John Harbaugh wants a Baltimore Super Bowl

Well, the NFL apparently will be starting a trend.  With the NFL poised to give a Super Bowl to the New York/New Jersey area, other cold-weather cities now want theirs, too.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder wants one.  According to Dan Kolko of, Ravens coach John Harbaugh thinks Baltimore should host the NFL’s biggest party, too.

Speaking about whether the game should be played in New York/New Jersey, Harbaugh said, “I’m all for it, you know why?  It means Baltimore might get one.  So
you put one in New York, then come on down to Baltimore and we’ll have a
Super Bowl.

“Maybe I’m speaking out of turn, but Baltimore built a stadium, put a
lot of money into a brand new stadium.  So you start bringing it up
[north], I think we want one.”

Owner Steve Bisciotti is opposed to the idea of playing a Super Bowl outdoors in cold-weather cities.

Harbaugh also pointed out that it’s his bigger priority to qualify for the game, not host it.

48 responses to “John Harbaugh wants a Baltimore Super Bowl

  1. I like the idea of changing the Superb Owl venues.
    If the OVERTIME rules can be changed, then why not the location of the Superb Owls?
    There are regular season games in London, so why not the biggest game in DC, Brawltimore, Seattle, Nashville etc.

  2. Why don’t we have the AFC championship in Baltimore, the NFC championship in Washington, and the game that has the most points also gets to host the Superbowl? And we can have Brett Favre flip the commerative coin?

  3. if this new york super bowl thing works out, the committee will have no choice but to just have the super bowl rotate around every NFL city. every team will want to host it.

  4. Ravens stadium is a lot nicer than Dan Snyder’s and it’s in a much better location close to downtown.

  5. YES!!! Said it yesterday but mod wouldn’t post the comment. They should rotate super bowls yearly. Draw one team from each division and dwindle it down from there using the current presentation system. Each of the teams picked that year should be ineligible for the following years drawing. Or just be the NFL and ignore the fans altogether LIKE ALWAYS!

  6. Just don’t park your car on Ray Lewis way when attending the Balt SB… You might get the shiv before making it into the stadium…

  7. Baltimore,
    Clean up that crime riddled, rat infested cess pool and then will talk.
    -Roger Goodell

  8. Really Baltimore? Are you serious? Like being murdered? Big fan of hopeless urban decay? Love being stuck in inexplicable traffic slowdowns? Like going to themed bars populated by nothing but men drinking Michelob Ultra and wearing Affliction shirts? I’ve got the town for you, brother. Baltimore’s finest tourist attractions include a very nice baseball stadium that houses the most poorly managed team in Major League Baseball, a tourist area (Inner Harbor) that’s a strip mall on water, an aquarium that you’ll refuse to pay $28 to enter, and any number of crab restaurants that douse everything in Old Bay.
    Take it from a Maryland resident: Baltimore doesn’t matter. There’s a reason no one watched “The Sum Of All Fears”. Ben Affleck makes a terrible Jack Ryan, but more important is that a nuclear bomb goes off in Baltimore in that film. Are you disturbed by the idea of Baltimore being wiped off the face of the earth? Do you care? Of course not.

  9. DC aka Landover, will not host a Super Bowl EVER. Unless they somehow make a stadium in the “DC” area. Reasons being is:
    1. No Super Bowl team fan would like to walk the streets of little Mexico there.
    2. There are really no Hotels around to support the 90k fans around that stadium. You would have to go to DC to actually stay.
    I could see Baltimore hosting a Super Bowl, IF we can show that we can support 75k fans in hotels.
    Plus, There is soo much to do in Baltimore! I think any fan that comes to Baltimore would love Fells Point. Reality, this will never happen.
    Then again… Baltimore beats Landover anyday

  10. How many guns would go off when they announce the Baltimore superbowl? 40? 50? Thousand?

  11. I like the idea of playing the Super Bowl up North where the snow falls.
    Better yet, let’s really think outside the box on this one and play the Super Bow in cities like Toronto, or across the pond in London.

  12. @crabman82 He can’t, he’ll obviously be playing QB in the Superbowl in 2014!

  13. The Superbowl should always be in Detroit, that way there is no chance a team will end up playing in their own stadium for the Superbowl!

  14. hold a Super Bowl in Baltimore??
    If you’ve seen THE WIRE you know that half the attendees could wind up dead!!!!

  15. It should just stay in Miami forever! Come and enjoy the Sunny Weather and Beaches of course depending on the Oil Spill lmao!

  16. “The main thing we’re concerned with is getting into the Super Bowl,” Harbaugh said. “We’ll try to take care of that first.”

    I would not trade John Harbaugh as a head coach for ANY current or past coach in the NFL. I don’t care what team you claim as your own, this is the type of man you want leading your team.

  17. @WetHog M&T Bank is not in a bad area, and moving the stadium to where fedex field is, is dumb. The parking @ fedex field is awful and takes hours to exit the parking lot, m&t bank stadium as far as where it is located there is a lot more to offer in the close proximity of the stadium.

