Another Redskins player could be caught up in Galea case

The developments have been coming quickly in the case of Dr. Anthony Galea, who reportedly had Redskins receiver Santana Moss on his list of hGH-receiving patients.

According to Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in D.C., another Redskins player could be caught up in the case.

Per Russell, the legal documents refer to an “Athlete T” who received treatment from Galea in the Washington area on September 3, 2009.

That night, the Redskins were playing their final preseason game against the Jaguars.  In Jacksonville.

Thus, any Redskins player who was in Jacksonville for the game wouldn’t have been receiving treatment from Dr. Galea in D.C.  But any Redskins player who didn’t make the trip would be a potential recipient of Dr. Galea’s services — and possibly a recipient of hGH.

That said, it’s not yet known that the Washington-area patient was a member of the Redskins.

Still, why do we have a feeling that this thing is going to get bigger and uglier before it ever begins to fade away? 

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  1. Why do people care about pro athletes and PEDs? Whats the big deal? Is it because of the kids? Stop reporting on it, keep it a secret and the kids wont know. I dont care what anyone else puts in their bodies. Its their choice. If you’re a good athelete and you wanna be great, make millions of dollars at the risk of your own life, its your perogative.

  2. The best thing going for the skins is that its a problem around the entire league and everyone knows it. Sure, its skins players now but when this blows up NFL players will be comng out of the woodwork. This is Tiger Woods doctor as well for gods sake. This will get deep and until the NFL and NFLPA agree on either testing for HGH or just plain turning their head on the entire matter.
    These contracts these players play for are so rewarding its almost tough to blame the players to want to stay on the field and chase that “dream contract”. Lower these salaries and possibly make it not worth getting caught and maybe we will see less abuse and chances taken.
    Its so widely used and such a problem in major pro sports anymore that I dont even have a problem with players using it to get healthy quicker. I always wondered how these players came back in weeks after minor surgeries and scopes. Well, now I know! The bottom line is that the league needs to drop the hammer and test for it or suck it up and enjoy this monster they created called the National Football League which does in fact also stand NOT FOR LONG if these players cant stay healthy.
    Now raging roid heads is another issue and I have know clue where you draw the line and make one accectable and the other not.

  3. “Still, why do we have a feeling that this thing is going to get bigger and uglier before it ever begins to fade away?”
    Could it be that nothing gets bigger and uglier in the sports media than an off-season non-football story about football players?

  4. @flyingelvis
    PEDs are a differant animal. They are made to enhance your strength and speed. HGH is only being used to heel someone quicker so they can get on the field. Romanowski, who I know he has zero credibillity but he does know a TON about the subject, kind of shed some light on the matter. I can see the Romanowski jokes stockpiling now but this guy has nothing to lose in telling the truth. Im just glad he wasnt hired as the strength coach. Could you imagine how messy this could be? lol

  5. I went back through the news clips online and found the following……
    Injuries: Redskins – DT Albert Haynesworth (illness), LB London Fletcher (foot), CB Carlos Rogers (calf) and RB Clinton Portis (ribs) won’t play.
    If it was Haynesworth or Portis it would be a BIG deal…..If it was Fletcher or Rogers, people won’t care as much.

  6. hey 4skin fans…dont make excuses for your dumbass team. your players are taking banned substances and still finished last place at 4-12. Own up to it and move on you idiots. Even trying to cheat your team came in last place. LMFAO.
    I hope it is Orakpo too. Moss and Orakpo out for 4 games. After 4 games 4skins 0-4 and weasel Synder is going to have a revolt from the fan base again.

  7. The use of HGH is prescribed for ‘Major Trauma’ in the US. The use of HGH to help in healing is well documented and does work, but it is NOT proven to help in any aspect when injecting HGH directly into the affected area. Site injections are not proven to do anything and are hypothetical as a medical benefit. The way humans secret HGH naturally and the way we benefit from it are directly a result of metabolism into our body system. Again, direct site injections to an injured site have not been beneficial and are contradictory to the way our body system works.
    For that, Dr. Galea was operating under the assumption that he had found something beneficial to ‘site injections’. This experimental use of HGH most likely had no use. An athlete that consented to HGH site injections didn’t know what he was doing and was going on the word of a Dr. who was basically conducting his own experiments.
    HGH site injections are basically a waste. The benefits of HGH on an injury are directly correlated to the fact that HGH releases ‘satellite cells’ at an increased rate. Humans replace dead cells in their bodies with the release of satellite cells (cells held in waiting). The increase in HGH in the body releases these satellite cells at an increased rate. When we are young, our HGH levels are at their peak. As we age, the amount of HGH that our body releases steadily decreases. Thus, we age. By increasing the amount of HGH in our body, our bodies release these cells in waiting at an increased rate and virtually replace and repair the injured or dead cells. Increased cellular metabolism is the reason HGH is useful.
    The way HGH is metabolized in the body CANNOT work with site injections based on the way our bodies utilized the hormone. It’s a waste. Further, to inject into an injury site most likely has no benefit at all and simply hurts!
    I am a medical professional and have had major trauma that required HGH for a year. The use of HGH must be injected subcutaneously at multiple times in any given day for an extended period of time for the flooding of the satellite cells and have it’s positive effect on the human body. Simply site injecting a couple of times into an injury site has no medical advantage whatsoever at all and additionally has no way of being a PED.

