Smiley physical coming in the morning

Amid concerns expressed by Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald regarding the ability of Dolphins guard Justin Smiley to pass a physical that would send him to the Jacksonville Jaguars, we’re told that Smiley will be eyeballed by Jaguars doctors tomorrow morning.

Darlington believes the physical could be a “big snag” because the Dolphins are believed to be trading Smiley due to a shoulder injury.

The player’s health isn’t clear because he has stayed away from the team’s offseason program, at the behest of the franchise.  Thus, Smiley hasn’t had to pass a physical since the physical he took at the end of the 2009 season.

So stay tuned.  If Smiley doesn’t pass the physical, he’ll remain property of a team that by all appearances wants nothing to do with him any longer.