Kubiak has high hopes for Orlovsky

Dan Orlovsky is best known in NFL circles for running out the back of the end zone in a game in Minnesota in 2008, when he was with the Lions. In 2009 with the Texans, Orlovsky never got on the field, but that was part of a different problem: Texans coach Gary Kubiak didn’t think Orlovsky understood how to prepare like a professional quarterback.

Now, however, Kubiak says Orlovsky is starting to come around.

“Obviously, I’m more comfortable,” Kubiak said when asked how comfortable he is with Orlovsky as his No. 2 quarterback. “He’s a better player right now than he was last year. It’s a really big camp coming up for him, training camp and stuff. Dan’s had some chances in this league, and he’s got all of the tools that Matt [Schaub] has.”

Saying Orlovsky has all the tools that Schaub has sounds like a stretch, but Kubiak says that the demotion of Orlovsky from No. 2 to No. 3 quarterback in Houston last year wasn’t about the physical gifts, it was about the preparation.

“Really, what happened was that there were great expectations for him, and it wasn’t happening as fast,” Kubiak said. “I really, personally – and I told Dan this, so it’s nothing new to him – I really just thought it was about his standard in how he prepares and how he plays and how he practices. We’ve got one here for the quarterback. Our quarterback is going to play good. It just wasn’t happening at the same pace it should have. So we felt more comfortable with Rex [Grossman].”

Now Grossman is with the Redskins, and Orlovsky is expected to beat out John David Booty for the No. 2 job.

“I’m proud of the way he went about his business,” Kubiak said of Orlovsky, “and now it’s time for him to take off.”

17 responses to “Kubiak has high hopes for Orlovsky

  1. Yeah Kubiak knows nothing about QBs LOL. Hey I trust him, if he feels like the guy isn’t going to cut it he will sign somebody else.

  2. i hope his ass stays on the bench all season again, if Schuab goes down we are freakin screwed!

  3. He should have high hopes. Took the no name backup to Michael Vick and turned him into one of the top QBs. Took another no namer, career journeyman, and backup in Sage Rosenfels and built him up to a degree and traded him for a 4th. Only for Brett Favre to play his games.

  4. C’mon, Kube!
    6’5” doesn’t mean Orlovsky’s going to be good! He wasn’t even good at Connecticut.
    Cut the damn Cord, please. I am NOT comfy with this loser coming in if Matt goes down.

  5. Really? Really? Did kubiak watch his film? It should be the other way around. Explain to me again how kubi got this HC gig?

  6. Some one print this tee:
    0-16 on one side
    Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of the endzone on the other side.

  7. Nobody pans out in Minnesota, that’s why they have to pick up the Packer’s trash.

  8. actually orlovsky kept the lions in games.
    chauncey pullpecker could not do that.

  9. “and now it’s time for him to take off.”
    as in get the heck out of houston because you
    can’t play quarterback. Makes me wish for
    Rosencopter back.

  10. This running out of the endzone thing has really jumped the shark. Some of you need fresh material.
    Why not pile on for how horrible he looked last preseason – causing the Texans to sign Rex. That’s more relevant to the current situation.

  11. Rex looked horrible in the pre-season last year, he connected on a couple deep passes and thats it, he couldn’t hit any short passes.
    Rex got the job because he was a vet and has been to the SB.
    I can see the potential both Orlovski and Booty has, they will be good. If your scouting ability is based on 1 play just stick to watching the game.

  12. Kubiak said of Orlovsky, “and now it’s time for him to take off.”
    To the Great White North?

  13. @Joe
    It’s not if dude… it’s when. Sorry but we all know Schaub is eternally broke down for one reason or another… Also not sure how Kubiak still has a job.

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