Edwards gained confidence when Bills didn't draft a quarterback

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards will have to win a training camp competition if he wants to be the starter in Buffalo this season.

But he says he gained confidence when he found out he wouldn’t have a rookie first-round draft pick in the competition with him.

“Was I happy to see that we didn’t draft a first round quarterback? Yes,” Edwards said on XX Sports Radio in San Diego, per Sports Radio Interviews. “That is a boost of confidence, yes.”

Edwards, who will compete with Brian Brohm and Ryan Fitzpatrick, was already feeling confident before the draft. But now that he knows Brohm and Fitzpatrick are the only guys he’ll have to compete with, his confidence has grown.

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  1. That’s some damn stiff competition he will face in Brohm and Fitzpatrick. Is there a worse QB situation in the NFL?

  2. They will be drafting in the top 10 again next year. Their idea of addressing the glaring needs of left tackle and QB are waiting until the 5th and 7th rounds, respectively. Unless they are able to swing a trade for a solid LT like Jared Gaither (an incredible upgrade over Demetrius Bell), the Bills’ QBs will be running for their lives this year.

  3. Brian Brohm will start for the Bills. Anyone remember when people said he’d be the #1 pick in 2007 only to go back to school and go in the 2008 draft. The only QB’s picked ahead of him were Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco and if I remember right Chad Henne was the pick after. All three are starters and two led there teams to the playoffs. He has talent and certainly can beat out Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick who would be lucky to make an NFL roster if they weren’t on the Bills.

  4. I think Marshawn Lynch is just one hit and run away from wearing out his welcome in Buffalo.

  5. Dont count your chickens just yet…. a TRade for Thigpen or picking up JaWalrus from the local Popeyes might still be in order…

  6. I don’t think a QB playing behind that offense line should get a “boost of confidence” when his teams drafts another running back in the first round.
    What he should be getting:
    – a “boost” in Vicodin prescriptions. He’s going to need them.
    – a “boost” of life insurance.
    – a “boost” in the size and quality of his rib pads.

  7. I don’t know how much confidence this should give him. After all next year is the QB draft of all QB drafts hope he enjoys his last year in the league.

  8. Trent Edwards is a good QB It is not his fault he does not have a O-line to protect him.

  9. I like Trent. I also feel he hasn’t gotten a fair shake, considaring the O’line woes in Buf. But the Bills did draft a QB…. w/ their last pick instead of their first. I know a lot of teams had a higher grade on Levi brown and I would not be surprised if he supplanted Brohm for the 3rd QB spot…. I am well aware that this is a longshot. But I watched Levi in a few games at Troy and he looks to me like he can play at the NLF level..

  10. But they did draft a QB Trent you dumb ass……..bad, bad Levi Brown………..I bet he’s better than you are!!!

  11. I was gonna say Edwards sucks, cuz he had good receivers and a running game last year and did squat with it. But I’m pretty sure the Bills o-line stinks.

  12. The city legislature in Buffalo extended the ban on all punt pass and kick contests for another year due to this. Tired of their competing 3 missing the top 10. Looks like new GM Buddy Nix will get the most out of these sacrificial lambs until next year when they select a QB first. Unless a RB is available of course.

  13. I don’t know why he is feeling confident. Both Fitzy and Brohm played better than Captain Checkdown last year.

  14. feel free not to let that go to your head captain checkdown, i know u’ve got a fantastic outlet dump w/spiller but that wont make u better, niether will no quality oline add-ons.

  15. While Edwards gets a boost of “Confidence” the Bills FO stomachs are turning knowing they still have to see Edwards as there starting QB. Bills are a bunch of idiots. They could of grabbed Clausen or McCoy, but didn’t. Stupid move bills. Now your fans have to deal with another horrible season. CJ Spiller, I hope you can play QB too..lmaoo.

  16. Last season, Edwards played well, but the bills lost.
    Fitzpatrick played like a below average bum, but the bills won some games, so he kept playing.
    Edwards is the best QB on the roster. Its all about winning. If the bills dont, then whoever the QB is, they will get benched. Unfortunatly for the QBs, the O-Line and Defense have to improve to get those wins.

  17. Fitz will be cut, Brohm will start. The Dolphins will cut Thigpen the last day of training camp. The Bills will pick him up and cut Edwards. The Bills QBs will be Brohm, Thigpen and Brown.
    Write that down.

  18. I wouldn’t really read too much into it, Trent.
    There just werent any great QB’s in the draft
    You still are not that great and are surrounded by average players across the board

  19. The Bills will be the worst team in the league this year. They’re going to start Edwards until week 8 when they’re 1-7 and they’ll let Brohm have at it for the rest of the season. Then, next year, when they have the first overall pick, they will take Andrew Luck and have solid QB play.

  20. The good news for Edwards is that when he’s playing for the Argonauts next year he won’t have to put his house on the market.

  21. Incredible how many people have shown their ignorance concerning Trent Edwards. Despite having played behind the worst O-line in the AFC East and for the worst head coach in the division, he has still outplayed Chad Henne of Miami by a little and Mark Sanchez of the Jets by a lot. If these fools knew how to read, they could go to NFL.com and look up the completion percentages, TD/Int ratios and QB ratings for these three. The only QB in the division that has actually outplayed Edwards is Tom Brady.
    The Bills will have a better O-line than last year, when they were hit with more injuries than any other team. They also will have a much better head coach with Chan Gailey. Although the other teams in the AFC East have improved, the Bills will have a better record than they had last year.

  22. Trent, they didn’t draft either a 1st round QB or OL. That’s not a confidence builder.

  23. Trent is tragic and he knows it….it baffles me how he can have confidence in his ability when there is a lack there of. Whenever i watch Trent I think back to the Monday night game against Dallas two season ago when Trent flashed signs of having a future in Buffalo and I wonder where that guy went? Obviously it must have been a fluke and be belongs on this list http://www.oddee.com/item_90666.aspx of one-hit-wonders.

  24. It is getting a bit ridiculous with all the Edwards haters on here. Where were the haters 2 years ago before the concussion in Arizona? The Bills were 4-0, Edwards was on PTI on ESPN and the Bills where all over the networks being discussed as “the surprise team” in the NFL. Since then Edwards has had 2 total concussions and a few minor injuries.
    He has been labelled “Captain Checkdown,” which is a bit unfair. He has taken so many hits, which have taken their toll. These hits have obviously created a lack of confidence in Edwards line. He feels like he does not have the time that he sometimes does. We all know that a quarterback has to be able to take a hit, but not even Peyton Manning could throw confidently behind our line. Put Edwards behind an established line such as New England or San Diego and he would be competitive. Lets not forget what the late, great Bill Walsh said about Trent. He saw talent in him and forsaw a solid future in the NFL.
    We can also throw some blame for his lack luster performance on the short comings of the former Bills coaches. Jauron had terrible game plans and never reassessed games as they progressed. His lack of the ability to adjust to a fast moving game absolutely had an affect on Edwards.
    I firmly believe Edwards could do so much more with more confidence and this could be aided by building the offensive line. Getting Gaither would help. Drafting Wood and Levitre were great. Nelson could also provide some blocking, with proper coaching, to give Edwards a few more split seconds.
    I know we all feel we have given him time to mature, but as the passioned love of the Bills we all feel in our souls, we have to BILLieve.

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