Derrick Johnson targets a return to the starting lineup

Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson, a first-round pick in the 2005 draft, has seen his once-promising career hit a rough spot.  After four years as a consistent starter, Johnson came off the bench in 12 of the 15 games in which he appeared last season.

And now that preparations are in full swing for 2010, he’s once again not part of the first team.

But Johnson isn’t upset.  “Right now, nobody has a starting job,” Johnson said, per Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.  “The [coaches
are] more focused on [players] learning the defense.  We’ve got a new
coordinator.  So it’s not a set team.  That depth-chart stuff, that
doesn’t come into play until training camp.  It’s not a priority for the
coaches right now.  When we get to training camp, that’s a little
different.  That’s when we really separate the men from the boys.

we get to training camp and I’m working my butt off and staying healthy
and I’m still not out there with the first team, then we can look at a
problem.  Right now, it’s not a problem at all.”

8 responses to “Derrick Johnson targets a return to the starting lineup

  1. Florio, you posted this after midnight! Put some Barry White on and tell your wife you are DTF!!!

  2. When you make plays, you get playing time. It’s that simple Derrick. I’ve watched all your games in the red and gold, and you lack pursuit abilities, recovery speed, and tackling ability. You occasionally make catches that LBs shouldn’t be able to make, and I’ve seen you make plays in the backfield, but could count them on two hands. Get your game right, learn the system, and expect to be handed absolutely nothing. EARN YOUR KEEP AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

  3. How is he not the starter he had one bad season if that’s the case sit Matt cassel a** down too

  4. Not a classic fit for any LB spot in a 3-4 D, but nevertheless played very strong at the end of the season last year. I’m predicting a good year for the kid.

  5. That’s nice and all…but as a Chiefs fan this is nothing new. Same JD story different offseason. Hell last offseason when the “DJ might reach his potential this year…maybe” story broke it was old news.
    Put up or GTFO DJ

  6. DJ is a bust. He never lived up to his draft status or hype, not even in the 4-3. He was handed a starting job and has assumed it would always be his ever since. He’s obviously not working hard enough or doing what this coaching staff wants him to do…or simply can’t.
    DJ was always a finesse player, and the 3-4 doesn’t care for finesse players.
    We should’ve dealt him this offseason.

  7. While DJ has not lived up to his potential, He’s still the best option at his position. Not starting him was a Haley head game that went on for way too long.

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