Two days and counting to the New York Super Bowl

The NFL has identified the annual decision to award the next unawarded Super Bowl as yet another point during the months of no football during which football will find a way to box out other sports that otherwise are in high gear.

On Tuesday, May 25, pro football once again will supersede baseball, hockey, and basketball, with the announcement of the city in which Super Bowl XLVIII will be played.  Think about that for a second.  The baseball season is in full swing, another Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals is on the horizon, the LeBron James frenzy is dramatically expanding basketball’s version of the Human Fund, and an NHL season buoyed by the most dramatic Olympic hockey tournament yet is moving toward the Stanley Cup round.  And yet the question of where a Super Bowl that will be played not next year or the year after that or the year after that will take place will trump them all.

Of course, the fact that the February 2014 event is expected to be awarded to New York will serve only to increase the interest and the coverage.

By all appearances, the decision is a done deal.  When it first surfaced several months ago as something other than a pipe dream, word emerged in media circles that “if” no longer was part of the consideration.

According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, one league source said he’d be “shocked” if New York doesn’t get the game.  And Patriots owner Robert Kraft continues to lobby for the game to be played in New York (New Jersey), in the elements.

“Doing it in New York is the right thing for a lot of reasons,” Kraft told Myers.  “I’ve been going to  Patriots game for 50
years up here.  I personally believe all football should be played
outdoors.  Our league was founded on winter football with the Ice Bowl. 
Our sport is about resilience, mental toughness, adjustments.  I think it
will be a great experience for the fans.  A memorable experience.”

On that last point we agree.  It will be memorable.  Whether it’s memorable for good reasons or bad reasons remains to be seen.  But it definitely will be memorable.

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  1. And yet the question of where a Super Bowl that will be played not next year or the year after that or the year after that will take place will trump them all.
    No, it won’t. It will be an interesting little story for a day, and then everyone will go back to other things.

  2. I live 15 min. from Giants Stadium. Anyone interested in renting out my house. Trust me – it will be a lot easier for you than any of the idiots who think this SB will take place in New York and get screwed by Manhattan hotels.

  3. I don’t think anyone besides PFT and the NFL Network believes that this announcement is some how bumping every other sport to the back-burner. Pretty strong assertion to make – with nothing to back it up except NFL press releases and blurbs on PFT.

  4. Any other city with an outdoor stadium up north this wouldn’t even be a discussion. Lambeau? No. Cincy? No. Baltimore? No. The only 2 reasons NY gets this: #1- Shiny new stadium. #2- It’s New York. They get preference on pretty much everything. And for that matter, if we are opening up the Super Bowl to previously unqualified cities, why don’t we go ahead and move the draft around the league instead of keeping it in NY? There is no reason it needs to stay there! I am SICK of hearing the moron Jets fans for 4 straight hours. Obnoxious as hell.

  5. That would suck to have your team get to the SB and then have to go watch it in New Jersey in the middle of January.
    It should be in the warmer states, in ideal weather conditions so everyone is on even playing fields. Keep the bad weather games (which are fun to watch on tv) to the playoffs.

  6. Since Godell is the comish magic things have happened in New York, the Giants SB champions , the jets played for the afc title. I have no doubt that outdoor SB will happen …. it´s New York and Godell is a local.

  7. Go ahead take the NFL draft from NY…we dont need it … THEY want it here ..Why…because it IS the Greatest city on earth…The largest media market and on and on…..And as far as Jet fans go we have been in the dumps for a long ,long time …How The Hell are we supposed to act? Yes were excited !!!.And given the chance we are gonna stick it to them the way WE have been getting it for years…..SO SHUT UP!!

  8. Why can’t we get this straight it is going to be awarded to New Jersey. The bills are the only NFL franchise in NY

  9. Robster, you say that NOW considering you will end up getting the 2014 SB, but if it wasn’t for that you would be saying otherwise. I just foresee a future where NY will get this, next year you will see cities like Baltimore, New England, Green Bay etc. bidding for a SB and they won’t get it. NY preference for Goddell, I agree with ALF. And I’ve been to NY. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s Baltimore but taller, busier, more a-holes and no Inner Harbor. Not saying Baltimore is the greatest, just better. The greatest cities in the world? Look at Moscow, Sydney, France, Rome, etc.

  10. Florio i am beginning to think that your disdain for other sports is getting ridiculous. Did you ever you know play other sports either than watching football hmm.

  11. Maybe moving the SB to outside stadiums will bring back the run the ball stop the run mentality. Sorry Colt fans….

  12. yeah, i have to say this is kinda garbage cause the only other cold weather team they would consider giving the SB to is New England. like many have said, we will never see a lambau SB, or a Cleveland SB.

  13. Raven Maniac…. I would’nt be saying otherwise! NY doesnt NEED the NFL draft here ….The NFL Needs it to be here! The truth is that the other cities you mentioned Have far less to offer when being considered for a SP. Thats not only my personal opinion,in many ways its a fact…sorry …but true. Like it or not. And those other cities you mentioned France, Rome, Moscow, Sydney….Ive been to 3 out of the four …They have nothing on Downtown Manhattan… When you hear the expression “only in New York” its absoloutly true.

