T.O. could be flirting with the Bears

The Bears are desperate to field a winner in 2010.  Receiver Terrell Owens is increasingly desperate to find a team that wants him.

He’s now possibly flirting with the Bears, via his Twitter page.  Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune points out that Owens has mentioned recently hanging out with quarterback Jay Cutler and tight end Greg Olsen.

The Bears have shown no interest in Owens, who has no experience working with offensive coordinator Mike Martz.  But Owens instantly would be better than any wideout on the team, due in large part to the fact that the Bears’ cupboard is largely bare.

Owens reportedly wants $5 million on a one-year deal.  It’s unclear whether he has dropped his demands — or whether he ever will.

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  1. Poor Cutler, even when he throws the ball to the right sweater, it’s caught by a cornerback half the time.

  2. Yeah, I wonder how pissed T.O. will be when Cutler is throwing the ball to the other team.

  3. More trouble than he is worth almost everywhere he goes and apparently teams are finally beginning to realize it. And I don’t think the Bears wideout cupboard is as bare as you believe Florio, but we will see.

  4. not worth it…drops too many balls. We’re not that desperate for a receiver. I think our core is fine.
    oh yea, brownsfn is a big fag

  5. Yes, there are no recognizable names at WR on the Bears roster, and that means the cubboard is bare.
    The Bears will be fine at WR, and signing Owens would make the WR corps worse, not better.
    Owens is an over the hill former physical specimen who was never known for his precise route running, and therefore an awful fit for Martz’ scheme, which demands an almost telekinetic like bond between QB and WR.

  6. T.O. always starts out flirting with a team. Next think you know he’s ****ing them in the ass.

  7. ” It’s unclear whether he has dropped his demands…”
    But it is clear he has dropped plenty of balls.

  8. Martz, Owens, and Cutler together on the same team sounds like a match made in heaven given their past history of mild-mannered behavior and demonstrated ability to get along with others.

  9. “could be flirting,” “via his twitter page,” “bears have shown no interest,” “no experience working with OC Mike Martz.”
    really weak, even for you florio.

  10. Flirting… via his twitter page?
    So, what you’re saying is… T.O. is cyboring with the Bears?

  11. Great matches in history.
    Oil & Water
    Gasoline & Fire
    Paris Hilton & Calculus
    Terrell Owens & Jay Cutler

  12. But Owens instantly would be better than any wideout on the team, due in large part to the fact that the Bears’ cupboard is largely bare. Or it could also be the fact that only Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald have more receiving TD’s than Owens over the past 3, 4 or 5 seasons.

  13. It is crazy that in an uncapped year a DUDE like T.O. is still unsigned, even at $5 mil.

  14. I think he’s worth it. He’ll sell Jerseys and Defences will take him seriously. Is he the same receiver that he once was? No. But he’s worth 5 mil in this league with a conditional clause. If the Bears go to the playoffs, he gets the $5 mil, if they don’t he is guaranteed $3 mil….something like that is reasonable in my opinion.

  15. First Trent Green, now TO? How did this front office keep their jobs the last few years? I’m with Sayers on this one: the Bears are a PAINFUL organization to be any part of, right now. . .

  16. ” But Owens instantly would be better than any wideout on the team, due in large part to the fact that the Bears’ cupboard is largely bare.”
    Ummmm, that would be a no. I like bennett,knox,hester, and even Aromashodu beter than owens in chicago. Oh, and Im not even a chicago fan.
    Personally , i think the media wants T.O. to sign with somebody, then they have something else to write about even if he acts normal, they still will bring up the past.

  17. Like they say, limited options start looking more attractive at closin’ time. If he’s set on playing, T.O. will get more flirty and less demanding as we edge nearer to the start of preseason.

  18. OMG that would be perfect!! He could really get the festering going in the right direction after the week 1 loss. Oh to be a fly on the wall there to hear all the complaining and blame making!!

  19. I think this is actually a good fit and you gotta love the one year deals you cant really beat that

  20. They sign him and they’d give the Vikings problems!! Makes sense, pass happy offense could be great for T.O.

  21. Maybe he could go to Minnesota and join Brett Favre in failing, yet again, to win a Super Bowl.

  22. I hope this happens so I can hear all the bear fans try to nake it sound like a good idea. Just like they do for every move. I can’t wait to see him cry and squeal in Americas third largest media market

  23. here we go again a packers fan throwing the vikings in it.hey didnt brett win a superbowl with the packers?

