Fins trade Justin Smiley to Jacksonville

After weeks of awkwardness between the Dolphins and guard Justin Smiley, the Fins have found a new home for the veteran offensive lineman.

Per a league source, Smiley has been traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The deal hinges on Smiley passing a physical.  It’s not a sure thing, given rumblings that Smiley has a bum shoulder.

Smiley joined the Dolphins on the first day of free agency in 2008.  He appeared in 27 regular-season games in two seasons, starting 25 of them.  Before that, Smiley spent four seasons with the 49ers.

13 responses to “Fins trade Justin Smiley to Jacksonville

  1. Awesome, way to get some value for Smiley and to make sure he doesn’t land in the division if he was cut.

  2. After the draft the biggest concern on the roster was the interior of the OL. If Smiley can stay healthy this year the Jags have a chance to have a similar offense to the ’07 unit that was 2nd in rushing and 17th in passing. I am getting excited about this team’s prospects for this year. If somehow we could sign a vet WR that could contribute as a #2 the Jags would battle the COLTS for the division. T-fing-O!! NOW!!

  3. I’m glad we’ll be able to bolster our interior offensive line. Drew could use an extra body to make a hole or two to run through.

  4. don’t think he’s gonna do 2 good if there’s many golfcourses in jacksonville….smiley loves to drink cold brews during the regular season in golfcourses..then calls local radiostations pi.. drunk…miami just got much better…2 yrs more we gonna dance big time in south florida…

  5. Smiley is good when healthy but he gets hurt a lot. No matter what the Phins got it was a good deal because he would have been cut anyway. Phins still have Long, Thomas, Grove, Incognito, and Carey. That is a solid Oline and they have Jerry, Gardner, Garner, and Berger as depth. The Trifecta has done a great job rebuilding this team, the transformation is almost complete but I think it is good enough now to retake the division.

  6. Perfect example how everytime you put junk in a garage sale that you think won’t see, is the first thing taken. I’m sure the front office talk went like this.
    Jeff Ireland: “Hey Bill, I’m thinking we better just release Smiley. He’s never healthy and I don’t think we’d get a bag of peanuts for him. Heck Buffalo has the worst o-line by far and they don’t want him.”
    Parcells: “Let’s put him on Craigslist. You can sell a bag of lint on Craigslist.”
    (Jags GM spits on his computer monitor) “Holy crap! Check this out, a slightly used interior lineman is available. It says like new, just needs a new shoulder. Plus it’s in our neighborhood.”
    Jeff Ireland: “Bill, you were right. The Jags actually gave us a draft pick for him. Not to mention we cleared 15 million off the salary cap. Plus, I think his mom is a prostitute.

  7. Smiley still has something left in the tank, The dolphins gave up there highest rated quard for a low round draft pick, which usually doesn’t make the team anyway. Smiley wouldn’t have missed any starts in 08 if the RG hadn’t rolled on his leg and he only missed 1 game in 09.The fish pick up 2 right guards which didn’t even start for the teams that let them go,and they are going to play left side, I think Parcells ego got the best of him, or you better check him into clinic to see if his brain is still there. Parcells is overrated,you teal fans got a good guard and a good leader.

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