Devin Hester and Johnny Knox look like starters

J. Knox.jpgWhen Mike Martz took over in Chicago, he said he envisioned Devin Hester as a possible slot receiver in the mold of Az-Zahir Hakim.  That tune has quickly changed.

“He’s our starter. I think he’s an elite wide
,” Martz said on Saturday to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.  “There’s no question about that. We’ve got all kinds of new
things for him. We’re moving him all over. You’ll see him line up
anywhere. Shoot, he might line up as a tight end occasionally, who
knows. We’ll see.”

Hester won’t be re-focusing on special teams anytime soon.  He’s set up to be the team’s starting flanker, with Johnny Knox focusing on the X position.

“Our two starters don’t learn anything else but what they have,” Martz
said. “We want them to be as good as they can.”

In other words, let’s slow down the Devin Aromashodu fantasy football hype train a bit before it really gets rolling.  And then get one moving for Knox.

The Bears remind us of the Giants at this point last year.  Despite public perception, their wide receivers are the least of their concerns.

44 responses to “Devin Hester and Johnny Knox look like starters

  1. I would have to agree. I think right now you’ve got several positions that are more questionable than WR for the Bears.
    Everywhere on the O-Line except for Kreutz
    Defensive Tackle (Tommy Harris has been AWFUL since his knee surgery)

  2. I think Hester and Knox both blasted off 10s on the Wonderlic, so you don’t want to do anything too complex with their patterns. Like putting in a change of direction or something.

  3. are you serious they have shored up the safety position with the additions of chris harris and major wright, we have two starters vying for the rolb position (tinoisamoa, roach), and the cornerbacks are fine (tillman would have gone to the probowl were it not because of injury, and bowman had 6 pics) the oline is not that great by any means but played much better once chris williams started playing on the blind side, I cant really argue the dt position, however tommy can only be helped with the addition of jp

  4. It seems the window of a player being an elite special teams returner is quite small. Wasn’t the dude who played for KC only awesome for like three years? And Devin Hester was probably even more amazing, but only for two.

  5. @dustindmw
    Chris Williams shut down Jared Allen last year after he was moved to the left side. O-Line is better this year than last. Still somewhat of an Issue.
    ROLB won’t be an issue if Ttinoisamoa can stay healthy. Possible Issue
    Bear Drafted a Saftey AND got Chris Harris back. Not an issue.
    We are in need of a shutdown corner. But hopefully with Urlacher back and the addition of Julius Peppers next to Tommie Harris, hopefully our D can get enough pressure on the QB to not even need to worry about CBs. Possible Issue.
    Tommie Harris has been double teamed every game he plays. You can’t double team Harris AND Peppers… Bear Defensive Line will dominate. NOT AN ISSUE!!!
    Bear Down!!!

  6. Good point Gregg.
    I have seen some early fantasy rankings that have Aromashodu ranked near the 20th best WR. That’s a joke. That means he would be a solid WR2 on a fantasy team even though he isn’t a WR2 for his own team yet.

  7. Chris Williams- No issues, rest of line YES.
    ROLD- Not really, we will be fine. Pisa is back also with strong backup crew.
    Safety- Chris Harris and Major Wright def upgrade over last year.
    CB- Tillman will be fine, Bowman will prob start oppo and isn’t that bad.
    DT- Tommie Harris should have a better year with Peppers getting double teams. I can’t see him having anything BUT a pro bowl season as long as he stays healthy.

  8. the bears have a classic case of “if you believe it, then it’s true.” the more they want to believe something is going to work, the more they buy into their own crazy reasoning.
    they cant and wont ever admit it, but theyre in trouble. read between the lines- Martz thought when he got there that hester would be a #3 type Az-Z Hakim (who was behind Bruce and Holt), and now after seeing that THEY HAVE NO TALENT IN THE #1 or #2 spot Hester is all of a sudden an elite wide receiver?
    martz, you werent even the first choice for your job. stop smoking the crazy stuff with Urlacher.

  9. I’ve been sayin’, barring injury, the Bears receivers are not that shabby. There speed is going to expose some pass defenders….if the O line pass blocks a little better.

