Report: Cardinals not impressed with Leinart, could sign Bulger

In April PFT reported that the Arizona Cardinals could be interested in signing former St. Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger. Today a new report says the Cardinals are still interested, in part because of Matt Leinart’s performance this offseason.

Jason Cole of Yahoo reports that the Cardinals’ coaching staff hasn’t been impressed with the work of either Leinart or Derek Anderson, and that coach Ken Whisenhunt will want to make a play for Bulger if he doesn’t see improvement from the quarterbacks he already has.

It makes sense that Whisenhunt might think he could take a former Rams quarterback who appears to be washed up and turn him into a solid starter. He already did it once with Kurt Warner.

Bulger didn’t have a particularly good season in 2009, with a 70.7 passer rating. Then again, that’s better than the 2009 passer rating of Leinart (64.6) and Anderson (42.1).

77 responses to “Report: Cardinals not impressed with Leinart, could sign Bulger

  1. Too bad Jimmy Clausen wasn’t on the board when they picked…. oh wait…

  2. They should have traded for McNabb when they could. McNabb would have LOVED to goto Az. Dumb dumb dumb.

  3. What’s that? Leinhart and Anderson aren’t good enough to start? I’m shocked!

  4. DO IT!
    When Warner went down and Bulger came in and was putting up huge numbers everyone wondered if it was just the Martz system that was allowing QBs to thrive. Since then we’ve seen that Martz system does allow QBs to put up big numbers but it takes great talent around the QB and an above average QB to actually make it all work and make you a contender.
    The Cardinals are contenders and the system being run in AZ was allowing Warner, with nary a running game, to have an amazing end of career. The Cards now have a better running game, a great defense and solid WRs. Bulger will succeed just as he did with the previously Warner led Rams.

  5. Leinart has to show something soon. Opening night is only 4 months away.

  6. Did we really need an article on this? Did anyone really not see this happening?

  7. Poor Cardinals. Seemed like they were consistently getting it together to have a nice run of positive seasons. Luckily their division isn’t that tough so at worst they fall into depths of mediocrity instead of becoming bottom-feeders again.

  8. I have a feeling they wont be impressed with bulger either. Maybe they could sign quincy carter?

  9. The Cardinals management are F&ckin idiots they should have traded for McNabb. Sorry Cardinals fans back to a shit team for you guys.

  10. Report: Cardinals not impressed with Leinart
    Welcome to the club

  11. If Leinart was ever to be a quality quarterback he would have shown it by now.

  12. But Derek Anderson has to play so he can “roll” the Browns when he comes back to Cleveland.

  13. Should have traded with Philly for McNabb. How the hell did they really think these two were ready to lead a NFL franchise.
    Fitz ain’t going to be giving any opponent fits with a lame-ass-duck QB.
    Congrats 49ers, the division is yours.

  14. Bulger would be no better than these other two clowns. Arizona is going to take a huge step back this year now that Boldin and Warner are gone.

  15. Couldn’t hurt to bring in Bulger. He was a pretty decent QB when the had an O line and wasn’t being asked to bail out a terrible team all season. With a decent O line (and team in general), he should fare much better

  16. Bending the truth again Florio:
    “Jason Cole of Yahoo reports that the Cardinals’ coaching staff hasn’t been impressed with the work of either Leinart or Derek Anderson, and that coach Ken Whisenhunt will want to make a play for Bulger if he doesn’t see improvement from the quarterbacks he already has.”
    Jason Cole is reporting that a “Team source” said that the coaching staff hasn’t been impressed. Maybe Jason Cole is talking to Marc Bulger’s mom and thinks she is a “team source”. If you reporters want us to believe you then NAME NAMES!!!!

  17. Nice, Arizona will go from having one stud QB last year to have three dud QBs. Hasn’t Whisenhunt learned just how important the QB position is to the success of an offense. You can have a ton of talent at your skill positions, but if the player who touches the ball on every offensive snap sucks, then the offense will suck.
    Arizona blew a golden opportunity to trade for Donovan McNabb and keep their playoff and SB hunts alive in 2010. Instead they might possibly spend the next who knows how many years looking for a solution at QB. This was just a stupid offseason for the Cards’ brass.


  19. i think bulger makes a lot more sense than say a ……… derek[best player on the other team]anderson

  20. Bulger also had no receivers and a shotty o-line.
    I’d feel more confident in him than either of the scrubs they currently have.

  21. I have been saying this from the minute Bulger was rumored to be on the chopping block: The Cards are NUTS if they don’t sign Bulger. With a good offense around him and a decent offensive line to protect him, he can pick up right where Warner left off, just like he did in St. Louis.
    To me, it doesn’t even matter if Leinart improves; you still sign Bulger.

  22. whoa! matt leinart and derek anderson not playing well! what a shocker. marc bulger wont do much better. looks like its time to make way for san fran in the west

  23. So, does this make him a bigger bust than JaMarcus? Leinart won the heisman and national championship and has done nothing in the nfl.

  24. According to Cardinals quarterbacks coach Chris Miller, QB Matt Leinart looked good during the team’s mid-May OTA. Miller said Leinart “threw maybe one poor ball in three days” of work and has done some things to earn the trust and respect of his teammates. They are also working on the details of his game. “We’re working on pinpoint accuracy — throwing the ball from the waist to the face mask, and he’s getting there,” Miller said, adding that Leinart got off to a good start.
    This was from CBSSPORTS. Funny how stories can vary.

  25. WOW! I think Helen Keller could’ve told you that DA sucks monkey dong…

  26. In the past 3-4 seasons Bulger played behind a line that wouldn’t succeed against pressure from an Ivy League defensive squad. Give him decent protection and BOOM! you got an average quarterback, which is all Arizona needs.

