Don't rule out JaMarcus Russell in Arizona

Several weeks ago, we reported that the Cardinals could be interested in quarterback Marc Bulger.  Though the report came into question, we stood by it.

And we’ve been vindicated, sort of, by Jason Cole’s recent report that Bulger remains on the radar screen, given that neither Matt Leinart nor Derek Anderson are lighting it up in offseason workouts.

But there’s another quarterback who should be kept in mind:  JaMarcus Russell.

Now that you have climbed back into your chair after laughing so hard that you fell out of it, keep one key fact in mind.  Russell is represented by Ethan Lock, the long-time partner of Eric Metz, whose clients include Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Though there’s no guarantee that the connection would prompt Whisenhunt to give Russell a chance, Metz could try to subtly — and persistently — lobby Whisenhunt to take a shot at the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft.

Before Russell lands anywhere, he needs to get himself ready for his next opportunity.  Cole reports that Russell will be heading to Arizona to lose at least 25 pounds before trying to get another NFL job.

So, basically, Russell’s chance of ending up in Arizona depends on his ability to meet his goal of losing at least 25 pounds in his upcoming visit there.

50 responses to “Don't rule out JaMarcus Russell in Arizona

  1. Weight is part of the issue. But we’ve seen players (Janikowski) overcome that with determination. Russell just doesn’t seem to have that. Sure you can’t compare a QB to a kicker, but you can compare one fatass to another. If Jumbo starts distributing X to people, then we know he’s on the right track.
    He’s done, it’s just how does this story end????

  2. To ensure he meets his goal, Whiz refused the request for a golf cart to bring JaMarcus from the limo in the parking lot to his office door.
    Known for his tough love approach, the Cards coach added, “I hear it’s going to be a hot day too.”.

  3. Why don’t you just throw his name out to every possible team like you always do, then you can say as we reported earlier…like you always do

  4. Ha! Jamarcus is OVER 300 pounds and he thinks he ONLY has to lose 25 pounds??? The guy was heavy at 260! Russell should not be allowed on a field until he is 250- the guy is a slug- I would be amazed if he could drop 10 pounds in a couple months

  5. That distant scream of noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you heard in the distance was Larry Fitzgerald.

  6. Why does he want to lose weight now? Why didnt he try for the team that OVER PAYED for his services? He wants another payday ha not the candy bar this time!

  7. Looks like Matt Leinart has joined the top 3 bust list, so Jamarcus don’t feel so lonely……….
    HA HA HA

  8. JaMarcus could also be in line to replace “The Refridgerator” Perry as team mascot of the Chicago Bliss of the LFL.

  9. Florio put the crack pipe down and step away from it. Fatmarcus is done in the NFL and any team that gives him a shot will deserves the losses it gets as a result.
    Next you’ll be saying Ryan Leaf will be getting another shot ROFL

  10. Don’t rule out JaMarcus Russell in Arizona
    I’m ruling him out anyway.

  11. this makes no sense. if leinart or anderson don’t look good the cards need a STARTER. bulger makes sense. he’s been successful before and probably will be again if he plays behind a solid o-line and he has receivers. jamarcus is AT BEST a 3rd string project QB that may pan out in a few years. if leinart and anderson suck it up how would jamarcus help?
    of course being a 9er fan i can only hope they sign jamarcus. while they are unlikely to win the division without the help of warner, jamarcus at QB would make it a certainty that they finish 3rd in the division behind seattle!

  12. Here’s a Niners fan hoping they sign him..
    ..not counting on it though

  13. Matt Leinart is not even fat, so at least Jamarcus has an excuse………….. I guess Matt “Great Hope” Leinart just plain sucks………….
    HA HA HA

  14. ya florio your an idiot how many far fetched ideas do u come up with… maybe his agent can talk to his grandma and then her agent can call belicheck and brady’s gold fish could…

  15. Arizona is hot as hell, but it’s a dry heat. No way he can sweat out 25 pounds of water weight by sitting on his ass in the sun there.

  16. Correction, Jamarcus Russell is going to Arizona to lose 25lbs of that 39 million at the buffett. He thinks Cardinal is on the menu.

  17. Yes yes yes sign him. Oh lord how quickly they would plummet just because of the blobs presence.

  18. I read a report that said JaMarcus will NOT play in the UFL or Canada and, “he is preparing himself as if he will be playing in the NFL this year.” That right there should scare away any team, considering his past “preparation” while he was actually employed in the NFL.

  19. Don’t laugh, JaggedMark – Mr. Fitzgerald might be the only receiver in the NFL with the skills to be able to dive and catch a JaCarcass fast ball two inches above the turf or one foot behind his shoulder or two feet above his head…which is what you get with JaFatass – a pass thrown ‘in the vicinity’ of the receiver.

  20. Russell showed up to minicamp weighing 10lb less than his left tackle. And he’s slower.

  21. Don’t rule out JaMarcus Russell in Arizona…as an offensive lineman.

  22. ☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    May 21, 2010 5:50 PM
    I hope he lands somewhere
    That will leave another big crater in the AZ landscape!

