Retired player gets riled up by realities of uncapped year

The uncapped year launched nearly three months ago.  With it came the expiration of the league’s obligation to fund the Tuition Assistance Plan.

Established by Article XLVIII-B of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Tuition Assistance Plan provides up to $15,000 per league year as reimbursement for tuition, fees, or books to any player who earns an average of “C” or better per semester.

Though eligibility seems to be limited to players who are active or only recently retired, at least one player who has been out of the game for more than a year has nevertheless had his request for reimbursement rejected based on the arrival of the uncapped year.

Said the player, “This is BS!  I played a long time.  If the owners and current players want to fight I don’t see how it changes my status.  I’m not going to get a percentage of the new CBA.”

It may not be enough to prompt retired players to align behind the current players in the labor battle, but in the effort to win the hearts and minds of the former players, every heart and/or mind counts.

And if players who have been out of the league for more than a year aren’t eligible for the Tuition Assistance Plan, they shouldn’t be told that they’re ineligible due to the uncapped year.

43 responses to “Retired player gets riled up by realities of uncapped year

  1. The league minimum for a rookie is $285,000. These morons are mad because they can’t go to college for free after being paid 6 figures to play a game? The average income in the U.S. is about $40,000. The average public college tuition is roughly $7,000 per year. So, $28,000 for a 4 year degree would leave these guys with $250,000 left over for a years worth a playing a game. Cry me a river…..

  2. Why do the hearts and minds of former players matter? Last time I checked, they don’t have a vote. This guy shoulda worked to get a better deal while he was in the league, instead of taking it for granted and bitching about it later.

  3. You know what? If that unnamed veteran player played that long, I’m sure he can afford to pay his tuition just like the rest of us had to. We talk about athletes with the “entitlement” complex… HERE IT IS!!!!
    These guys paid ZERO dollars for the opportunity to get their college degrees (most did not), along with top tutors, and professors that routinely looked the other way and now… after playing in the NFL for several years and even at the vet’s minimum for one year making more than it would take most of us 10 years to earn… now he’s complaing because the NFL won’t pay his tuition… OH BOO HOO!!!

  4. Victim of circumstance and time. I have no pity for these fools. None whatsoever. Sounds very similar to what Sayers complains about. He doesn’t come out and say it, but it’s an underlying theme of why they talk to the media. I wanted to see Jesus in the flesh, but I was born 1972 years too late. Jeebus.

  5. Don’t most of these players get a free ride to college with a scholarship? If they went to class then, they would not need the “help” now.

  6. Here we go again, more jealousy driven hate speech against the players. I find it funny that you idiots would piss all over yourself if your company wouldn’t reimburse you for the tuition assistance program that your company provides (and you don’t pay for) but you begrudge these players for wanting to finish their degrees (or get a better one than they got in college. They may not have gotten the best degree the first time around but that’s so they could retain their eligibility so your favorite college could kick your rivals ass).
    BTW, geniuses, college student athletes have a crappy reputation but they DO graduate at a higher rate than the general student population, who are getting just as many useless degrees as the players.

  7. sounds like a lawsuit to me.
    how are these guys going to go back and get that basket weaving phd.

  8. jfd349 says:
    May 21, 2010 11:08 PM
    Don’t most of these players get a free ride to college with a scholarship? If they went to class then, they would not need the “help” now.
    you’ve read my mind!
    poor rich athlete who’s wasted more money than most of us will earn in a lifetime. too bad for you. another “un-named” dumbass athelete

  9. “i played a long time” = “I have a lot of money” unless
    “i blew it all on crack”

  10. @vikesfan024,
    This is a union contract issue. It has 0 to do with what they make. Granted, there income is quite higher than the average American but that’s irrelevant. This has to do with retired workers not being able to have a say in the things that involve them. Whether it be health insurance or college tuition they have a point.
    @the Wishbone,
    That part of the deal was fine when he was in the league obviously. Why would he work for a better deal in that aspect when the current deal was fine.
    If it takes you 10 years to make 285,000, I pray you don’t support a family. Perhaps you should have gone to college, or hell, payed attention to high school english. Also, as I’ve stated, he has every right to feel entitled to these things. Its a union issue.
    I was unaware that you were studying the attendance records of college athletes. I’d love to see your reports.