  10. If you dont think the Bears’ recievers have potential you probably didnt watch many Bears games last year.

  11. Everyone bagging on the Bears’ wideouts needs to come off it a bit. Hester racked up close to 700 yards last year despite missing a number of games with hamstring issues. Johnny Knox was a rookie, and yet still worked his way into a starting rotation. The kid’s got blazing speed, nice hands, and takes hits like someone who isn’t 180 lbs. And Aromashodu came on real strong at the end of last season when he finally got a chance to start. 4 touchdowns and over 250 yards receiving in the final two games. That’s not enough to really know how he’ll perform over a 16-game season when teams start game-planning for him, but at least it’s encouraging.
    And no Mike Martz offense features only two starting receivers, Rosenthal. Knox and Hester are quick but small, and I’m sure will be paired with Aromashodu, who has the big frame Cutler likes. The Chicago Tribune just reported today how good Aromasdodu is looking in minicamp.

  12. Hahahah that title of the article is hilarious if I were a Bears fan I would hibernate for the entire football season.

  13. If Chris Harris was so great then why did the Bears let him go several years ago for… what was it a 6th round pick? Come on people, I’m a Bears fan and want them to do well, but lets not get delusional.

  14. Aroma will be seeing his fair share of duty cause Martz loves to employ three and four WR-sets.
    I don’t know about calling Knox and Hester elite, but surely they do have “elite” speed. They will force defenses to play honest when they’re out there together.

  15. EskinSux says:
    May 22, 2010 5:10 PM
    It will be like watching Beavis and Butthead

  16. Man… things must be really bad on the Bears if the guy from “Jackass” not only makes the team, but becomes a starter

  17. What’s more depressing?
    Cutler throwing to Knox and Hester or
    Knox and Hester having to catch from Cutler?

  18. and the funny thing is that Cutler will take all the blame. Cutler aint the best, or the worst..but Joe Montana couldn’t win 8 games with these clowns.

  19. One of Martz’s great talents is understanding his player’s talents, from O-line (which he played) through QB, WR, RB, TE, etc. And fitting the talents to a strategy. There is much yack about “Martz’s system” but the bottom line is he will use what he’s got, to best effect. That’s called coaching. Coaching. The players love him, which you are seeing out of Chicago now. Passing fanatic? People forget that the greatest RB juggernot in NFL history was under Martz. (Thank you, Marshall Faulk.)
    People with a gut reaction against Martz — I just don’t get it. Please explain. Is it just that he beat the pants off your team? Are you people insane??? Losers can always cry and lament, but for how many years?
    It must be political or cultural or something, Martz kicks ass, has always kicked ass, and will always kick ass. Florio, please explain yourself in some detail. Is there any reason you oppose one of the great coaches in history for any variable other than that he KICKED the ass of your Vikings in their supposed glory year?
    The Bears are going to be very fun to watch this year.
    Florio and the rest of you nutcases, please tell me I’m wrong after the Bears don’t make the playoffs.

  20. The negativity re Martz is awesome. Martz says Hestor will be an elite wide receiver. Isn’t that what everyone has been saying for years? But guess what? Under Martz it will happen. Indi wanted to get rid of Faulk, and look what happened. Holt and Bruce have moved on and look what happened. Bulger, what can you say? Lesser receivers like Curtis and McDonald and Furrey, who moved on and never performed to the same level. Blockers like Manumaleuna. Are you folks seeing the pattern?
    Martz makes you good.

  21. Hey people who in the hell were Holt and Bruce before they got involved in this off. with the Rams?????

  22. # dustindmw says: May 22, 2010 6:25 PM
    If Chris Harris was so great then why did the Bears let him go several years ago for… what was it a 6th round pick? Come on people, I’m a Bears fan and want them to do well, but lets not get delusional.
    Delusional, delusional? I read through the obvious Bears fans comments and they are fairly well balanced. Some overly optimistic, but not what I would cinsider delucional.
    If you want to see what delusional is go read through the comments from Bronco fans on a Tebow post, or a Bronco post. You would think from reading some of those comments the Broncos were headed to the Super Bowl this year, Tebow is a lock for 1st ballot HOF, and the two rookie WR’s they drafted who’ve been injured since before the scouting combine and haven”t even practiced yet are going to exceed Marshall’s stats of last year.
    This is the definition of delusional.
    Bears fans may be passionate about their team and city, but at least they’re rational.

