Graves: Cardinals aren't talking to Marc Bulger

Cardinals G.M. Rod Graves has heard the latest Marc Bulger-to-Arizona rumors.  And while he downplayed the seriousness of the team’s interest, he didn’t rule out the possibility of adding Bulger in the future.

We are not actively engaged in discussion with Marc Bulger,” Graves
said to Steve Wyche of “If he is interested, we’re appreciative, but right now,
we’re focused on the guys that we have here. Matt has done a great job
so far, but so has Derek Anderson and our young guys.”

So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

“I’ve learned to never say never,” Graves said.  “Who knows what may happen? Ken [Whisenhunt] hasn’t made any final decisions on who will be the starter
at quarterback. Right now, we’re not looking outside of our group.
That’s not our focus.”

Darren Urban, writing for the Cardinals website, knows the dynamics involved in Arizona as well as anyone.  He thinks bringing in Bulger would essentially be the end of Leinart’s chances with the team.

That’s a massive decision and it’s not one the Cardinals are ready to make anytime soon based on Graves’ comments.

11 responses to “Graves: Cardinals aren't talking to Marc Bulger

  1. Orton to Arizona!
    And that leaves,,,,,umm..Tebow and Quinn in Denver?
    Only time will tell how that works out.

  2. Two things:
    1.) Orton makes sense. He is a safe replacement. Word out of Denver is that he has looked good, but that the other two (don’t sleep on Brandstater) have also looked good. Tebow…blah, blah, blah.
    2.) Lauren Holly was hot.

  3. Bulger should charge a commission on his rumors. That way he wouldn’t have to come back.

  4. Hopefully Bulger socked that Rams money away. He knew he was stealing and once someone figure him out the gravy train was going to stop.

  5. what the hell ever happened to john navarre ?(go cudahy.) i guarantee he is at least ten times better than fat russell.

  6. That same article basically said PFT is full of BS for speculating about Russell in AZ.

  7. I don’t get it. Bulger was good when he had talent around him, something to work with. If he goes to Arizona, they’ll be good.

  8. Bulger has been surrouned by crap coaching, and a crap team for a few years. With the proper coaching staff and even decent weapons, he still has some good years left. I would love to see him go to Arizona, I would take him over Leinart or Anderson in a second. Somthing tells me That he ain’t gonna go hold Cutler’s clip board in Chicago. Last thing Chicago wants/needs right now is a qb controversy.

  9. Why must history repeat itself? The last team Derek Anderson was on spent a butt load of money for someone else and watched Anderson go 10-6 as the temporary starter just to watch the guy they set up to replace him stink up the place and go back to him for the next two years. By the way, this wasn’t any team, it was the CLEVELAND BROWNS….10-6…FOR THE CLEVELAND BROWNS. Imagine how good he should be if he had real football players to play with like Larry Fitzgerald and Beanie Wells…wait a minute….he does have real football players around him. If Anderson got the Browns in playoff contension he probably would have done better on the Rams then Bulger which makes him the superior QB.

  10. The Cardinals really need to look at former heisman winner TROY SMITH.
    This coming from a Cowboys fan.

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