  11. So, on what page of Quarterback of the Future should I start reading if I want to learn more about this “retired player”?

  12. I am sorry but DeMaurice Smith should have never let it get this far. This is just another example of players and former players losing allot of money. Some 200 players lost out on free agency this year also. So how far will Smith take this? To a lockout? How much will the NFLPA members lose then? Oh I forgot they are doing this for future players or was it the good of the game?

  13. Attention NFL Players: Save some money for later, instead of spending it all on hookers and blow.

  14. Took me a total of twelve years to pay off the loans I took out from the government after aquiring my B.S. and M.A. in Education. I taught 24 full years and still substitute teach today for the schools of my local county. If this player played as long as he indicated then he should have plenty of his own coin to carry his education through on his own. Plus most of these guys were drafted out of a college where they were on an athletic scholarship.
    Hard to shed any tears for this ex-player.

  15. The nontaxable maximum allowed the federal government is 2400 per year reimbursement by an employer with a maximum of 80% of total cost being paid back to the recipient, how do they get 15000? WTF?

  16. As a vet of the USAF, I got 30,000 after paying $1200 my first year in for the GI Bill. I earned that by being in some of our countries quiet little “wars” like Bosnia and Haiti. A football player gets $15,000 a year because they played a game 17 days a year? He’s right, it is BS; but not for the reasons he’s thinking of.

  17. Wow! these early comments sure show what tilt the ‘public’ is going to have come next year’s lockout.
    The article doesn’t say the the player is ‘broke’ it just says he wants his share of the pie and is bummed the free handouts stopped for his share of it. Can’t blame him for that…
    The NLF should go ahead and pay for this one year that he went back to school. Going back to school is a good thing for him and others in the same situation.
    I can’t amagine this applies to more then a handfull of former players, as I doubt that most ex-players would go back to school, even if it’s subsidized.
    The total $$$ is chump change to the NFL.

  18. If the player “played a long time” as he is quoted, I’d hope he’d have some cash available to pay his tuition.
    If not, he can apply for student loans, Pell grants, and other financial aid like the rest of us.

  19. That’s like me complaining that I have to pay for my own gum. It does suck, but it’s not real newsworthy.

  20. If these older players actually paid attention when they went to school the first time none of this would be a problem . So lets get this straight . You got a free ride to college years ago . Instead of actually doing your school work to prepare for life afterwards . You would rather take easy classes and/or dont go to class back then . Why do you want to go to school now ? Because you got paid millions and blew the money and now all of a sudden everyone should care about you ? Do like everyone else does . Take out school loans and then spend half your life paying them pack like the rest of us had to do .

  21. I guess he should have played four years of college and got his degree for free with his scholarship.

  22. boo fricken hoo. Are we really supposed to feel sorry for football players, current, former or otherwise? Seriously, they receive exorbitant pay and benefits compared to average persons (us). Even with a short career the averge player will make much more than most people will earn in their lifetimes. Plenty of us would love to go back and take classes but can’t afford to. We don’t get it paid for by our old employers. Sorry, no sympathy.
    Give it a break or at least look elsewhere for sympathy with that sh1t.

  23. Former players are always trying to get something for nothing. This guy needs to understand that the NFL is a business and there is no profit from giving anything to a former player. It is similar to when workers have been promised during the 30 – 40 years they worked for a company, that when they retire they will get a pension and medical insurance, but now the company decides to stop paying for the medical insurance. The stupid workers think they have rights, but they need to understand that the company gets nothing out of providing such benefits after they are retired.

  24. With regard to next year it is not going to be possible for most of us to choose sides in a dispute between millionaire players and billionaire owners. A lot of us just might say to hell with both sides and find other things to do!!!

