Holmgren leaning towards voting against OT rule changes in regular season

Two of the four teams that voted against the new overtime rules have already said they will support expanding the changes into the regular season. 

But that doesn’t guarantee the measure will pass.  Teams could change votes from Yay to Nay.  The Browns look like they will do just that.

I think I am against it [for regular-season games],” said Mike Holmgren.  “I voted for it for the championship games and Super Bowl. That was
kind of a concession. The competition committee and the commissioner
wanted it clearly. This one, at the very least, will warrant more of a
discussion, in my opinion.”

Holmgren is the Browns president, but has the unique opportunity to essentially serve as an owner at the league meetings, in place of Randy Lerner.  Holmgren’s previous experience in football that is driving this decision.

“I guess it’s the coaching side [of me] coming up. I feel, leave
[overtime] the way it is for the regular season,” Holmgren said.

We think the argument to keep rules uniform for the regular season and overtime is a strong one, but Holmgren’s opinion is an indication that not everyone agrees.

7 responses to “Holmgren leaning towards voting against OT rule changes in regular season

  1. Also, all those angry coaches that felt they were blind-sided after the vote took place have had plenty of time to work their employers.

  2. Here is something to remember…during the season, at least the early games, networks are only allowed to go over 5 (I think, it may be as many as 15) minutes, and then they have to go to the next game’s coverage.
    So, keeping the rules currently in affect, would be better for TV audiences

  3. what a fat retard holmgren is. get this rule passed. it’s bullshit that the other team doesn’t have a chance to score if the defense holds the offense to a field goal.

  4. The Big Show is right on this one…no need to change one of the areas of the game that makes the NFL so compelling.

  5. For this reason, I am hoping the Browns continue to fail under his stewardship. HE thinks he is bigger than the game. Only his waist size is.

  6. The “Big Show,” also thinks DelHomme just had a bad year? More Int’s than TD’s ???
    Maybe, this is the long term plan to get Brent Locker? At least that would make some sense.

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