Galea case could lead to hGH testing

Most assume that the investigation of Dr. Tony Galea is a bad thing for the NFL.  But it can end up being a good thing.

It could end up forcing the NFLPA to agree to testing for hGH.

We could say more here, but then you wouldn’t be inclined to read our Friday offering for

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  1. good. It’s funny that the NFLPA is against blood testing bc they know it will implicate their employees. If you don’t want your blood tested then don’t play for the NFL. It’s time for this stupid union to get blown up.

  2. I’d take HGH at the lowest recommended levels if I could get it. It is the only thing that has been proven to regrow connective tissue, increase energy levels, and allow 35+ year olds to maintain or increase muscle mass instead of slowly wasting away. I think it should be available to everybody that wants it 35 and over and administered at doctoral practices. I’d love for my knees, shoulders, and elbows to start feeling good again.

  3. Galea is living proof it combats the ravages of age.
    Not many 50 year olds can still walk into a club with the top 4 buttons of their shirt undone, run their hand through the Brylcreem on their head, shake the gold chains hanging in their chest hair, and ask “How you DOIN’ “.

  4. If the truth comes out now what will these guys have to write books about when they retire?
    The players will always be ahead of the testing capabilities; look how long it took for the truth to come out on Lance Armstrong who competed in a sport which has been much more serious with their attempt to prevent it’s competetors from using performance enhancers than the NFL has ever been.

  5. Until there is a reliable test for HGH, the NFLPA is actually right to oppose it. Sorry, but that’s just the hard truth.

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