Kris Jenkins on Rex Ryan: "His body fat percentage says pudding"

Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins’ interview with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen is technically four days old, but it’s new to me.  (Plus it’s Saturday night, I ran a half marathon this morning, and I’m too tired to look for something new.)

The four-time Pro Bowler says his weight loss competition versus Damien Woody and Rex Ryan is unfair.  After the group weighed in, Jenkins knew he had the most muscle in the group.

“I know with Rex, his body fat percentage said pudding,” Jenkins said.  “I’m really with some guys right now, that are a lot of mush.”

Despite that, Jenkins says his experience losing weight will pay off,
and he’ll drop 50 pounds and win the competition. 

“I think I
have the work ethic on this one,” Jenkins said.

But he theorizes that his job will be tougher because his chubby friends have more fat to lose.

“Damien Woody can tell you,” Jenkins said.  “Half of his body composition is Maryland

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  1. I love how we can joke around about 2 pretty important members of your team being 50 lbs overweight.
    Jenkins weighs 390 right now, 390! Not everyone who tears an ACL blows up 50 lbs, have some self control dude

  2. i’m a jets fan, and i can’t imagine how they’ll be a double digit win team. unless maybe shonn runs for 2k.

  3. I did a half blunt marathon this morning and the rest tonight. Duh did someone say Rex is pudding?

  4. There are plenty of wise ass, cynical comments here.
    But i think Jenkins was pretty damn funny.

  5. Damien Woody a fat tub of goo? Again? That was his problem with the Lions. He was with the Pats, and got his payday – and used it to buy LOTS of food. His contract year, he played well so the Jets bought in and paid him again. He takes all that money and then gorges without apparent restriction or conscience. What a giant turd.
    In an unrelated news item, the Maryland crab industry suffers a devastating crash as stocks of crabs dwindle precipitously.

  6. 12-4, ongoing success (finally). for the doofus who’s hoping for 7-9. i hope miami and ne are the second and third best teams in football

  7. I honestly don’t see the jets winning more than 8 games. Not because they’re not good but because they have the worse edition of a franchise qb ever. Sanchez is hot trash!!!

  8. The Jets are so pathetic they will do anything to get in the headlines. Even have a biggest loser weight loss competition in public. LOL!! Be proud Jet fans. Nobody will lay down for you this year….7-9 this year.
    41 years and counting…..

  9. I love how haters (ItalionArmy) all the sudden become experts and can predict the Jets record this year. Please tell me one way that the Jets got worse from last year to this year? How can you say they will have a worse record? Nobody will be able to pass on that secondary, nobody will be able to run on them with jenkins back and scott at full health. Sanchez has a fulll year under his belt and now four bona-fide weapons along with a threat out of the backfield. The defense has had a year of learning Ryan’s system, there is no way the Jets will have a worse record than 9-7. Stop hating and learn how to be realistic

  10. 3-4 NT’s have to be big. In season, this guy probably really weighed around 350-360. Look at Casey Hampton. You just put in a giant person to plug up the hole. Jenkins will be nice again this year. I agree with Dave, Jets will go 12-4 and win the Super Bowl. One of those four losses could come week 1 though, Baltimore looks like our toughest competition in the AFC. They’ve got all their new WR toys, we won’t have Santonio playing. I look forward to rolling through the AFC East weeks 2-4 though. Then, Holmes joins the offense.

  11. When it comes to proving who The Biggest Loser is, you can never count out Rex Ryan.
    These predictions of the Jets being at the White House to celebrate a Lombardi next year remind me of the predictions that the Titanic was unsinkable.

  12. Without a doubt, the Jets are one of the most talented teams in football. If you cannot see that, you truly are dumb.

  13. if you play good defense, then your team is bound to be competitive. the jets however play great defense and made some nice offseason additions on the defensive side of the ball. i honestly dont know how anyone can think they wont be good unless you are just plain clueless or a dbag flipper or pats fan.
    as for sanchez, all he has to do is manage the game like he did at the end of the regular season and playoffs. actually, sanchez was better than a game manager in the playoffs where he had a 93 rating, completed 60% of his passes, and threw 4 TDs (would have been 5 if not for a drop in the endzone). not bad for a rookie qb playing on the road in the playoffs, right? anyway, if he does that, then the jets win 12 games like they would have if not for sanchez single handedly giving away 4 games last year.

  14. “How could Rex Ryan get any pudding if he didn’t eat his meat?”
    Because Rex has set the controls for the heart of the sundae.

  15. *LOL*…I love how some Butt-plug has to chime in and say..”Jets were 7-7 when indy layed down for them”…and then leaves!!….Just Shut Up !!!

  16. BAL
    Where are the 12 wins coming from? Enjoy 8-8 season.


  18. BAL – W
    NE – W
    @MIA – W
    @BUF -W
    MIN -L
    @DEN -W
    GB – W
    @DET – W
    @CLE – W
    HOU – W
    CIN – W
    @NE – L
    MIA – W
    @PIT – W
    @CHI – W
    BUF -W
    There ya go

  19. Baltimore – Could go either way, we’re basically the same team. All depends on which Defense shows up more, and I think that’s gonna be the Jets – W.
    NE – Our defense stopped them once, and choked the other game. If we play up to par, this game is ours too. – W (In the intrest of fairness and trying to be as realistic as possible, the other game vs. NE i’ll give to them – L)
    MIA – Not a good team. Stop the running game, Marshall, (things we’ve done in the past) and the game is ours – W x2.
    BUF – Enough said. – W x2.
    MIN – This is a huge variable. Favre may come back, but they don’t have a great defense, some good names but nothing spectacular. This can go 50/50, but again, trying to be fair, i’ll say L.
    DEN – Subpar Offense, subpar Defense, – W.
    GB – Shut down Aaron Rodgers, run through the GB defense, we win. – W.
    DET/CLE – Enough said. – W.
    HOU – Shut down Offense (we did this last year, with a worse defense,) we win – W.
    CIN – Beat them last year twice with relative ease, what did the Bungles do in the offseason? Oh yeah, nothing. – W.
    PIT – Can go either way, but if the Steelers play like they did last year, we’ll win. They have a really talented O and a pretty good D too. – L.
    CHI – Who threw more INT’s then Sanchez last year? Jay Cutler. – W.
    That being said, any of these games can go either way, but assuming we play like the paper says we should, we’ll end up in the Wildcard round, at the very least. Stop drinking the Anti-Jets koolaid and recognize we have a good team, douchebags.

  20. blah blah jets sucks. florio sucks. i’m cool, give me credit.
    -avg. pft jackass.

  21. “MIA – Not a good team. Stop the running game, Marshall, (things we’ve done in the past) and the game is ours – W x2.”
    Yeah, how did that work out for ya last season, skippy?
    To think that you are going to sweep us after you were swept shows just how delusional you guys really are.
    I can see a 1-1 split coming and I can also see you losing both games, but then again, it happened last season, so it’s not out of the question.

  22. The first game you played against us? Yeah, you ran right through our defense. We did the same to you but granted, you earned the win. The second game? Different story. You guys had I think 106 total yards offense, but we got smoked by Ginn twice. So as i’m sure you saw, we had you figured out pretty well. All the major weapons you have now is your RB’s and Brandon Marshall, who Revis did very well against. We’re coming out more pass friendly, and i’m gonna say you wont have too many answers. So sure, we could split or get swept, but it’s football, the Lions could beat the Colts. (Well, maybe not but you get the point.) Only 1 way to find out. Good luck in 2010.

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