Gus Johnson will be the new play-by-play voice of Madden 11

The easily excitable (and, in most cases, that’s a good thing) Gus Johnson has a new job.  He’ll handle the play-by-play duties for the newest edition of the Madden video game franchise.

Johnson replaces Tom Hammond.  Cris Collinsworth, who succeeded John Madden on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, will remain in the game.

Johnson calls NFL and college basketball games for CBS.  He previously supplied his pipes for EA Sports’ “NCAA Basketball 10.”

“Once again, basketball has given me another opportunity,” Johnson told Eric Fisher of SportsBusiness Journal.  “This one was definitely more extensive, but it was a lot of fun, and
presented an opportunity to put my personality into it.  I’m very

So is Florio Jr., who already is counting the days for the game to be released.  It arrives on August 11, complete with a Madden Gras in New Orleans, NFL home of cover boy Drew Brees.

49 responses to “Gus Johnson will be the new play-by-play voice of Madden 11

  1. I will have the volume turned down in this year’s Madden, too. This guy is annoying as hell

  2. I mean, this guy is a good announcer, but the lovefest for him is waay over the top.

  3. It will suck just like the previous one. They should of taken a year off to make a new game engine. Especially on defence, where DBs seem to know where the ball is without turning around and make the pick.
    GARBAGE GAME. At least they replaced one of the goons now if only they could get rid of pencil neck.

  4. Gus Johnson just sold me this game. Seriously. I wasn’t going to get it before now.

  5. Yeah I heard in Madden Gras, you take Drew Brees and work on his accuracy and throw beads at girls up on the buildings!

  6. This much coolness could only be surpassed if they let Chuck Norris do play-by-play.
    Of course he’d say the last inning was a wicked googliey with a wicked shot from downtown that left a 7-10 split – and you’d have to agree or else he would eat your soul.

  7. I just hope they include the tag “He’s got getting-away-from-the-cops speed” when Im burning the defense on an 80 yard Counter.

  8. Madden was horrible last year. It was by far the worst of the installments.. Too much junk in there for it’s own good.. Hope 11 is a LOT better

  9. To CanadianVikingFan:
    I could not agree more. The second they got the exclusive license for the NFL games the gameplay started going down hill.
    Nothing more frustrating than seeing one-on-one coverage with your receiver having inside position and throwing a bullet to him only to watch the defender magically pass through your receiver to make a pick.
    That and the game engine decides who wins a game , not the actual play of the gamers. I play 3-4 franchise games a week with a roommate who is about equal in skill. The games are RARELY close in 2010. Either I throw 4 picks, fumble two or three times and he throws no picks; or I throw no picks and he throws for interceptions and fumbles multiple times. It is NEVER balanced
    That said… I got REALLY EXCITED when I read this headline, then I saw he WASN’T replacing Collinsworth.
    Madden was cheeky, crazy, and a football genius in his commentary. Half of what he said during the game made you chuckle or flat out guffaw.
    Collinsworth is annoying, boring and a football know-it-all. His commentary in the game makes me want to hit him. He mocks you, constantly. Madden would just point out how stupid your decision was, Collinsworth just tells you you are stupid.

  10. Gus Johnson is the worst play by play guy in football. His voice is annoying – and he has a bias in favor of one team in every game he does – and is terrible at hiding it.

  11. Agreed. This guy used to do bottom quarter of NFL matchups. I had friends in Baltimore who had to listen to this guy after one of the Raven’s losing seasons and remarked how they almost couldn’t bear it.
    Is talent that thin in the play-by-play ranks?

  12. This is the best news I’ve ever gotten. I’ve been begging for this since Madden left the game. Can’t wait to hear Gus scream his lungs out over an incompletion.

  13. So if Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday (Mardi being Tuesday and Gras being fat)…..Madden Gras would be…? Redundant?

  14. God, why can’t they get rid of Collinsworth? That guy completely sucks and makes 9 out of 10 people want to disembowel themselves with a dull, rusty sickle from the 1950’s Soviet Union.

  15. Awesome choice!!! The guy sucks as an MMA announcer, but thats CBS’ fault. He was born to do football. I get the Sunday ticket, and if hes calling a Lions/Rams game, I’m tuning in. He truly loves football and it shows in every game he broadcasts. Once again, excellent choice.
    I’m just glad its not Jim Nance, that guy is a walking tranquilizer.

  16. Why can’t they replace Collinsworth. Please?
    Al Michaels needs to do the play by play. As far as far as commentary, there really isn’t anyone great anymore.