  25. Man it really must be a slow news day….
    But at least Florio did not try and tie this to Ben or Santonio 🙂

  26. Wah wah wah. Guess the guy should have paid more attention the first time he went through college.

  27. You guys keep saying “HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT, HONOR YOUR CONTRACT” and yet, when management doesn’t honor their part, you come out and say “Good! Stupid player, should have saved their money.” Well, how many of you would feel the same way if the company that you worked for made promises and then went back on them. You worked your asses off for them in return for a wage and the promise of benefits and while they profitted from your hard work, they then turned around and didn’t give you the reward. Stupid workers, should have went to college and gotten a real degree instead of spending your time drinking down all those beers at the frat parties….

  28. Norrec said:”Perhaps you should have gone to college, or hell, payed attention to high school english”
    Pot, meet Kettle. I love it when people on this site like to abuse a person’s education, or critique a person’s grammar, and in doing so, make an ass out of themselves. Keep up the good work dicknose.

  29. @ fordlaw:
    If Douchebag Smith takes this to a lockout, he’s an idiot (although I think that’s true either way), and so are the players for hiring this moron. I’m not sure if I would watch when play resumed, but I hope I never find out!

  30. That’s what retired players do though, they “get riled”. Along with playing bad golf, picking up DUIs, indulging in domestic abuse, and dying early.

  31. “If Douchebag Smith takes this to a lockout, I’m not sure if I would watch when play resumed!”
    That might not be a bad thing. Maybe if we thinned the herd of fans and got rid of a lot of you who have no appreciation for what it takes to play in the NFL, who have no appreciation for the hard work, the years spent training and making no money on the chance you might be one of the 2% of players who make it to the NFL and play less than four years.
    Few if any of you have ever worked so hard at anything. You compare your bs workerbee jobs to the commitment these guys make. What a joke!
    You are all jealous, resentful, and petty. Just like the NFL owners are jealous. They are jealous of the college game and the millions that are made by everybody but the players, who get Jack. And don’t give me that go to class crap! In most major programs they sign student athletes because of their ability to play ball. Otherwise a lot of these kids would have a hard time making it into a junior college. And if they tried to put as much time into their education as their football, they’d get the boot.
    This is the sorriest bunch of comments I’ve ever read. Kicking someone who’s trying to get an education. That is just plain sorry! And one of you claims to be a teacher? Want to know what’s wrong with this country? Look in the mirror.

  32. @Edgy, what you are missing is that the NFL HAS honored its contract. Its contract says it would reimburse former players until 2010, and it has. I don’t see your line of reasoning.

  33. IndyColt45 says:
    @Edgy, what you are missing is that the NFL
    Baloney. Here’s the difference between the scum that run the NFL and a group that honored their contract: I entered the military under the old GI Bill and even after they took it away and the new guys had to pay toward their GI Bill, the government HONORED their contract with me and I kept my old benefits. You can defend the owners all day long but it won’t make it right. The NFL is ONE-WAY when it comes to HONORING contracts. The players are expected to do so but it’s ok for the teams to cut the players under a valid contract and you guys don’t step forward at any time to call the league on it but you’re sure as hell here to get the players to do the right thing. I wonder if they’re going to cut off retirement checkes as well…….

  34. A response to bluestree and edgy1957:
    You guys need to tune in to the real world, which does NOT include any government-affiliated organization. MOST business organizations DO NOT provide ANY form of education reimbursement; and, those that do, require that the education be “job-related.” Furthermore, any reimbursement is for 80% of cost with a maximum (frequently $5K) per year.
    These guys simply want a freebee — pay me $15K per year for whatever I want to study for as long as I feel like it! I HAVE NO SYMPATHY!!
    There are millions of hard-working people who deserve it far more than these far-too-long-spoiled malcontents.

  35. Company CEO says:
    Funny, with the exception of one SMALL company, EVERY company that I’ve worked for DID. Semantics makes your statement true because most businesses are small busineses and they don’t but the big ones do.
    If you think that they’re spoiled then you have several options: 1) STOP watching their games and 2) STOP going to their games.
    If no one watches them or goes to see them then they’ll end up not getting as much for television revenue (ask the NHL if they’d like to get that kind of money when they’re playing for peanuts on Versus) and salaries will go down.
    I think it’s funny that only athletes get gigged for being spoiled and YET, they make far less than what the highest paid TV and movie personalities make. It’s just out and out jealousy that drives this hate speech.

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