers didn’t use HGH.
    No way Urlacher isn’t juicing.
    He’s today’s Brian Bosworth.

  54. I honestly thought that Sayers had passed a long time back. Now, after he has had 40 years to rest and time to consider the game, I hope to hear more of his views of the NFL and Bears.

  55. ChargerDildo…..How many championships does your sorry-assed organization have again? (insert cricket noise here).

  56. Sayers is in the HOF after 6 years in the league. Urlacher probably never gets in. Sayers could still probably run circles and just run right over Urlacher. How many titles does Urlacher have? None. How many play-off wins? A handful?

  57. What is Sayers supposed to do, lie? He’s old school. Telling it like it is. He’s seeing what every RATIONAL fan sees, an aging defense, no playmakers on offense and a pussy for a QB in Cutler.
    Looks like Cutler is starting to rub off on Mr. Urlacher. Want some cheese with that wine Brian? Sack up and play Mr. Butthurt!!

  58. Someone asked him. He responded. He’s Gale Sayers, so it made print. The media sees at as controversial, published it, and Urlacher bit, hook line and sinker.
    Now, it’s become something bigger than it should be. Which is.. a difference of opinion. Period.
    Out of one side of his mouth, Urlacher slams Sayers, for not having a championship under his belt, and then in the next breath, out of the other side of his mouth, calls him an “all time great”.
    I’d ask Urlacher are only those with rings allowed to say anything? Are they they only ones who are capable of seeing what’s wrong with a team? And therefore should be the only ones to say what’s wrong? No. That’s censorship.
    You can listen to him, or ignore him. Slamming him, proves nothing to prove his point and makes him look like a petulant child.
    That last quote is nothing but whining about everyone throwing daggers, including former players. Which everyone HAS A RIGHT to throw.
    Sounds to me he wants everyone to shut up, unless they’ve got something good to say. advice he himself should follow.

  59. How is it that its Sayer’s fault that the Bears were never any good during his time there? Was it Barry Sanders’ s fault that the Lions weren’t any good when he was there? You cannot win in football without a good QB and a solid D. Urlacher should know this since the QB’s on the Bears have been atrocious for ages.
    Sayers is an all time great. Urlacher is not. Its really that simple. Urlacher and his team can win the next 3 Super Bowls and he would still never be a HOF’er like Sayers is.

  60. The Bears suck. Plain and simple. Urlacher is a goober and has spent most of his career injured. Gale Sayers was always overrated and never helped his team even make the playoffs let alone win a playoff game. I say that neither one of them have any room to talk. And i really hate when the old retired players like Sayers open their mouths about their old teams. Especially bitter ones like Sayers that NEVER won $hit. Reggie Bush is only been in the league 4 years and he gets critisized for being a bust yet he has won a championship game and a Super Bowl on a team that had never been to championship game in its entire history. To me, Urlacher and Sayers combined ain’t half the man/champion Reggie is!

  61. Sayers was magical to watch. Thinking about he and Butkus on the same team makes you wish they had had a QB.
    Urlacher would have been better off to shut up, post Sayers comments in the locker room and use it as a motivator than to pick a fight with one of the greats.
    Is Sayers bitter? – missing out on what could have been an amazing career and watching lesser talents get paid rediculous amounts of $$$ today – I think he has a right to be bitter.

  62. How quick people forget that Urlacher is the MJ, or Ryan Sandurg of Chicago. Those who have met Sayers know that he is a great player but one to one he is a pain in the ass. Leave the complaining to the fans, former players should hold themselves to a higher standard especially HOFers.

  63. anyone knocking sayers never saw him play. point blank. if you saw him play, or if you saw how his knee was blown out, you would never question either his toughness or his greatness. its no coincidence no one else with that short a career has ever been considered for the hall, but sayers was. while i won’t say he was the best rb (jim brown hands down), i will say he’s the most exciting runner i have ever seen. the seven touchdown game was just one day in a litany of many many incredible plays.
    as to urlacher, he is a good player, a pro bowler and has been to the playoffs. funny, but no one has noted how many teams went to the playoffs in sayers’ era. or how many playoff games there were each season in those days. or the fact that the lombardi packers were also in the same side of the league.
    no doubt, sayers was a back that changed the face of football. urlacher is about the third best middle linebacker in bears history after butkus and singletary. so if anyone should stfu, its urlacher.

  64. @ salmen76 and others
    I don’t understand how Urlacher has been injured most of his career? In 2004, he played 9 games because of an injury and last year he missed all but a half due to injury. Otherwise, he’s played in every game. I would say playing in 86% of your teams games isn’t being injured most of a career no matter who you are.
    Who cares if Sayers spouted off, he’s known for that and never says anything good about the Bears. I’ve met him several times, he’s bitter and cranky, too bad for him.
    Urlacher or any other current Bear for that matter should respond to Sayers, they are part of the team that Sayers is criticizing, I don’t blame any of them if they say something. Sure, Urlacher is a tool but at least he’s got some balls.
    I don’t see Jack Lambert criticizing the Steelers or other HOFers reeming their teams. Sayers should just shut the hell up and mid his own business.

  65. Good for Urlacher and I can’t stand the guy
    What has Gale won exactly to know about building a team?

  66. What everyone fails to understand here is that Sayers never, I repeat NEVER says anything nice about the Bears. Like someone else said, he mentioned Hester having a “good year” when he was shattering the return records and appearing in the SB.

  67. I think Sayers should have kept his thoughts to himself. It does not help the team by saying that, but Urlacher should also just keep quiet. By going after one of the best running backs ever will not help his standing with the fans. The only thing Url can do not is just go out and prove Sayers wrong.

  68. brian urlacher is somewhat out of line for asking what gale sayers had ever accomplished or whatever he exactly said. HOWEVER just like so many of you on here, I commend brian for sticking up for his team, as ALWAYS. He is a true Bear. Just like that Brett Favre is a true Viking, right vikings fans?..wait..

  69. On Total Access tonight they talked about this and one guy quoted Chris Rock who said something like “that old lady might deserve to get pushed down the stairs but you don’t DO it.”
    Urlacher has always been a mouth running punk bitch though. Just like Briggs.

  70. Urlacher win the Big one or be doomed…
    Chi town will forgive but if you fail.. now that you lauched back on Gayle.
    Please call Zack Thomas

  71. @Jesusismysavior
    Don’t you mean homosexuality?
    As a “straight-as-an-arrow-father-of-two”, i’d like to tell you a little something.
    Last I Checked, Jesus loved EVERYONE, correct?
    My place of worship also probably steered me wrong when they let me in the doors with my “marks of the beast” or all of my tattoos!! OH MY! It states twice in the bible not to mark your body, once referring to sexual purity, and one other place, which is defunct by today’s society. Sort of like where it says in the Bible that “women shouldn’t be allowed to preach”
    Try telling my female preacher that, or are we all going to hell too? I Admire your enthusiasm and passion for trying to steer others in the direction that you view as “the right way,” or “the only way,” I just don’t understand how we all should live this perfect mold of a life to be accepted by this “fear instilling and angry” God. It’s 2010 Homie. Your no closer to perfection as I am.

  72. Sayers may’ve gone a bit far.
    But attacking Gale Sayers?!?
    THE Gayle Sayers? One of the greatest players
    ever to pull on a uni? Dumb, no-win move.

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