Broncos "let it be known" Orton was available

We made the case two weeks ago that trading Kyle Orton made no sense for the Broncos.

The decision makers in Denver disagreed, at least earlier in the offseason. Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes that the Broncos “let it be known” Orton was available this offseason.

That position may have changed, with a Broncos source telling Mike Klis that Orton is not available. 

The whole dynamic is strange. Orton knows that he’s not fully wanted, but he’s the best quarterback on the roster by all accounts.  He’s also trying to carry himself like a starter.

“If you want to be a successful quarterback
in this league, you’ve got to have that about yourself,” said Brandon
Stokley. “You can see that [Orton]
has it. You can see he’s more comfortable this year, as well as we all
are, being in this system for a year.”

We still strongly believe Orton will be the Week One starter. But his availability earlier this offseason indicates he could be displaced by a teammate or placed on another team.

37 responses to “Broncos "let it be known" Orton was available

  1. “he’s the best quarterback on the roster by all account”
    I might disagree. It’s definitely not crystal clear. I guess long-term Tebow must be better, and I believe Quinn will be better.

  2. Orton’s the best Bronco QB like John Kerry was the best option for the Democrats in ’04….
    He holds the offense back because there is no threat of him getting the ball down the field.

  3. afiresnake says: May 23, 2010 3:51 PM
    I might disagree. It’s definitely not crystal clear. I guess long-term Tebow must be better, and I believe Quinn will be better.
    Brady Quinn didn’t get cut yet? If you “missed” out on watching Brady Quinn last year, he is just awful, pure garbage.

  4. CanadianVikingFan says:
    May 23, 2010 3:43 PM
    Who is Klis Orton? Kyle Ortons evil twin opposite brother who can play QB well?
    It should have read…
    That position may have changed, with a Broncos source telling Klis, Orton is not available.
    Punctuation is key.

  5. Before we bash the heck out of Orton, let’s remember one fact: Kyle is one of the best short passers in the NFL. John Madden said on national TV that he can make every pass possible when in the red zone. That is why Kyle has trade value. It is kind of ironic that he was traded for one of the worst red zone QB’s in the league.
    Those of you who believe Quinn and Tebow are better are dead wrong.
    Denver sure has some crazy NFL writers don’t they?

  6. I guess McDaniels wants moldable QBs until he finds someone better to make his project. Once he’s done with Brady Quinn, he will be off looking for the next best option.
    I wouldnt be surprised if he’s not fired in a few seasons. Pat Bowlen may not have much patience if every good player that they have is gone because they disagree with the coach.

  7. Orton has become a great short & intermediate passer. Ask JaMarcus how far the long ball will take you. Anybody that can find a receiver 21 times in a single game, when the defense knows who the ball is going to, has mucho talent. Trading him would be a dipschitt move. Especially if you plan on starting MahMahMahMyoplex.

  8. Orton sucks, but is clearly the best QB on that crappy team. Why would McDaniels trade him? This guy is worse, much much worse than Mangini. Screw Division II, he’ll be lucky to be coaching Pee-Wee next year.
    Worst coach is NFL = McDaniels
    What did all that fist pumping get you after you beat the Pats in Denver ? Not a DAMN thing. You SUCK McDaniels!!!!

  9. Broncos gave all the other QBs new playbooks this year to update the offense. Orton got a stack of military recruitment brochures instead. He gets no respect.

  10. Orton is a servicable QB but will never givve hsi team that type of play that puts them over the top. He is an ideal backup. I say this year Quinn wins the job with Orton #2 and Tebow learning the pro game. Next year Tebow will be #1 and Quinn will be on to his third team.

  11. Kyle gets no respect. Reporters still ask him if he is the son of former Dallas QB Craig Morton.

  12. On a recent road game Orton couldn’t wait to visit the “imports” on the top floor. He knocked on a door and it was opened by gorgeous blonde twins. He said, “Hi, I’m Kyle”.
    Girls said, “Oh, hello Kyle, we’ll have the sushi plate and several bottles of the house wine. Would you just leave it outside the door we may be busy. Put it on our bill and please add $10 for yourself.”.

  13. Orton is a short-term solution that will never get the Broncos very far in the playoffs.
    I understood why they wanted him last year but it makes zero sense to keep him around for a few more years

  14. Not long ago Orton went to the Bronco’s equipment manager to ask for a new uniform. The guy gave him a set of coveralls and three sets of work gloves. Told him to make them last.

  15. Orton is the best on the roster huh. Isn’t that like being the smartest dumb kid?

  16. When Orton met Tebow he told him not to be afraid to ask questions. Tim asked him how much he wanted for his house.

  17. McDumbass just likes to trade away talent… Keep it going dummy you are making me happy…

  18. Here comes the Princess Tebow chants…
    The Donkeys suck and Mark Schlereth is a Douche-Bag!!!!

  19. Thanks for Deleting my post Rosenthal.. One that had no profanity nor did it attack anyone on PFT.
    Good job!

  20. Denver is really lost on their personnel moves. I can see this team hitting bottom fairly quick, and battling it out with Oakland for the #1 pick.

  21. MilehighMadnes
    how can a true Denver fan not hate McDaniel for turning the Broncos into a Tebow Praise the Lord athon.

  22. Come on, McDouche – please, please, please start baby Jesus to guarantee yourself an 0-16 year and a place in the unemployment line…
    Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  23. “Broncos let it be known that Orton is available”.
    McDaniel is still peeved that he had to spend all that time calling around after Kyle refused to wear a sign at Radio City Music Hall last month.

  24. Best argument that Tebow is going to suck: McDaniels thinks he is going to be good.

  25. As a Oakland Raiders fan, I am very happy about what the Broncos are doing. They should let Tebow start.

  26. McDaniels, if only you would have traded Orton out. They’d of fired his ass before the season ended. Now the Broncs have to wait until the end of the season to fire McDaniels after they go 6-10

  27. McDaniel is losing me.
    Who does he trust enough to play QB, if it isn’t Orton?
    I’m baffled.

  28. Rasta:
    How can a true Bronco fan really think that is what McX is doing to the Broncos?
    The Broncos number one goal this year was to fix the 3rd and short on both sides of the ball. Thats what killed us down the stretch last year.
    It’s pretty ignorant to bring up a mans personal beliefs when all anybody is talking about is football.

  29. I think ortan is a good qb. If kolb goes down in Philly I’d send a 4th to Denver for ortan, maybe throw in tebows buddy Cooper

  30. McDaniels has three marginal quarterbacks but at least they are his kind of player. By the end of the year it won’r matter who starts. They are all about the same.

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