Another Colts offensive lineman disagrees with Polian's criticism

Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian said after Super Bowl XLIV that the offensive line had been outplayed by the Saints’ defense. But for the second time this offseason, a member of the Colts’ offensive line has disagreed with that assessment.

Colts right tackle Ryan Diem said in an interview at that he believes the Colts’ line actually played well in the Super Bowl.

“Regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl, I thought the offensive line played well,” Diem said (via “I thought we were fresh. We weren’t banged up to bad, and we were able to kind of manage throughout the year.”

Diem didn’t specifically reference Polian’s comments, but his assessment of the way the line played echoed that of Colts center Jeff Saturday, who said in March that he disagrees with Polian’s criticism of the offensive line.

Perhaps trying to take the high road, neither Diem nor Saturday has said who they think bears responsibility for the Colts’ loss. Although they won’t come right out and say so, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if they wish Polian would acknowledge that it wasn’t the offensive line that threw the fourth-quarter interception that sealed the Colts’ loss.

40 responses to “Another Colts offensive lineman disagrees with Polian's criticism

  1. The Colts moved the ball at will except for the coaching boner at the end of the 1st half when they all of a sudden subscribed to the Woody Hayes school of football. It was a mixup betwixt receiver and QB whether or not Polian wants to admit it. That’s the way it was, The Saints were destiny’s child, nobody was gonna beat them.

  2. “It wasn’t the offensive line that threw the fourth-quarter interception that sealed the Colts’ loss.”
    You hit the nail on the head with that statement!
    Well written.

  3. Saturday and Diem also share a locker room with St. Peyton.
    They know, for example, that all sh_t stinks, saintly or not.

  4. It’s tough to be a Colt’s lineman. You never get credit for keeping Manning injury free and what thanks do you get? Your star QB and the team President BOTH throwing you under the bus, and then running you over several times.

  5. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback. He is also overhyped and overexposed in the media. Polian is trying to cover Peyton’s ass. The fickle finger of fame can turn on a dime, and more than any other team, one guy is their franchise. Peyton is doing too many commercials for his own good. He’s getting into that rarified space where you’re so big people want to see you fall.

  6. A QB who is pressured is more likely to make a mistake and throw an INT…
    That being said, every squad has lapses in every game – the Saints made their fair share of mistakes in that game too…
    The Saints just did a better job capitalizing on the Colts mistakes

  7. Leave it to to blame Peyton for the loss. Football novices at best!
    That game was lost for three reasons:
    – Defensive inability to cover the short passing game, hence allowing long drives by the Saints.
    – Chicken-sh*t playcalling by Tom Moore at the end of the first-half.
    – Injuries to Dwight Freeney killed the pressure on Brees, which actually contributed to the first problem.
    All the credit to the Saints for winning the game. But Polian is wrong blaming the O-line…and this site is once again wrong for blaming Peyton.

  8. Or you could have said, it wasn’t the Quarterback that ran a halfassed route that then put the ball out there on a silver platter.

  9. Polian should stick to picking players , which he’s very good at, and keep his comments regarding how they played to himself. If you’ll notice, he specifically said NOTHING about Peyton (and I happen to be a huge fan of his, both on and off the field, though he tends to whine when others make mistakes, and expects his own to be overlooked)), who didn’t happen to have one of his better games, either.
    I really don’t like this public put down of the
    o-line, while letting Peyton completely off the hook. And while I was very glad to see, for the very first time in NFL history, a black coach follow a black coach (says a lot of good things about the Colts ownership), I have never been a fan of either Dungy or Caldwell, or their “Great Stoneface” style of management and
    coaching. Bill ‘In your face’ Cowher would have four superbowl wins by now with this team.
    Lastly, I resigned from the Polian fan club when he decided to throw (and that’s exactly what it was) the last two games of the season. Makes you wonder why he’s really great at building playoff teams, with Indy and others, but has only one SB to his credit……..