  23. No way! We have Matt, Andrrson and our development rook Skelton.
    I’ll give 20-1 odds

  24. “Don’t rule out JaMarcus Russell in Arizona”

  25. He heard that with the new immigration policy in Az in effect, he had a good chance of scooping up some free food when they whisk the Mexicans out of the restaurants and off to jail.
    Just gotta make sure his stomach gets used to spicy…after all, it’s a different spicy than from down on the bayou…

  26. BlondBlueDevils says:
    May 21, 2010 6:05 PM
    Looks like Matt Leinart has joined the top 3 bust list, so Jamarcus don’t feel so lonely……….
    HA HA HA

  27. Phoenix is so close to Vegas that JaMarcus is willing to pay the Cardinals for a roster spot!

  28. Jason Cole trying to blame the Raiders for Russell’s lack of fundamentals and poor mechanics is weak. Gradkowski & Frye actually looked improved. And using Andrew Walter as an example? The guy was outplayed by Aaron Brooks & Josh McCown on the same sorry teams and pouted his way to being released. He’s not in the league because he makes Jeff George look like Joe Montana when it comes to leadership.
    The Raiders are to blame for:
    1. Drafting Russell
    2. Signing him, especially after his holdout extended into the regular season. Plus, the sticking point was not the $, but that the guaranteed portion encompass non-football related injury as well, which should have been a big red flag
    3. Switching coaches and playcallers
    4. Publicly discussing how fired coach felt about drafting him
    5. Not holding him accountable by defending him and shielding him from criticism
    6. Believing in and trusting him
    Russell is to blame for:
    1. Not attempting to live up to his duty as a high draft pick and help turn a bad team around
    2. Holding out and putting his and his agent’s greed ahead of working with his team and getting on the field
    3. Not putting in extra time at practice or in the film room, trying to catch up with changes in the playbook or working with coaches.
    4. Rewarding the people who were counting on him, paying his salary and stuck their necks out for him by being lazy, self-centered and indifferent
    5. Not holding himself accountable and pointing the finger at others
    6. Allowing himself to get out-of-shape, party too much, fall asleep during meetings, get benched for 2 backups and refusing a paycut
    The “no WR’s” or “O-Line was terrible” excuse is garbage too, because Russell had his best 6 games with a similar lineup at the end of 2008. Gradkowski & Frye seemed to do OK and actually helped get better results and effort from those groups.
    The Raiders brought in different position coaches, offensive assistants, veteran QB’s and a babysitter to try to get through to Russell, so much of the turnover was a result of his refusal to try. Even the Davis/Kiffin feud should have motivated Russell to prove he was worth the pick, or justify the team’s belief in him. Jason Campbell had several coaches and playcallers dating back to college–more than Russell and Walter–but has never pointed the finger or given up.
    Bottom line- As dysfunctional as the Raiders have been, those who go out of their way to fault Oakland for Russell’s failure are either swayed by their feelings, repeating what someone else said or wrote, or is bashing the team in order to increase traffic.
    How many of the same people blame the Chargers for ruining Ryan Leaf? Or the Bears for destroying Rex Grossman?

  29. Good grief, The Cardianls already drafted Dan Williams, we don’t need another big butt lineman…
    Go Fish!

  30. No matter where JR lands, it’ll show up on the nearest seismograph.

  31. Run. Run hard. He is a good qb but I don’t think he has the love for the game anymore that’s why he put the 25+ on

  32. Jamarcus couldn’t lose 25 lbs when he had $6.5M riding on (somehow) staying on the Raiders’ roster. $6.5M! All he had to do was train hard & PRETEND to be interested in playing football. He couldn’t do it. This is why I can’t see him suddenly waking up when he has the NFL minimum on the line. The league minimum is approximately 1/10th of what he might have made if he could have convinced anyone in Oakland that he had turned over a new “Leaf”. Instead, he turned INTO the “new Leaf”…

  33. And I pray:
    “Dear Lord, thank you again for the retirement of Kurt Warner. While he is a great man, we in Seattle will not miss him on Sundays this fall.
    Please continue to stack the deck for our beloved Seahawks in the NFC West by Arizona signing Jamarcus Russel.
    In Your Glorious Name,

  34. I didn’t realize that a person can eat cactus and sand, I guess J.R probably could. Does Florio just make up dumb sht to write about? There is no way he will be a Cardinal

  35. Russell can learn from Leinart how to be irrelevant while NOT playing
    Russell can learn from Derek how to insult the fan base he just left
    Russell can teach others how to suck even more than they already have

  36. I hope he get’s it together. As a true sports fan you have to pull for him. He needs to lose more than 25 pounds, more like 35-40.
    He has a cannon for an arm, he needs to get into shape and work with some good coaches. The Cardinals would be a great place for him to start over.

  37. Jalardass will end up with kc or san diego. If he’s ever gainfully employed by an nfl team again it will be in the afc west and Denver already has its bakers dozen of qb’s

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