Grove's gig isn't guaranteed

Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have done a nice job building up the talent base in Miami, but they have had their share of misfires in free agency.  (Gibril Wilson, anyone?)

Some of their priciest signings have been on the offensive line.  Guard Justin Smiley, given a $9 million signing bonus in 2008, is set to be cut or released.  Center Jake Grove, given a $12 million signing bonus last offseason, isn’t even guaranteed to start this year.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald writes that Grove and Joe Berger have been splitting reps with Miami’s first team.  Berger signed a low-cost deal last year and started six games, mostly when Grove was hurt.

We suppose you could say that Berger is a bargain as much as Grove is a bust.  But that would be too positive a spin for us.

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  1. This is some BS “reporting”.
    Armando reported what he saw, and he suggested that maybe Grove “had underperformed” and/or that Berger “had overperformed” last year.
    Yes, he did suggest that something might be amiss here given the dollar figures each man has earned so far.
    He does suggest that this is a “competition” but where did he cite one team source that said it was?
    He didn’t.
    For you to suggest that Grove is somehow not the starting center based on this small shred of evidence is a bit of a stretch and it’s pretty stupid IMO.

  2. Which team was more stupid (or foolish)? The first team that gave Gibril (cant hate him too much, we went to the same HS) and Grove the chance/$ or tje 2nd team?

  3. The phins centers were good last year. Just because the dolphins like to have competition to push their players doesn’t make the players busts.

  4. Grove wasn’t a bust last year. He just gets hurt. And Berger is a good player. A former Saban pick that he lost to roster shuffling…

  5. It’s an honest opinion by this writer to suggest the Dolphins could be looking at another C, one who stays healthy.
    Al Davis realized Groves wasn’t a C who can stay healthy for a full year so he let him go. It wasn’t because he’s not talented, he’s just injury prone at a volatile position that needs consistency.
    Al Davis also let Gibril Wilson go. Kind of funny how the old man can still make some good decisions.

  6. C’mon, anyone who has followed this regime knows that ‘depth’ charts this time of year are bogus. Last year at this time, Shawn Murphy was the “starting” RG….he never even made the final 53 roster….
    Just another Salguero idiotic article….please…

  7. I tried to tell all that would listen about Groves. There was a reason that the Raiders never made him a big offer when he became a Free Agent.
    In Oakland he always was hurt and he was never the big physical center able to take on the big nose guys in the 3-4. Great kid but Miami way over payed for this guy and if he was as good as Miami thought the Raiders never would have let him go.

  8. The real problem is no one PFT knows very much about pro foot ball, so get some one who knows what they are talking about. Bill

  9. Smiley nor Groves are bust. Might be injury plagued but not bust. With that said I think if Berger equals the play of Groves, then Groves will be cut or traded. Why? Because it is the perfect time to get rid of players with big contracts. A good sign of that is that fact they brought in Cory Proctor in for a try out.

  10. Meh.
    While i’ll agree the front office hasn’t been stellar in free agency, i think this is a poor case for that argument. Both players are good – one just got injured last year.
    Of course you also realize that absent the star players, most positions are “up for grabs” in the offseason. It’s all just talk to push the players and keep them from becoming comfortable.

  11. Grove wasn’t a bust.
    He played quite well last year before getting hurt. But there was little/no drop-off when Berger stepped in last year.
    It’s indeed a competition. Sparano himself said so this week, and that they will continue alternating who’s ‘up’ each day in practice.
    As my friend CK has hypothesized, the Dolphins could be in Pay-Go mode. And subtracting Grove’s contract could mean adding one for O.J. Otogwe pretty soon.

  12. “if he was that good the raiders never would have let him go” -snnyjcbs
    yea the raiders never make any dumb personel decisions!!!!

  13. # BENITO says: May 22, 2010 9:21 AM
    “if he was that good the raiders never would have let him go” -snnyjcbs
    yea the raiders never make any dumb personel decisions!!!!
    At least we can say we’re making less of the stupid ones lately.
    You still have Jake Grove at big money, so good luck getting 6 games a year out of him before he gets hurt. It’s a repeating cycle.

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