  10. you blame Peyton, Polian blames the o-line and amidst all this everybody forgets the idiotic coaching decision made by Caldwell at the end of the first half

  11. The offensive line played fairly well against the Saints D-linemen, who were like bloodhounds. And they had did have a chance to comeback, but Peyton threw the pick. I’m tired of Colts fans and even the organization making excuses for Manning and throwing others under the bus. Peyton lost the game, and all that Colts fans will remember in a couple of years about this Super Bowl was the pick-6. It was his fault (and kind of Reggie Wayne’s), and those fans in denial are just blinded by their love of Manning. Even though I like Peyton, I realize this.

  12. Why is no one blaming the jackass who decided to bench the starters when they were still undefeated?
    I realize they still made it to the SB, but perhaps they would have been playing better going into that game.

  13. LOL “Peyton lost the game.” Without Peyton, they’re not even in the game. Not even in the Super Bowl, or playoffs, etc. I agree that the OL didn’t lose the game, but a ridiculous soft zone defensive scheme when the Colts had mixed it up with press all year, coupled with a lack of pass rush once Freeney’s ankle tightened up (Mathis = overrated as hell, Brock offers nothing in the pass rush department) lost the game. Not Peyton. Peyton did his best to keep his team in the game with limited possessions, thanks to Larry Coyer’s absolutely moronic defensive gameplan.
    The Saints won the Super Bowl the second Dwight Freeney stumbled over Mark Sanchez. No pass rush + soft zone coverage = one of the league’s best QBs (Brees) having all day to essentially run a West Coast offense and hit his receivers for easy 8-10 yard completions. The Saints *won* the Super Bowl, Peyton didn’t lose it.

  14. Buck Stallion says:
    May 22, 2010 1:00 PM
    Why is no one blaming the jackass who decided to bench the starters when they were still undefeated?
    I realize they still made it to the SB, but perhaps they would have been playing better going into that game.
    What is wrong with people? How would playing a month earlier before playing very well in two games since have helped the Colts play better in the SB? Answer me dammit!

  15. I think that Colts along with Patriots fans over the past few years have developed a sense of entitlement to winning that comes with the success those teams have had. The Saints just beat the Colts period…You play as a team and win or lose as a team. The Colts and their fans still seemed shocked but the leage has changed and every team can just be outplayed.

  16. Dear Flyingetcetc,
    Betwixt? Betwixt? And the words “boner” and “betwixt” in the same post. Oh my.

  17. @shehateme….what a great point. i never thought about that. all those great teams and one ring to show for it. when polian was with the bills they would steamroll through the regular season and playoffs and once they got to the sb the defence looked like it forgot how to tackle and kelly looked like a deer in the head lights. for the bills to come away with no championship after four consecutive tries with the talent they had is unbelievible. the colts also made a fatal blunder by giving away the last two games. they would have been playing for supreme placement in the record books. all that said i`d pay him 20 mil to come back to buffalo.

  18. Polian is an ass. He needs to shut the F up and let the coaches coach and the players play.
    Irsay needs to come to the rescue of his players on this.
    If Jerry Richardson runs your ass off then there is definitely something wrong with you. My guess is that Polian forgot who owned the team and Jerry boy straightened him out. Irsay needs to do the same.

  19. Nobody in that organization will ever come out and say it, that Peyton Manning and his receivers were responsible for that loss. Everybody knew that both teams had solid defenses, but they both had top notch offenses. Both offenses would have to produce to stay in the game against a solid defense, and the Saints did so. The turning point in that game was the Garcon dropped pass at the end of the 2nd quarter. Peyton Manning is the king of the 2 minute TD drive and his man let him down on 3rd down. Not to mention, the Saints pulled that onsides kick to open the second half, but I’m not sure the Colts would’ve done much even if they had the ball. After all that, the Colts offense was off rhythm and just didn’t play very well. I don’t think that’s necessarily the offensive lines fault though.

  20. Regardless of who you want to blame, it WAS the INT that sealed the Colts fate. Manning was not pressured on that play. Everyone in the stadium including the announcer knew what play was coming. Manning threw to a spot, but Wayne had stopped running and Tracy Porter was there. Not the O-line’s fault. It was partly bad play calling, and bad execution by the WR. (There was also a block to the back on Manning during the INT return that wasn’t called. ).

