Dwayne Bowe's phrase is catching on

nfl_a_mccoy01_400.jpgLast week, we pointed out that Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe not only blew the whistle on the alleged practice of “importing” but also exported a potentially offensive phrase when explaining that his professed affection for quarterback Matt Cassel does not mean that Bowe is romantically attracted to men.

No homo” has become the new shorthand expression of the notion that a guy likes another guy without liking another guy.  Whether the phrase is offensive remains debatable.  Some think it isn’t, reasoning that the speaker is doing nothing any different from wearing an earring in his left ear only.  Others think that the twist on “not that there’s anything wrong with that” implies that, indeed, there is something wrong with that.  (And still others thought that Bowe was merely saying that Cassel is “no Romo.”)

Anyway, there’s a new member to the “no homo” club.  As pointed out by the folks at JoeBucsFan.com, rookie defensive tackle Gerald McCoy added the phrase to a Twitter post when talking about his weekend with the other draft picks invited to attend the annual weekend during which they’re all photographed for trading cards.  (It’s not the Rookie Symposium, which will happen next month.)

Man the rookie
class of 2010 is cool as a fan!” McCoy said.  “We had a blast this weekend in LA!  I
loved all the fellas!  No homo.  Lol!!”

It should be noted that McCoy made no similar proclamation when he admitted that his favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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  1. Google the phrase, it has been around for quite a while. It is even in a parody of Lady Gaga on Youtube “Bromance”. And yes, I find it distasteful, but I am old, fat, and no longer in high school.

  2. You’ve got a problem with him liking “The Little Mermaid”? Speaks more about you than it does about him.
    A “real man” doesn’t give a damn what others think of his movie choices.

  3. LOL…”No Homo” has been a term in use for at least 4-5 years Florio.
    LOL at it “just” catching on…

  4. urinal mint says:
    May 24, 2010 9:45 AM
    You’re roughly 5 years behind the internet on the usage of “no homo,” Florio.
    Seriously, and the internet was about 15 years behind my childhood on the usage of “no homo.”

  5. Yeah new like since 2002 before it showed up on t-shirts and in sitcoms in 2003 and 2004! Bowe is really ahead of the curve!

  6. Adults don’t use the phrase ‘No homo’ ….period. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the league office take notice behind closed doors.

  7. i know its been mentioned already, but, long b4 i left my Vermont (not exactly a state known to be trendy or “with the times”) college in ’04 i had been hearing it. @this point its about as new as Clear Coca-Cola. VH1 coulda used it in an “i luv the 90s” episode man. So let’s all Get Our Preak on before someone psyche’s us out homie, word.

  8. Sooooooo outdated. It’s been a staple around New York hip-hop forever. It’s stupid, but it’s been around forever.
    Makes me think that they’re actually thinking about something along the homo lines if they feel the need to state that.

  9. Guys have to let people know they are not gay because you are not allowed to say you had fun with the guys friday night or say you love another man without people thinking you are gay.
    It is not an “eros” type of love but a “philo” type of love, as in brothership type.
    No homo.

  10. Hey Florio – here’s another new phrase that’s gonna catch on real quick….
    “Where’s the beef?”
    You heard it here first Florio.

  11. I’ll be the 20th guy to say this, but “no homo”, used by athletes, is not new. Deadspin covered this a few years back.

  12. Leave Florio alone. It’s clear that he did some solid research as a member of the press and found out that it’s a brand new phrase created by Dwayne Bowe.
    I only wish you had given a definition.

  13. I hear the word “Phat” is really starting to take off as well. Apparently, it is a new way to describe something that you really like. Whether the word is offensive to “big boned” people remains irrelevant.

  14. Florio, in your defense, I only heard this for the first time a couple of months ago myself. I’m a comedian, and one of the younger comics I sometimes share a stage with said it in his act. He told me it’s been used for years.
    Of course, he’s 16 (really, and pretty damn good) and I’m 39, so there you go.
    Also, I prefer “No Romo”.

  15. The photo shoot is a huge event called the “NFL Rookie Premiere”, and “No Homo” has been around for quite some time, before Bowe even hit college.

  16. Bowo no homo?
    I think Bowe’s a homo. He’s very insecure about his masculinity. He was surprised and awkward when a female import arrived at this room. He spilled the beans, making plenty of his heterosexual teammates upset and … frustrated, very frustrated. Now why would he do that? Makes sense he’s homo. More likely, he’s just one of those young men stupid enough to have not figured things out yet. Bowo, take some time and reflect. Apply all three brain cells simultaneously to reflect on your life.

  17. I have a suggestion for you Mike Florio: You are on my favorite sports radio show, The Two Live Stews every week. They often use that phrase and it’s not in a “homo” sort of way. I would ask them about the phrase the next time your on with them and have them explain it to you. Not a big deal and it’s been around for years.