  14. i love the idea of a superbowl up north in the cold. i am sick and tired of the video game offenses that come along with dome teams. football is a man’s game and sometime you have to beat the weather along with the opponent. let the tougher and more physical football team win it.
    moreoever, as a hardcore, diehard jets fan i’m going to tell you who the best QB is in the NFL and why. it is Tom Brady. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, and Matt Schaub all play in domes or in favorable conditions for at least half the season. Brady on the other hand puts up numbers in the outdoors and has to deal with the winters up here. i’ve seen Peyton fold numerous times in the cold, especially in the playoffs. heck, the jets waxed him 41-0 in the meadowlands in 2003. now, i’m not saying peyton and the rest of the QBs i listed arent great, but they wouldnt put up as huge of numbers if they played in a city like buffalo.
    also, if there are going to be cold superbowls, then it has to only be big market cities. teams like new york, chicago, and the redskins should all get a chance to host the big game. teams like the browns and packers shouldnt get one because there aint sh!t to do there. sorry.

  15. sniperhare says,
    it would suck to have your team get to the SB and then have to go watch it in New Jersey in the middle of January.
    HUH??? The Super Bowl has not been played in the middle of January for more than 30 years.
    Do people who post on this site even watch the NFL ??
    Raven Maniac Baltimore is better than NY??
    Are you high? Baltimore might be better than Newark but sorry it is not even close and I have been to Baltimore many times. Great crabcakes though. The inner harbor is nice but could do without the constant panhandlers.
    I think it is great the SB 2014 will be played at the Meadowlands. Anyone who whines about evening the playing field is not a football purist.

  16. Im simply saying dont start the I hate NY Crap.If other cities really want an SP…well then they are gonna have to step things up a bit. Ask yourself…why wont Lambau,or Cleveland have a SP?…What can THEY do to step up….the league isint gonna award a city a SP Just because it needs to be fair!! That has little or nothing to do with it. How can ALL parties involved make money!! Thats what its all about. *LOL*..Fairness? gimme a break!

  17. Green Bay should get a Super Bowl then. They have had far more great NFL playoff games played there like the Ice Bowl or NYG/Packers NFC title in 2007 for examples, than any other cold weather team. Cold weather football history buoilt the league!

  18. “Football purist?” Come on!!!!
    “i am sick and tired of the video game offenses that come along with dome teams. football is a man’s game and sometime you have to beat the weather along with the opponent. let the tougher and more physical football team win it.” Jesus, Give me a break!!!
    Some of you must not pay attention to the real world or history. The game changes, and that’s a fact. That’s why the NFL changed the OT rule because kickers have gotten much better. The game changes and people must adapt. If you don’t like it and don’t adapt you’re going to be on the wrong side of the football version of Darwinian evolution.
    “But I want to see a physical football game with men beating each other up.” 1) That sounds borderline gay. 2) If you don’t think that football is not a physical game despite it being like a “video game” then you’re an idiot. 3) The history of man says that brute force doesn’t always beat man’s intellect. In real life this is where modern humans (intellect)beat out Neanderthals (strength).
    This is why coaches are so important. Its the team with the best balance of strength, toughness, intellect, talent, and great coaching who win out in the end. The NFL is a form of entertainment and if you want to see games with a 3-6 score, like they had in the “olden” days, then please keep it to yourself. That’s not entertaining. That’s like a pitchers battle in a baseball game — who cares about that, its boring.

  19. “Of course, the fact that the February 2014 event is expected to be awarded to New York will serve only to increase the interest and the coverage.”
    I know it’s just a minor geographical technicality, but it will be awarded to New Jersey… not New York.

  20. SC21 says:
    May 23, 2010 11:34 AM
    Shouldn’t the NFL be worried about whether or not there will be a 2012 Super Bowl first?
    That’s what I keep asking.
    Anyway, morbid curiosity alone has me wanting to actually see this happen.

  21. what a terrible idea
    there is going to be a snow storm or cold wave or something to make it unbearable to play in or watch
    it will be a sloppy error filled game
    The NFL is going downhill

  22. Only a guy who is accustomed to watching games from and heated and catered sky box could make such rediculous statements!
    Have these idiots forgotten that some of the PLAYERS (and a sizeable portion of the audience) for the Super Bowl played in Detroit many years ago barely made it to the stadium in time for the kickoff. The traffic jams were unbelievable! And they believe that getting from Manhatten to the Meadowlands will be any better? Crazy!!

  23. Anybodyhome….Hurry up!….go tell all the people in Washington DC that the Redskins play in Maryland!

  24. New Jersey is a state made up of highway exits and toxic dumps..
    Nobody wants to admit they are from New Jersey.

  25. They let Detroit host a SuperBowl and that city is a pile of trash. I guess there was plenty of space to accomodate though since the city is a ghost town.
    Just saying, if “Dome” cities don’t have to be the greatest thing in the world to host a SB, then why should non-Dome cities have to be? Outside of Miami and Dallas, none of the other past host cities are that great either…

  26. Lob-ster-NY – LMAO, have a few more shots and pound that ny “SP” drum.
    “The Super bowl should visit the True City of Champions”
    You mean Valdosta, Ga then – ESPN says so; New York nor New Jersey were mentioned.
    If they give the Super Bowl to New Jersey (an extremely bad idea), every stadium in the NFL should expect the league to follow suit with their city and rightly so.
    So will all the large college stadiums in the north – State College, PA; Columbus, OH, and Knoxville, TN – all with at least 20,000 seats more that New Giants Stadium in New Jersey as well as Ann Arbor, MI with Michigan’s new 148,000 seat stadium – 68,000 more than NGS, NJ – are all suddenly potential Super Bowl cities.
    A New York Super Bowl = any stadium that wants to can put their hat in the ring.

  27. I would love to see it in NY and watch a reciver lay out for a pass, hit the snow and slide for another 10 yards.
    I love watching football in the snow.

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