  24. I wonder what the over/under would be on the combined total of Cutler INTs and T.O. drops? Probably at least 40.

  25. He should come to Carolina if he wants to win a Super Bowl. Matt Moore faking the handoff to DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart then having the option of throwing the ball to Steve Smith or Terrell Owens would be fun to watch.

  26. talk about throwing “stuff” at the walls hoping it will stick! Florio you’ve overreached again, and all the idiots rush to comment on your inanae crap.
    First off T.O. said he was in town on business but not with the Bears.He was joking Jay about telling him how he doesn’t fit into the Martz, which even T.O knows he doesn’t. Martz likes small quick WRs who run precise routes…not big loud WRs who run thier mouth.
    Secondly the Bears don’t sign guys who are problem children, Benson got in trouble a second time he was gone, Tank Johnson got arrested for something he was eventually found innocent but after his other scrapes with the law he was gone. They tend to go after “character guys” .
    As far as the cupboard being bare, I really don’t think it is, and I don’t think the NFC North will either. I think finding CBs who will be able to stick with Hester and Knox in this offense will be a tall order.
    Packer fans just a quick (pardon the pun) note for you…..YOU’RE STARTING CBs are in thier mid 30s, and don’t laugh to hard Vike fans Winfield is too. I am old enough to remember the various ways the NFL has changed, Randy Moss and all of these tall WRs brought about the need of big CBs. It was the greatest show on turf that had everyone getting quick smurf CBs, with the ridiculous speed that the Bears have at WR and Cutlers ability to throw it long it could be a very long season for DBs especially the old ones.

  27. A marginal playoff team does not need the types of distractions that a T.O. brings. It might be a little different on an established playoff team with strong leaders, but that is not Chicago. Already they are dealing with a petulant QB; Urlacher does not know when to keep his mouth shut; and a pass-happy OC without a very good group of recievers (and a QB whose INT numbers have been steadily climbing throughout his career). I throw the last one in becasue it clearly created some serious discontentment in Detroit when MM was the OC there.
    Adding T.O. will not solve ANY of those problems (NO, it won’t fix the receiving corps) and like Robert Ethen said, it can only end in buggery.

  28. Drat:
    Martz might not get to make that call – he’s not the HC. But, I think it would be great TV to see Mad Mike and T.O. screaming at each other on the sideline. It will probably a better show than what they’ll be producing on the field, considering the problems they have on the O-line, in addition to the skill positions.

  29. “But Owens instantly would be better than any wideout on the team, due in large part to the fact that the Bears’ cupboard is largely bare”
    PURE opinion, and ill founded at that. You have no journalistic integrity. He is a far more accomplished wide receiver for sure, but he would kill any chances we have off fielding an improved offense.

  30. Please don’t flirt with the Bears. Or is it “don’t feed” the bears? Either way, just don’t.

  31. well owens had a horrible year last year, i dont see him doing any better, his days are over, he should have been nicer while he had talent, now hes older, slower, and not near as good, would hurt the bears more then anything else. and the ego would be to distracting, to much crying

  32. what is this obsession you have with the bashing the bears and thier recievers?last year was a lousy year for them because A. ron turner ran the offense and B. they were all first or second year players starting for the first time and ron turner ran the offense.. you and keep saying they are young and inexperianced which is true but how do you get experiance unless you play? I think they will be fine now that they have a year under thier belt and have somebody like martz who knows how to call more than a wide reciever screen to hester on 3rd down as his big play. again who had heard of the rams recievers before he took over that offense? the last thing they need is washed up troublemaker like t.o.

  33. dude’s ripped…hire him for stregth coach….maybe thats about it….i already get pissed when every other pass is an INT, i couldn’t watch if the other half of the passes are dropped.

  34. Turrets Owens, wonder how long his mouth would run in the Bears’ locker room before Brian stuffed a dirty sock into it?

  35. Eh, sign him. Whatever. Just make sure it’s a one year contract so he goes with the coaching staff and Angelo at the end of the season.
    I love my Bears, and will watch every game, but they will suck again this year. It’s not going to be fun :/

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