Rams, Atogwe still talking

NFL_atogwe.jpgThe St. Louis Rams applied the franchise tag last year to safety Oshiomogho Atogwe.  This time around, they opted to use only the lowest level restricted free agency tender, thanks to the increase in eligibility for unrestricted free agency from four years to six in the uncapped year.

But there’s a hitch.  As of June 1, the Rams must decide whether to let Atogwe walk — or whether to extend a new tender in the amount of 110 percent of his 2009 salary.

The Rams aren’t expected to commit to the much higher amount, but they apparently aren’t interested in giving up on Atogwe just yet.  Per Brian Stull of ESPN 101 in St. Louis (via the Red Zone), the team and the player continue to negotiate.

In one week and three days, he’ll most likely be able to negotiate with every other team, too.

Though he likely won’t be getting the kind of money that stopped flowing in early March, there could be a team or two that opted to hold a little something back in the budget once the Rams decided to adopt a strategy that points to Atogwe being available as of June 1.

19 responses to “Rams, Atogwe still talking

  1. let him go and then the eagles can sign him. seriously, we need insurance for nate allen busting

  2. Seriously, a good fit for him would be in Minnesota. Their defense is very good except at the safety position, and they’ll be on the short list of favorites to make it to the Super Bowl. They lost two free agents worth more than $9 million that they haven’t replaced with other high priced pickups, so league rules would allow them to use up to that amount to sign a player who fills one of their few weak spots.

  3. I begged the Rams for two years to get something done with this guy and they couldn’t do it. Is another week really going to make a difference? Congrats to whoever gets him, he’s a flawed safety but a true difference maker.

  4. Atogwe as insurance? lol that’s an expensive policy right there! Besides, he clearly wants to be a Lion but he isn’t allowed to talk about it for another week. Guess who’s car is going to be near his house come midnight June 1st tho!!

  5. insurance?! are you crazy this guy is the guy id he goes to any team, he’s no dang insurance! he’s a stud

  6. Dolphins have a rather large hole at FS. Could make a run for him if the story is true about cutting bait with Grove. His and Smiley’s money would easily pay for Atogwe.

  7. SKINS PLEASE…THIS GUY IS THE REAL DEAL. SORRY REED DOUGHTY. We passed on Eric Berry, we will not let Atogwe get away!

  8. there has been buzz about this guy in jax for a couple of months now. if rams let him walk, jags will no doubt make a play for him. if we could land him, we will be the most improved defense in the league. adding a proven stud on each level of the defense in aaron kampman, kirk morrison, and oj otogwe and spending basically our whole draft on defense is enough to put one of the shittier d’s last year to top 10 status. jags r quietly having a great offseason and will surprise a lot of people this year.

  9. He’s probably better than anyone the Jags have right now, so I hope Gene signs him. Not sure if the Jags can/will outspend other teams (like the Redskins) though.

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