  21. The entire Colts team is overrated… Reggie Wayne is garbage and Manning is Manning… I mean he’s a choke artist.
    I loved how nobody gave the Saints a chance in hell to beat the Colts…. lol we made them look stupid.

  22. Peyton is a great regular season QB, in fact during his tenure his team has the best regular season record of any team for any decade in NFL history.
    Then in the playoffs he chokes. 9-9 career record– call him BRICKYARD, for the INDY 0.500 QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It was clearly the refs fault. They didn’t help the colts come back in the 4th quarter by throwing pass interference flags like they did against San Francisco, Houston, New England, Baltimore, Houston, and Tennessee CONSECUTIVELY from week 8 to week 13

  24. Peyton Manning, Jan 19 2006 after the loss to Pittsburgh: “I’m trying to be a good teammate here, but we had some problems in protection today.”
    Bill Polian, Feb 11 2010, after loss to saints: “Our offensive line, by our standards, did not have a good game. They were outplayed by the Saints defensive line.”
    F*ck you guys. You can’t blame the offensive line for anything. Who’s supposed to be the all-studying, all formation-knowing QB who can’t pick up 3-4 blitzes? Polian, just be straight with everyone: your QB chokes. You can either blame Reggie Wayne or Manning on that final pick. Manning had no one in his face.
    If it wasn’t for Rex Grossman, Manning would never have won a ring

  25. Someone said it earlier and I agree with it. The winning team tends to capitalize on the other teams mistakes. Saints did a better job of that and won the game. As for the Colts? They are doing what losing teams tends to do and thats point fingers. With the mix bag of opinions and just about everyone has a point just shows that mistakes were made across the board and everyone on that team deserves blame. Makes me wonder how tough this team would be if there was a team to challenge them in their division

  26. I didn’t really get the criticism of the OL either
    It seemed to be one of the strong points for the Colts

  27. # patpatriotagain says: May 22, 2010 3:34 PM
    It was clearly the refs fault. They didn’t help the colts come back in the 4th quarter by throwing pass interference flags like they did against San Francisco, Houston, New England, Baltimore, Houston, and Tennessee CONSECUTIVELY from week 8 to week 13
    Colts didn’t need the refs’ help to win, Belichick was plenty helpful on his own.
    By the way, Tom Brady sure had a stellar postseason.

  28. peyton lost the big game again that overrated loser. regular season hero. playoff choker!

  29. It’s the one you snap the ball to. Captain bobblehead.
    But everyone knows that Peyton Manning has never made a mistake. If you do not believe me, just ask Bill Polian, any Colts fan, or the woman Peyton Manning assaulted when he was a student at Tennessee.

  30. Peyton is the greatest player in the game. Sean Payton actually kicked an on-side kick with a lead in the Super Bowl!!! The only reason people have even heard of the Colts is because of Peyton Manning!

  31. The very idea that the GM of the Colts would call out part of his TEAM after a loss as opposed to standing behind their effort and praising their seasons tells me that this GM needs to be fired.

  32. Peyton Manning’s protection was barely… no, not really barely, more likely not really at all… adequate during the season and the playoffs. He was constantly hurried.
    And the run blocking was, shall we say, mediocre.
    Polian’s right to call out the offensive line. Yes, the Colts had other problems in the Super Bowl. But that doesn’t obscure the fact that the o-line needs to improve.

  33. Play calling! 19 Runs vs 45 passes. Your playing the Saints try and control the clock with the running game.

  34. 3 moves/plays: Colts going conservative before half, Saints getting halftime onside kick, Reggie Wayne quitting on a route they run 1000’s of times. Even Tom Brady wondered why Reggie quit the route. Those 3 occurances won the Saints the game. If you look at the statistics from Superbowl 44, you’d see the Colts lead in every category EXCEPT the final score (the one category that matters) and give the Saints some credit for the gutsy onside kick at half , which is an indicator that “we can’t stop these guys from moving the ball”. Peyton Manning did not lose that game for his team, despite his detractors views.

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