  8. Experts have said the HGH wont make you a better player. The fact that there were Redskins taking HGH proves that point.

  9. Cue the Brian Orakpo and Laron Landry accusers.
    Oh wait, some scholar named boysroll has already taken a shot at Orakpo. Surely he checked with his sources first before making such an accusation.
    Couldn’t have predicted a Cowboys fan taking a cheap shot.

  10. What’ the big deal with HGH? These guys put their bodies through hell every week to entertain the masses. If there is a drug that aids their bodies in the healing process, let them take it.
    I think it’s unfair to place a PED stigma on a guy who is only trying to heal faster.

  11. @ Keith: Excellent detective work. It is my understanding that Haynesworth’s “illness” was induced by stuffing his pie hole with too many doughnuts.

  12. Wait, wait, wait……what about the 11 Cleveland players? Than could be Lebron, Shak, you just don’t know! Come on there were players named from 8 different cities.
    (Athletes are identified by a letter)
    • Washington … A, T
    • New York … B, I, U
    • Tampa … C, F
    • Orlando … D
    • Boston … E, J
    • San Francisco … G
    • San Diego … H
    • Cleveland … K, L, M, P, Q, R, S, V, W, X, Y

  13. The only people that care about HGH or PED’s are sports writers and sports talk hosts because it gives them material to cover. The rest of the world could care less. Would I rather see a player from my favorite team miss 10 games or 4 games? Let me think about that…

  14. By the way why couldn’t that second individual from DC be from the Capitals or the Wizards?

  15. “Still, why do we have a feeling that this thing is going to get bigger and uglier before it ever begins to fade away? ”
    And if PFT has anything to say about it- it will be as big and ugly as possible to boost ratings.
    Anyone notice how PFT tends to wallow in all things negative to the NFL and hardy a mention of any of the good things that the athletes do, like charity work and visiting kids in hospitals?

  16. Kieth,
    You do realize what kind of LB Fletcher is. He is a solid 100 tackle a year LB. He is one of the most under rated LB in the history of the game.

  17. I come in from time to time and offer snide comments about other teams troubles with players, especially other NFC East teams. Smack talk is part of the fun – especially when Cowgirl fan makes it so easy. Since I was a kid I enjoyed a team, led by Joe Gibbs, that avoided becoming a haven for malcontents and lowlife thugs. Gibbs’ teams won the right way. It was a source of pride to the fans. Then came Little Danny and the demolition of a proud franchise.
    I still hold out hope that Allen and Shanahan represent a renewal of pro football in DC. But, it has to start with accountability. I don’t care if 85% of NFL players do it, I want the 15% to include the 53 Redskins. Whether it’s Moss, Fletcher, Portis, Haynesworth or freakin’ John Riggins, if they cheat, get them the hell out of town.
    4-12 is brutal enough, but 4 wins with cheaters – unacceptable. I know that I am naive and childlike when it comes to the NFL – how else could a grown man say “we” about a billion dollar business that only wants his ticket, parking and concession money to fuel the exorbitant profits of the owner and the excessive salaries of the players. But we all need our diversions, I guess.
    One thing I do know – I’d rather endure 4-12 seasons than “celebrate” the Super Bowl victories of the Ben Roethlisbergers and the Michael Irvins.
    Little Danny – Show some guts, show some pride in an organization you famously rooted for as a child in your Redskin beltbuckle – Bite the bullet and clean house of malcontents and drug users! Do it now!

  18. Why do people care about pro athletes and PEDs?
    I care because these are the “best in the world,” at what they do. Get paid in truckfuls of money, and it is cheating. If you can’t play in the NFL, without cheating don’t be there. Thank goodness justin harrell is clean.

  19. shaggytoodle,
    Don’t be so naive, cheating is a part of sports just like it’s a part of every day life. Players have been finding new ways to maintain their jobs in the NFL since its inception by cheating. If you hate to see players cheat you better stop watching the NFL all together.
    Again, the only people that really care are the reporters, without “scandals” their jobs would be meaningless.

  20. You know how naive and plain dumb you are if you come here and talk smack about the Skins and their “cheating” ways?!! I’m only going to say this once: Whoever your favorite team is has and has had CHEATERS!! So why be a hyprocrite and come here and rag on the Skins…??? Give me a break!!

  21. Duck Fallas says:
    May 21, 2010 7:22 AM
    Skins should just forfeit their season. It’d only be around 4-7 wins anyway.
    Lets see how the Redskins do with a healthy roster. Chris Samuels-out now replaced, Randy Thomas- out now replaced, Clinton Portis- out now healthy, Chris Cooley- out now healthy not including the newest additions to the roster to ugrade the depth on this team. Just keep on hating and watch the Redskins take over the NFC east and it will be sooner than later.

  22. The NFL has made a rule that is impossible to enforce with justice because it does’nt test for HGH , the main reason being is they know theirs no fair way to do it with accuracy. The blood test is the most funtional way and even that has loop holes. The players union is 100 percent opposed to blood testing, so we what we have is ball of confusion, accusations, denials, ignorance,and fuel for the media.

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