  18. When I see comments about how you might get murdered and so on its just sad. The superbowl is held in Miami every 4 years or so and they have a terrible crime rate. You grown ass people are like kids sitting behind your computer making childish remarks. Any REAL football talk going on here….anybody?

  19. When I see comments about how you might get murdered and so on its just sad. The superbowl is held in Miami every 4 years or so and they have a terrible crime rate. You grown ass people are like kids sitting behind your computer making childish remarks. Any REAL football talk going on here….anybody?

  20. Hey Jim your owner said no to NY so its no to That rat hole Balt
    I have seen the wire

  21. 6 Super Bowl titles= Pittsburgh gets a Super Bowl! Or why not team with best record going into Super Bowl gets the bid! It shoudl not take a city 4 years to get ready for it.

  22. Why does everybody say oh I’ve seen the wire so I know entirely what baltimore looks like. The filmed a brutal part of town for a brutal show what do you expect, they’re going to film it around a carnival? Every city has its bad parts baltimore is no different, I live in Baltimore and I love it and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

  23. funi says:
    May 25, 2010 6:25 PM
    6 Super Bowl titles= Pittsburgh gets a Super Bowl!
    Keep dreamin’. And remember to tell your great grandkids to keep dreamin’, too.

  24. @7370355q$
    What can it offer? The ugliest Hilton Hotel ever built that screws up the sight lines of Camden Yards? Light rail? A convention center that seems to have been under construction for the better part of the last decade? A bunch of bars who all have names with “bird” or “yard” in it? Dodging bottle after bottle of plastic waste in the inner harbor on a paddle boat? Power Plant Live????
    The only thing worth a damn in Baltimore is the 25 cent peeps you can see on the Block and the Aquarium.

  25. Any knock you have on crime and filth against baltimore is a hundred times worse in NY

  26. @WetHog It is better than Landover. I know it’s close to D.C. but really Landover? They don’t have the hotels to support 90,000 fans that fedex field holds and commuting from there to d.c. would be a pain in the ass aka the murder capital of the US. Plus if you’ve ever been in camden yards the hilton hotel looks awesome if you’re sitting in the park the best field in the mlb.

  27. If the NFL were to add another dumb Super Bowl Snow Belt non-dome selection, Baltimore, Seattle, Denver & Philly would provide the best stadiums. I guarantee that 99% of those commenting against a Baltimore SB have never attended a SB in person, and don’t understand the significance of having a top notch downtown location. Baltimore, and to a lesser extent Seattle, Denver & Philly, have stadiums close enough to the downtown business districts to make the SB week and game day festivities successful. Suburban frostbelt stadiums at the Hackensack Dump, Landover, Foxborough, Orchard Park, or the KC beltway would be terrible locations, far removed from downtown hotels and activities.
    Hopefully, the NFL will never have to deal with this question again, after another February blizzard hits New Jersey immediately before the SB in 2014 forcing cancellation of the game and ending this dumbass experiment.

  28. Funi says it can’t take four years to get ready for a Super Bowl, so best record gets it. Ah yeah, maybe it doesn’t take four years but it doesn’t take four weeks either you nitwit.
    As for Baltimore, well Detroit got one and it’s an armpit of a city. So why not let the other armpit have one too.

  29. “7370355q$ says:
    May 25, 2010 6:28 PM
    I live in Baltimore and I love it and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”
    Funniest comment so far. Try travelling outside of a 100 mile radius for once in your life.

  30. ^ Exactly. Baltimore is the one of the best cities to go to in the U.S. by far. I live in Philly and wouldn’t mind letting Baltimore have one. By the way, Baltimore will run shit this year. All the rivals better step up their game.

  31. @granadafan
    I’ve traveled the country but baltimore just feels like home to me and in my opinion it is a great city

  32. Super Bowl in Baltimore? That’s like spending a one day vacation in Somalia, minus the heat…

  33. Every Northern team will want a SB
    And all of them should be turned down.
    The thought of going to all the Northern cities in Feb is a total freakin disaster

  34. Hilarious how people don’t want a Super Bowl in Baltimore because there’s crime there. Guess what, that’s EVERYWHERE. And the stadium is in one of the nicest locations of ANY stadium. Right near all the retaurants and tourist attractions. It’s not in the middle of nowhere. So you all obviously have never been there, and are just going off media perception.
    Not to mention… the Super Bowl has been in Miami plenty. Miami is 90% illegal aliens! And the other 10% are over the age of 60 and moved there because of the weather. They probably don’t give a crap about football either.
    The whole problem with the Super Bowl is the stadium is filled with celebrities and rich people… not even true football fans. You don’t get the same atmosphere as if fans of the teams playing in the game got to attend. That’s why this year in Dallas could be pretty nice, if Dallas ends up making it there. Either way, the game is finally out of Florida for a year!

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