Tony Ugoh goes to left guard

461526.jpgThe remaking of the Colts offensive line continues.

Maligned by team president Bill Polian after Super Bowl XLIV for being outplayed by the Saints’ defensive front, the wall of blockers that led the AFC champs to 14 straight wins is changing.

The latest development involves (as pointed out in the Friday morning one-liners) former starting left tackle Tony Ugoh sliding inside, to left guard.

“I told ’em wherever they needed me,” Ugoh said, according to the Indianapolis Star.  “My big thing this year
is I want to play. I don’t care where it’s at.”

Ugoh, a second-round pick in 2007, immediately inherited Tarik Glenn’s position after Glenn unexpectedly retired following a Super Bowl win to cap the 2006 season.  Charlie Johnson supplanted Ugoh last year.

“This is my first go at guard,” Ugh said.  “But it’s just one step over [from tackle].  I’ll be all right.”

He’d better be.  Otherwise, he could be out of a job.

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  1. “This is my first go at guard,” Ugh said. “But it’s just one step over [from tackle]. I’ll be all right.”

  2. “This is my first go at guard,” Ugh said (Ugh is right, kid got owned by the Saints)
    “But it’s just one step over [from tackle]. I’ll be all right.”
    ..umm technically “UGH” you will be all left… or left of the bench if you cant step up.

  3. Amazing Polian wasted a first round pick for this guy. He’ll never be a great OL player for the Colts.

  4. Look at the gut on that ole buck. Another 100 pounds or so and he’ll be up in Rex “Jelly-Rolls” Ryans weight class.

  5. @tomserv way to go out on a limb and say he will never be “great”. Im happy as long as he is solid.

  6. If every 1st round pick were a “great” player, and they all had long and productive careers, right now there would be….let’s see….320 great players in the NFL? So how many current players really qualify as “great”? It’s time for fans to tone down their expectations a bit (I know, seems unreasonable) and stop believing every 1st round pick will be a big difference maker. It just doesn’t happen most of the time. It’s kind of like believing your next wife will be different from the last.

  7. Left guard is better than being a ‘bust’ – which is almost what he has been considered.

  8. “Ugoh, you go to guard, otherwise you go, Ugoh.”
    That was almost as much fun as when Judge Lance Ito was intoduced to Tito Jackson.
    “Ito, Tito. Tito, Ito”

  9. Bill Polian is a grade A moron. Did anyone actually watch the superbowl??? The Colts o-line owned it!!!! Peyton was hit once and Addai was running through huge holes all day. Every year the Colts lose, their o-line gets thrown under the bus and I am so sick of it. First Peyton blames the o-line after an early playoff departure about 5 years ago, now Polian, what a bunch of no class a**holes.

  10. No doubt Bill Polian can evaluate talent as well as anyone in the league, but this pick was a terrible waste of a 1st round selection. Then again, maybe he does have the talent, just not the work ethic…
    Tony Ugoh meet Jamarcus Russell, you’ll get along great together!

  11. A lot of people here on this thread seem to have a short memory of who Tony Ugoh is. Remember Tony Ugoh at Arkansas was a beast at Guard. He naturally is more of a run blocker then pass blocker. I’ve been saying this since day one that moving him to tackle would be a tricky fit. Tony will have a great year this year because playing guard is who he is not pass blocking.

  12. Article would of been perfect without last sentence.
    Ugoh is one of the top 50 lineman in the league

  13. Why are all you morons calling Ugoh a first-round pick? It clearly says in the post he was a second rounder.
    If he’s an effective guard as a number two pick, he’s not a bust.

  14. The Colts traded a first round pick (in a future draft) to move up and to pick Ugoh. Hence his comparison to a first round pick.

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