Saints to sign fullback Jason McKie

It’s not easy locating a job as a fullback, but former Chicago Bear Jason McKie has found a new home in New Orleans.

Jeff Dickerson of reports McKie will join the Saints.  McKie played his first seven seasons in Chicago.  Heath Evans is the Saints’ starter at fullback, but was only able to play six games last season.

McKie turned 30 on Saturday.  Continuing his pro career with the defending world champs qualifies as a pretty nice present.

13 responses to “Saints to sign fullback Jason McKie

  1. Alex Brown had that on Twitter 5 hours ago…according to ESPN. Where you been Greg???

  2. Brown has a familiar face in the locker-room, and we can avoid anymore Kyle Eckels. Maybe we’ll start a FB by rotation to keep them both healthy.
    Here’s a proposal Gregg…you write every article pertaining to the Saints or the Vikings. Florio isn’t emotionally capable of containing his distraught over the NFC Championship game last year long enough to write an article about either team without exposing his panty-line.

  3. Great pickup for the Saints. Chicago never gave McKie the opportunity to do anything except block. I followed this kid since he was in H.S. and he’s not only a good blocker but a hell of a RB and a very smart guy. He will make the team and be an asset all around. Good job! Who Dat!

  4. Mckie is a good player but I think he will be hard pressed to make the 53 roster. It’s hard enough finding a roster spot as a starting FB, let alone a backup.

  5. @cadillacjosh, comments like yours show you just how little bears football you’ve seen. the bears have been amongst the worst teams in short yardage situations over the past 3 seasons, running at two back i formation set with mckie leading the way.
    people in chicago had been asking for years how this guy still has a job…..on a very mediocre roster, mind you.
    unbelievable how much people overrate guys, in particular guys they don’t see on a weekly basis.

  6. So Brad Hoover, a fullback without a job who blocked for the first nfl tandem to rush for 1100 yards a piece last season is sitting up the road at home and the Saints take this guy. Who makes these decisions. I guess they didn’t want to bring in someone who could actually compete for the starting job. And 30 at fullback is definately not a big deal like tail back. Some of the best blockers don’t even come into their own until their 30’s. Another great move by the saints.

  7. Honcho,
    The bears were amongst the worst teams in short yardage situations because the offensive line sucked. Bears brought in Pace for what? That’s exactly why JC threw so many INTs–Rushing because of sorry lineman. You know sooo much about football, then you know the fullback is just one blocker in the scheme.

  8. bstrong119, pace was here for one season, the bears have stunk in short yardage situation for more than one year. look it up profootballfocus footballoutsiders, they all tell the same tale, the bears have been amongst the worst in the league in 3rd/4th and 1 for the past four seasons.
    yes the o-line is to blame as well, but seeing mckie get stood up in the hole at the point of attack by a LB was a weekly occurrence, that’s just fact.

  9. Honcho,
    The bears offensive line has stunk for years. Where have you been and what team are you watching. You need more than just a FB to run the ball. It’s obvious you’ve never played the game with the pads on.

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