  17. ShockAndAwe09NYG! says:
    May 21, 2010 1:09 PM
    Yeah I heard in Madden Gras, you take Drew Brees and work on his accuracy and throw beads at girls up on the buildings!
    LOL the last thing Brees needs to work on is his accuracy!

  18. As long as we get gems like “that’s runnin from the cops speed.” I’m in.
    Just hope it’s not hokey where you run a draw for 5 yards and he has an orgasm.

  19. I really can’t stand Gus Johnson. All he does is shout.
    He is lucky enough to sit in on some of the best NCAA hoops games and is now considered good because of it?
    At least his shouting is better than Dick Vitale.
    Anybody else notice Andrew Siciliano always mocking Johnson on the Red Zone?

  20. He once made a meaningless Steelers vs Browns game at seasons ends sound as important as the Super Bowl. Love this guy!

  21. Gus Johnson kicks everyone elses ass at commentating…especially Madden’s dumb-ass…

  22. Gus Johnson is a great announcer, if your definition of great is screaming incoherently and overshadowing the moment or even when the situation doesn’t call for excitement. The cult following has made him even worse.

  23. Gus Johnson is the man. He has the ability to bring excitement to any game.
    This is great

  24. Gus Johnson is the man. Youtube his clip from NCAA tournament with the last second jump shot for Gonzaga, or Mark Buehrles no-hitter from last year. He’s like a kid getting to announce games, pure energy,
    “Bautista with the caaaaaaaaaaaaaatch!!!!!!!!!!”

  25. This game has been disapointing me for years. Haven’t even bought it for the last couple years. If you own one, you own them all. Is their anything new in this one?

  26. if you play as the tennessee titans, and break a long touchdown run with chris johnson, is gus gonna say, “he’s got run from the cops speed!”

  27. (screen pass completed in the flats)
    Actually, this is a great move by EA. Long overdue.

  28. I like Gus. Astute play-by-play man. Doesn’t miss much. And should be a good addition to Madden.

  29. Lets hope the game doesn’t glitch another dumb ass brain fart from this idiot like he did during the Strike Force brawl.

  30. Yup – Gus does bottom of the barrel NFL games
    We get him and Steve Tasker almost every week in Buffalo

  31. The Madden franchise has been circling the drain ever since it secured the exclusive rights to NFL content. No competition = no motivation.
    Before I bought 10, I hadn’t played the previous 2 versions of the franchise, and I was very disappointed to find that the only changes to the game were ones that I hate. They got rid of the mini-camp drills, which was just about the only side game that was interesting. Player progression, which had NOTHING WRONG WITH IT in previous versions, has been made into a joke. The best part of franchise mode USED TO BE progressing the players on the roster. Apparently, it is very difficult to get the CPU defense to act realistically, because they still play WAAAAAAAAY better than their player controlled counterparts. For as long as I can remember, it’s been as if the programmers expect the human player to control all 11 players on defense, as well as switch to the target WR immediately in order to correct the dumbass actions he takes after the QB throws the ball.
    If anyone from EA is reading this blog, your product sucks, and the NFL would do very well to break the exclusive chain that is tying them to your lazy, content recycling, trite franchise. This new format, where I don’t call plays, seems both interesting and extremely lame at the same time. I am interested to see how it works, but I already know there is a 75-100% chance that it will be a disappointment, just as the rest of the game has become.
    Oh, and Chris Collinsworth is BY FAR the worst color man in the business. I would rather listen to Kramer cuss out hecklers over and over again, rather than listen to this joker.

  32. f*ck this game … Gus Johnson is the best announcer today calls the games as they should be

  33. Thank god i dont have to listen to that dolt collinsworth anymore in Madden. And I agree madden sucks ass, but there is no other choice, and since i love football and want to play a football game, i have no other option then pira.. i mean acquiring madden

  34. oh god, another PR hype my madden.
    they do this every year and the game never changes
    NFL 2k5 = the game to play.
    too bad the nfl sold its exclusive rights as the 2k series was about to take over madden in terms of popularity.
    im terms of true X & O football, nfl 2k5 for reg xbox is still light years ahead of madden
    madden is built for the casual gamer, nfl 2k is built for the football minded gamer
    that being said….BACKBREAKER FOOTBALL NEXT WEEK!!!
    if that sucks ill continue playing nfl 2k5 & all pro football 2k8 until 2k hopefully comes back in feb 2013 when the exclusive nfl contract expires

  35. Please get rid of Collinsworth!!! He is an annoying bum!
    I miss Madden. I say Florio takes over for Collinsworth…..stupid egghead shaped bum.

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