  27. what do all the h0mo trojans say about this?
    gotta love the exciting offseason for the trojans- BIG fat mike williams gets signed, cushing is outed as a cheater, and now we see leinart still blowz monkey ballz. WAY TO GO TROOOOOOOJANS!!!

  28. yea leinart has had such a great oppertunity for playing time since wisenhunt has been the coach hasn’t he?yea it was a real fair competition between him and warner wasn’t it?I believe he said he went with warner because of experiance so how much experiance did leinart get by sitting on the bench?just admit you never wanted him as your qb and cut him now.what are they afraid of that somebody might actualy give him a shot and prove him wrong?if I am leinart and they bring in bulger and make him the starter then I just sit on the bench counting my paycheck and the days till I am a free agent.seriously how do you judge a guy a bust because he has never been given a chance?he did under green and did not look bad then got hurt but because wisenhunt didn’t draft him is will not play him and tah makes him a bust?

  29. I would have liked to have seen the Steelers sign Bulger.

  30. Ah Brownstown beat me to it, used the infamous “can’t wait to roll the Browns” quote. We would have been happy to let him just seep into the cracks of the desert quietly when we released him but he just had to start running his mouth. Bad ol’ Browns were big meanies and booed me and my 42% completion rate. I’m still holding out hope he gets to play and shows again he’s not worth a damn and can no longer blame his failures on the Browns.

  31. Leinart, Anderson, Bulger…it doesn’t matter. The Cards barely made the playoffs the last two years, and without their lucky rabbits foot Kurt Warner, they forfeit the division to the 49ers, and that is just sad.
    As a few of you mentioned though, if they would have traded for McNabb, they’d be fine

  32. Bulger is a pretty good QB that had no line and holds onto the ball too long. It was painful seeing him get pummeled opposed to throwing the damn ball away. I would still take him over what AZ currently has on the roster and any day over McNabb. AKA “Mr throws at receivers feet when under pressure” also known as “Mr puke in the huddle and throw the Super Bowl away”

  33. Hasn’t this been a reoccuring theme for the Cardinals since they drafted him..

  34. Ha-HA!
    Maybe the Whizzinator could call upon the grea Jamarcus Russet Potato.
    Cardinals will suck this year. War 49ers!

  35. Is it possible that Matt Cassel may have a better NFl career the Leinart? The man who was supposedly superior to him?
    If I’m the Cards I sign Bulger just because they can.

  36. This seems to be like the 3rd time that the Cards have given Matt a chance and he has not impressed them
    He is a bust and should be cut if he cant impress them on the 3rd try several years in

  37. BleedGreen says:
    May 21, 2010 2:03 PM
    They should have traded for McNabb when they could. McNabb would have LOVED to goto Az. Dumb dumb dumb.
    THANK YOU!!! AZ, you new both those guys were turds in the making

  38. They have known Leinart blows for some time….thus the reason to sign a free agent QB.
    Why did the Cardinal brass pony up double digit cash for DA when they aren’t impressed with him?
    They are definitely going to regret not going after McNabb. Good news is you can see him at games when he retires since he already lives in AZ. Bidwell bid bad

  39. Bulger will be perfect on a good team, this will be a very smart move. Quarterbacks are as good as the players around them. Look at Warner in NY and how much better he was in AZ.

  40. Bulger has gone through the wars. I’m not sure people appreciate how bad the Rams have been the last few years. And they’re only going to get worse without Bulger. I see Peter King has already picked the Rams to be No. 32 in the NFL again. Bulger is an extremely good QB, in the range of the best 8-16 QBs in the league. He has been beat to crap playing on an offense that is inexplicably ridiculously mindless, and has had the most dismal, brainless, drooling coaching and play calling (Linehan and Spags). Any team that picks up Bulger will improve themselves immediately. And don’t listen to St. Louis fans — a bunch of idiots. They ran Brett Hull out of town because they felt he couldn’t win, and he promptly won two Stanley Cups with two different teams. Bulger is not a Brett Hull, but he is pretty damn good. One of the key things is this: I would trust him with my team. He will only fail if he plays for the 32nd best team in the NFL.

  41. Yeah it seems like trading for Orton would be a better move. Even Chris Simms.

  42. Warner’s quick release helped him avoid a lot of hits. Bulger has a slow release and less accuracy. He will look just as bad with the Cards as he did with the Rams.

  43. Well…… who didn’t see this coming. The Cardinals should just do what the Raiders did and cut Matt “Bust” Leinart. Remember the name…. John Skelton. He may be the developmental QB but the Cardinals may need him sooner.

  44. Bulger would be good, and reasonable priced. If they could get Cutler for not too much in trade go for it… but that isn’t going to happen. J Bustell would be HORRIBLE choice imo. I think they’d be better off trying to get Vick for a 3rd or something if he’d be available.
    When all the BS is over tho, Leinart is still going to be their man to start the season…

  45. What Anderson meant when he said “roll the Browns” was he’d roll over like he did on all of his away games when he played as a Brown!

  46. Are you kidding? How long has Leinart been on the Cardinals and you still don’t know what you have there? On top of that does this team not have a pro personnel dept. that could research that the year Derek Anderson went to the pro bowl he couldn’t beat out Charlie Frye as the teams starter in the prior offseason (in other words he consistantly under achieves on the practice field)? Makes you wonder if Whisenhunts success in Arizona is only because he followed Denny Green’s plans. Not a good sign especially with how important the QB position is. Looks like the Cards will be in musical QB mode and we all see how well that worked for the Bills, Buccanneers, 49ers and Browns.

  47. The Cardinals need to check former heisman “TROY SMITH”. I think they will be plesantly surprised.
    I am a Cowboys fan but this young man needs a shot.

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