  23. For all you BEARS haters, all your going to see is the numbers on the back of their jerseys after they blow past your weak teams. Bear Down Chicago Bears.

  24. One of the dumbest all-time decisions: taking an elite KO/PR in his prime and making him an average-at-best WR. Lovie should be drug out into the street and shot for robbing us of Hester’s true greatness for the last couple years….

  25. “We don’t want to diminish his role on special teams at all,” Martz said. “So he may miss a snap or two and then go right back in. He’s our starter. I think he’s an elite wide receiver. There’s no question about that.
    “We’ve got all kinds of new things for him. We’re moving him all over. You’ll see him line up anywhere. Shoot, he might line up as a tight end occasionally, who knows? We’ll see.” This is the ENTIRE quote from Martz. Looks like Hester will be killing it again on returns. Get the whole story before you make yourself look like an ass.

  26. Juliath…..I dont know if your a bears fan or not but you obviously were paying much attention at the end of Hesters reign as a great kick returner….They just stop kicking hi the ball totally. They kick a squib or very short kick…hell i seen team that would kick it out of bounds and give the Bears the ball at the 40 istead of kicking to him….So why not give him a chance to touch the ball 10-15 times a game.

  27. Martz will get your Franchise QB killed, but in the meantime his WR will put up solid numbers 🙂

  28. # dustindmw says: May 22, 2010 6:25 PM
    If Chris Harris was so great then why did the Bears let him go several years ago for… what was it a 6th round pick? Come on people, I’m a Bears fan and want them to do well, but lets not get delusional.
    Really, it’s because the bears are dumb and cheap. Instead of resigning chris harris, an important player for our D, they spent the money on giving lovie a lucrative extension. He’s a good player who has knack of forcing fumbles. Greg Olsen sure is happy he’s on his side.

  29. # brownsfn says: May 22, 2010 5:21 PM
    this is the only receiving corp worse than the Browns…
    someone is still mad that lebron’s goin to the bulls…

  30. didnt the bears used to win games when hester returned kicks,good thing they took away the best player on the team and made him obsolite

  31. I am reminded of the time Martz said he still had faith in Joey Harrington.

  32. If Hester is an elite wr than why try to line him up at te? And you aere stupid if you think martz made faulk good. Moat of you are probably too young to remember him in Indy.
    And who the he’ll was dumb enough to call martz an all rime great coach? He barely could get an oc job.

  33. “It must be political or cultural or something, Martz kicks ass, has always kicked ass, and will always kick ass.”
    His last 2 stops were pretty sweet – San Francisco and Detroit. Boy, he sure turned them around.

  34. Knox may be the starter now, but he won’t be by the time the season starts. Bears will use alot of 3 wr sets anyway, so whoever the two starters are really doesn’t matter. Olsen will see snaps at TE, WR and FB as well.

  35. I am actually pretty pumped for this NFL season. For those of you who read slot of posts I comment on just about every team I can so I’m not a bears “fan” but some players I’m impressed with. If martz says something about a player it’s probaly true. I really like jhonny Knox (and who ever the idiot is that said he’s the guy from jackass should be “drug” out in the street and beat) he plays bigger than he is, and Hester is sorta gunna be used like Marshall was in st Louis in his prime or atleast that’s the kind of production you should expect not az zahir type numbers tho. To bad thebears didn’t try for holt tho it essentialy would have been 2 coaches for that offense and the learning curve would have been lessened that much more. So that about it good luck bears.

  36. It is always a mistake to underestimate the Bears. They did beat the Vikings pretty soundly last year.
    Bear down Bears!

  37. does it really matter? Forte is soft, Urlacher is a punk bitch and cutler will throw 25 picks again
    bears go 6-10. lock it in

  38. The problem with Hester is that he is as dumb as a doorknob. You have to dumb down the offense in order to have him produce.
    They tried involving him in the offense at UM, but he just couldn’t pick it up, so they gave up on it.

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