Broncos ink another draft pick

The Denver Broncos now have three rookies under contract.

The latest is linebacker Jammie Kirlew, a seventh-round selection from Indiana University.

Kirlew was a two-time All-Big Ten first-teamer, and a four-time member of the All-Big Ten All-Academic team.

9 responses to “Broncos ink another draft pick

  1. Kirlews parents didn’t want him to end up with a nickname so they called him Jammie.

  2. Don’t sleep on this guy, his background and measurables are not too different from a couple of other defensive ends who switched to linebacker in the pros. Elvis Dumervil and LaMarr Woodley.

  3. It must be hell to try to intimidate the opposition with trash talk when your name is “Jammie”.

  4. Hurts your head to think how many reporters will say Jammie really got “undressed” on that play…ha ha ha….

  5. Should be a good year for Jammie four-time member of the All-Big Ten All-Academic team.
    I thought teams drafted football players?? I should looking into getting on a team then.

  6. Broncos won’t need coachs pretty soon. They drafted 4 of the top 20 Wonderlic guys. Not including Jammie. Or Tebow, who is probably the smartest first year player in the league.

  7. Once upon a time, people used to think football players were dumb but here’s Jammie Kirlew as a four-time member of the All-Big Ten All-Academic team and now a contracted member of the Denver Broncos. I wish him well in the NFL.
    Meanwhile, the responses to this and, unfortunately, many other PFT posts overwhelmingly show that the real morons out there reside amongst the “fans”, many of whom have little better to do with their time than spew forth immature attempts at “humor” regarding the topic at hand. These same losers probably tell fart jokes in their spare time.
    Thanks to Florio and the gang for doing a great job of keeping us informed. Let’s try and keep the responses to a similarly high level.

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