  18. no homo isn’t even the popular term anymore…Pause is. And even that is old. I’m not gonna explain how to use it, but that is the term now.

  19. Dwayne’s usage of the phrase is no different than saying “excuse me” after an ill-timed turd siren.
    You can use it too. The next time you and Gregg are in the VW with the Barry Manilow in the 8 track, and Gregg says, “I love you Florio”. Not because he is kinda flaky, but he is feeling thankful for the job that you provided him. Then you should say no homo 3 times. That way, you’re both cleared for the vehicle, music, and language.

  20. LMAO!! Im glad soo many ppl shed light on the fact that this phrase has been around since at least 03!
    In the words of Jadakiss “A real man shouldn’t have to say no homo”

  21. Come on guys, give Florio a break. After all he lives in West Virginia. The whole state is behind the times. Hell most of the residents are still debating the virtues of VHS over BETA.

  22. this post shows you how cool Florio is.
    this has been around for ages as everyone else has stated Florio, you homo.

  23. “No homo” has been around, but I have mixed feelings about “no Romo.” I suppose the context determines everything.
    Since the 06-07 playoffs I have been using Romo as a verb. Pretty much any fumble or dropped pass to someone tripping, “He Romoed that one.” Works perfectly.

  24. no homo:
    Isnt’t that what the 20 year old said to Rapistburger after he asked if he could twizzle her?

  25. After winning his first game as a Tampabay Bucc. Gerald McCoy was seen giving his coach a hug, noticing this McCoy held a press conference immediately stating he was happy for the win and the team and that it was a No Homo hug.

  26. no florio:
    I use this slang to describe a piece of journalism where the writer has done his research and is on top of the story.

  27. Just in case you hadn’t heard, Florio, the phrase “no homo” has been around for YEARS. Maybe you could title the article “Dwayne Bowe uses a term I hadn’t heard, and now I am noticing others use it as well”.

  28. “no homo”
    About 887,000 results (0.17 seconds)
    Google could be your friend if you let it be.

  29. i’m amazed at most of these SO called NFL anal-lyst that have NO clue about Nothing… thats amazing..

  30. florio,
    you are about as good at picking up on new trends as you are at reporting news.

  31. I am pretty sure Fonzie was wearing a ‘No Homo’ t-shirt when he made that famous jump over a tank full of dolphins ………

  32. its not bowe’s phrase and it is not just catching on…its played out….people are using it again because of people you like you making a big deal about it like its new…its funny how late you are florio…hence mccoy saying lol…you joke…

  33. Thank God for this website so I can keep up with all the latest fads.
    Favre writes the song “Pants on the Ground”.
    Sanders invents the word “shibacle”.
    Bowe coins the phrase “no homo”.
    Next thing you are going to tell me is Jared Allen came up with the idea of a celebration dance after sacking the QB.

  34. hahaha florio is so old and out of it….no homo is actually so old that it is barely even used anymore…..it used to be used WAY more than it is now…..this post is actually pretty consistent with the rest of the articles…..it was reported about a year or two after it was actually news

  35. Lil Wayne coined the phrase after a video of him kissing his “daddy” on the mouth surfaced… Wayne said, “yeah I kiss my daddy, no homo”, and so it was born… Wayne says “no homo” all the time now on songs and interviews……

  36. I’m a metalhead and do not keep up with street/ rap slang stuff. never heard this before.

  37. I’m a metalhead and do not keep up with street/ rap slang stuff. never heard this before.

  38. yes fresh. thats correct. Kanye said “Everybody on my d**k, NO HOMO!” I think that was in the “Jesus Walks” song however long ago that was. (Way before taylor Swift lol)

  39. actually Jay-miah, Kanye used that line in his verse for “Run This Town” with Rhianna and Jay-Z. The whole line is “It’s crazy, how you can go from being Joe Blow, To everybody on your d**k, No homo”.

  40. As far as somethig being old. Pointing out “no homo” has been around in this post since (May 24, 2010 9:48 AM )…. … so you guys poimting out something that is old, while being old at pointing out oldness is really pointless.
    In other words it’s old to point out that Florio is late on the “no homo” slang wagon,when you are late on pointiing out that facsinating fact.

  41. Are you kidding? Another stupid post about this non-topic? It’s part of the modern culture, Florio. Get TF over it…

  42. D.R.Universal says:
    May 24, 2010 11:23 AM
    LMAO!! Im glad soo many ppl shed light on the fact that this phrase has been around since at least 03!
    In the words of Jadakiss “A real man shouldn’t have to say no homo”
    Jadakiss may be right but in this case you may want to start saying it because I’m pretty sure quoting Jadakiss IS homo lol

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